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How to Make Money in GTA 5 Online? Get Rich Quicker

Making money faster in GTA Online is crucial to escalating your criminal empire to new heights every day. Nothing comes for free in the massively popular online multiplayer based in the crime capital. Here’s how to make money faster in GTA 5 Online and get rich.

Almost everything in GTA Online requires you to spend GTA Dollars. From buying expensive properties to luxury superyachts, and fully stocked underground bunkers, you’ll have to pay hefty sums for everything.

Moreover, you also have to keep arms, ammunition, and vehicles ready to keep your enemies scared and traverse the city. You need to speculate a lot before starting to accumulate things in your empire. Hence, you must know how to earn money quickly.

Top 10 Ways to Make Money in GTA 5 Online

There are several ways to make money in GTA 5 Online. The simplest one is to buy a GTA Online Shark Card using real money and use it to boost your in-game bank account with lots of GTA Dollars. However, not everyone prefers that method.

Apart from that, there are a number of ways that will help you make money quickly in the game to climb the ladders of your criminal empire faster.  Some of those pay hefty sums while others pay only a meager amount. But, everything counts in the ocean.

Additionally, if you are a player with a fresh character, you can try the GTA Online Career Builder. It’ll grant you a few million dollars to give the headstart. When you are in Los Santos, you can try out the methods to make money in GTA 5 Online.

1. Import and Export

“Import and Export” is a newly added method to earn money in GTA Online. However, it’s a pretty tricky one that requires both brains and skills. These missions have the highest starting cost but also pay massive amounts of money.

You can purchase certain high-end vehicles from your CEO Terminal, track them down, and deliver them to a warehouse. However, NPCs and other players can demolish your deliverable vehicle while you are attempting the delivery.

Any damage to the car will be deducted from your final payment, and if the vehicle is completely destroyed, you will lose your investment. Hence, it’s essential to complete these missions wisely when the servers are relatively empty. You can also ask for help from your friends for protection.

2. Heists

There are heists available in GTA Online to perform at all levels and get rich. However, you must buy a high-end apartment for at least $200,000 to host a heist yourself. This is a bit difficult and lengthy way to make money but it’s highly rewarding.

The final payouts of heists are some of the biggest earnings in the game. Here are some of the highest-paid heists in GTA Online:

  • The Fleeca Job: $143,750
  • The Prison Break: $500,000
  • The Humane Labs Raid: $675,000
  • Series A Funding: $505,000
  • The Pacific Standard Job: $1.25M
  • Doomsday: $812,500 (Act 1), $1,187,500 (Act 2), $1.5M (Act 3)
  • The Diamond Casino: $3.61M (diamonds), $2.84M (gold), $2.58M (artwork), $2.32M (cash)
  • Cayo Perico: $4.57M

You can complete them all and get insanely rich. However, having your skilled friends backing you up is a must for that.

3. VIP Work

VIP Work offers another great way to make money in GTA Online while having fun with your friends. The potential payout of this method ranges from $100k to $150k per hour.

You have to start an organization as a VIP or CEO from the interaction menu and choose “VIP Work.” After that, you have to select from the numerous free roam missions to complete.

They’ll be a great manner to earn additional dollars between vehicle exports. Although they won’t pay a lot of money, you’ll be enjoying the game with your buddies.

4. Smuggling

Smuggling refers to the trafficking of illegal goods. The “Further Adventures In Finance and Felony” DLC introduced this incredible method of making money by buying and selling certain prohibited goods and transporting them somewhere.

However, you must have at least $1.5 million sitting in your bank account to set up the business. Thus, this method is for players who have already earned a decent amount of money and have cars and other possessions.

Firstly, you have to buy a corporate office and start your own company. From there, you have to hire employees and select different types of goods via your CEO terminal. After that, you can steal and store them in your warehouse.

Once you have filled up the warehouse, you can sell everything at once for massive sums of GTA Dollars. These types of missions are easier to complete on relatively empty servers.

5. Working as a Bodyguard

You can also get hired as a bodyguard by an active VIP. This will be a very profitable method in the long run but you need to be really lucky though. You can earn around $5k every minute on top of the payouts that you get for the jobs and your VIP work.

This may not seem much in the beginning but when the money adds up, keep moving it to the bank and let it grow exponentially.

6. Mug Players

When you reach level 50 in GTA Online, you unlock the option to hire a thief to mug players. You only have to call Lamar on your phone for that. The thief will then run up to the player with a knife, knock them over, and steal whatever amount of cash they have in their wallet at that time.

You can earn some insanely large bounties using this method as many players have the habit of keeping cash in hand instead of their banks. Thus, this could be a useful but not really dependable method to get rich.

You should also remember to keep your money in the bank instead of keeping it in hand. Or else, the scheme you are trying to get rich would lead you to lose your money.

7. Rob Convenience Stores

Robbing convenience stores is another great way of making money in GTA Online. However, it’s a dangerous scheme. Make sure you have the right group of friends to help you and the perfect vehicles to escape the scene of the crime.

The helicopter is the best vehicle to rob as many convenience stores as possible, and as quickly. You can use it to rob stores solo or with your friends. However, you will require a good amount of money to get you the right chopper.

8. Jobs

Being employed in GTA Online Jobs is the most consistent and entertaining way of making money in online multiplayer. Jobs have the potential of making you earn hefty amounts without getting bored, especially when the servers are not brimming.

You can find Jobs spread around the map. However, the easiest method to get started is through the “Quick Job” menu. They don’t even require a fee to start. After you have completed a job, make sure to stay in the lobby to find a group to grind together.

In this way, you can also find the perfect partners who are looking to grind in jobs together. Eventually, they can become your partners in crime for robbing, gunrunning, and other activities.

9. Sell Cars

Selling cars is another easy and fun way to make quick money in GTA Online. You can steal cars and sell them to Mod shops for about 10% of the retail price. The most you can get out of this method is by selling Baller & Felon for $9 to $9.5k to a mod shop.

However, there’s a limitation to this method. You can only sell a car every 48 minutes. Although there are numerous jobs to finish during the cool-down period. You can even set your eyes on the perfect car to steal and sell as well when you are freely roaming.

10. Participate in Premium Races

Premium Races can also earn you a lot of GTA Dollars if you are a skilled GTA Online driver. Rockstar Games added this cool mode named “Premium Races” with the Cunning Stunts DLC. These races are available for a limited amount of time and need a $20k entrance fee.

All participating players also get three times the RP award but only the victor gets the massive cash reward. Although you won’t be earning millions with this method, you can quickly make more than $100k.

These are the best methods to get rich quickly in GTA 5 Online. You can use these ways continuously to make an insane fortune on the online multiplayer and make others on the servers surprised.

Having the right friends on your side is priceless in this game. They can aid you in several missions and methods and you can get rich together. If you don’t have them already, start looking for them on servers and have a plan to earn loads of bucks.

There are several other methods like Gunrunning, Motorcycle Clubs, Time Trials, Nightclubs, etc. However, they require extreme amounts of grinding and the right set of partners.

Making money in GTA Online requires skills and the right mindset, just like in real life. What’s your preferred method of earning bucks in the game? Feel free to share some ideas and tips in the comments.

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