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M9 Bayonet | Doppler in CS2: Review, Design, Price

It may seem that outwardly CS2 looks almost the same as Global Offensive, but in fact, it has several important innovations. And it’s not just about the interface — the gameplay, both in eSports matches and in regular games, will change significantly.

For example, the duration of smoke has been increased by two seconds, and now you can interact with it: a shot will make a hole, and a fragmentation grenade will dispel the smoke for a short time.

The soundtrack will also change. The sound in Counter-Strike 2 will become clearer and better convey the environment, which means that with a good headset and experience of the game, the gamer will be able to recognize the exact direction from which the shot came. In this case, quick work with a knife is important, as it is a quiet and fast weapon with which you can inflict great damage on the enemy and go unnoticed.

But how will the weapon itself change? Will the m9 bayonet doppler skin be as colorful and popular among users?

What is a skin?

The Doppler skin is not cheap for knives. Let’s focus on the visual component: black paint is applied to the surface of the blade and some part of the handle, which is a kind of background. And on the black surface, we can see dark red patterns. If we talk about the handle itself, it is completely untouched.

When it comes to exteriors, there is a very limited choice for users as this skin only has two available: Factory New and Minimal Wear.

There is not much difference in appearance between the two. If we talk about the price, then in FN it costs from $1,200.

In CS2, thanks to brighter light and good line drawing, the skin will have a shiny blade that will shimmer when hit by sunlight. In the case of M9 Bayonet | Doppler, dark colors in CS2 will only be prettier.

Where to buy such a skin?

There are many platforms where CS fans buy and sell skins. And the reasons are different: some want to get aesthetic pleasure from the game, others just buy in order to earn money in the future.

If you decide to sell skins, but have not done so before, we recommend using proven platforms with a clear interface and 24/7 technical support. For example, DMarket is a great choice. You can easily master the trading of CS:GO skins and easily scale your earnings in the future without switching to other exchanges.

Not all platforms facilitate the transfer of money to a user’s personal account. They might charge a large commission, or only allow you to leave money within their system.

Why buy this skin? From the great excitement around the game, it is no secret to anyone that the number of users will increase greatly. This will give a certain effect: the demand will obviously be large, but there may be much less supply.

Moreover, the cost of such a skin has recently increased by an average of 25%, which indicates the interest in the skin among users. And after the first days of the release of CS2, the hype will be such that today’s prices may become history and become a missed opportunity for many users who seek to make money on skins in CS2.

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