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How To Use Gameshare on PS5? Full Steps

Sharing console games with each other may be one of the most prevalent gaming family practices and that is slowly and slowly becoming more and more difficult. Moreover, finding a PS5 is like finding gold.

Let’s say you belong to a group of a lucky few who have gotten their hands on a PS5 and also have money left to buy games. Then you may also have a few friends or family members who would want to share games with you.

Now without physical discs how does one share games? Well, we are here with the answers to your questions.

Game Sharing on PS5

Since the release of PS5 people have been worried about game sharing but thankfully PS5 also has a game sharing system like the PS4. Obviously, the UI and the mechanics have changed since the PS4 and there are a few new steps to follow.

How To Setup Gameshare on PS5

Sony has made it easier for the user to enable Gameshare on PS5 compared to PS4. However, there are a few specific steps that one needs to follow to enable this. Let’s check out the steps required now.

  1. Sign in to your Play Station Network account on your PS5

  1. From the main menu select the gear icon and access settings.
  2. Select users and accounts.
  3. Scroll down and select other options
  4. Select Console Sharing and Offline play from the option and ensure it’s off.
  5. Now log out from this console and log into the console you want to Gameshare with.
  6. Navigate to the same menu and select Don’t Disable in the Console Sharing and Offline Play menu.

Now with these steps, Gameshare has been enabled and as soon as the person accesses their PSN account they will be able to access all the games in your library. Now do use this feature wisely as there is not enough information to know whether you can share with multiple people.

Does Gameshare work both ways?

Yes, Gameshare works both ways on PS5 and both the parties will have access to each other’s games and can play them freely.  This will enable people to easily share the games without having to exchange their disks.

PS5 Isn’t Available Yet

Since we are talking about PS5 we must talk about how this console is basically missing from the market. There are a lot of scalpers who have bought the PS5 and are selling the device at a rate that is more than the market.

Sony has been trying to ramp up the production yet somehow the issue still remains and gamers are still in anguish due to the issue of scalping. Hopefully, the situation improves soon and gamers get their hands on a new PS5 console!

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