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How to Get More PokeBalls in Pokemon Go?

Pokeballs are the most essential item in Pokemon Go as you need them to capture the Pokemon you meet on your journey. If you are running short on them, here is a simple guide on how to get more Pokeballs in Pokemon Go.

It can be a frustrating situation when you encounter your favorite Pokemon or a shiny one, but you don’t have a Pokeball. So, you’ll have to let it go, and you can’t catch it. That’s why Pokeballs are crucial if you want to progress in Pokemon Go.

There are a number of ways to get them in the game. Your journey starts with the regular Pokeballs, and then the upgraded versions such as Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Master Balls are unlocked as you level up.

Methods to Get More PokeBalls in Pokemon Go?

Knowing how to get more Pokeballs in Pokemon Go is very crucial for your progress in the game. When the lockdown was imposed due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Pokemon Go players got worried as they couldn’t go out to play the game.

However, Niantic made certain very important changes in the game to make it more playable while staying home.

These changes have also made getting more Pokeballs in the game easier. So, we have a number of ways that you can use. But, before that, make sure you have enough bag space left. Your inventory might fill up with unnecessary items and you’ll have to free it up regularly.

Here are all the ways you can use to get more Pokeballs in Pokemon Go:

1. Spin PokeStops to get Pokeballs in Pokemon Go

This one might be the most obvious method but it is worth mentioning as the world is opening back now. You need to find and go to a PokeStop and spin them. There are good chances that you’ll be rewarded with Pokeballs.

Sometimes, you can also get other rewards as well. Keep visiting more PokeStops and spinning them.

2. Spin Gyms to get Pokeballs in Pokemon Go

Just like PokeStops, you can also visit and spin Gyms to earn rewards. These rewards often include different types of Pokeballs.

So, keep visiting as many Gyms as you can. However, remember that if you keep spinning the Photo Disc of the same Gym, again and again, it will stop giving you rewards.

3. Complete Field Research Tasks

Pokemon Go has a quest system that offers various research tasks. Some of them are only available for a limited time with certain special events. These are known as timed research tasks. Whereas, singular tasks that you get from spinning PokeStops are called field research tasks.

Each of these tasks gives rewards when you complete. These rewards range from Berries to other items in the game, including all types of Pokeballs. So, you need to complete as many tasks as you can to get more Pokeballs in Pokemon Go.

4. Get free Pokeballs with Weekly Progress

Pokemon Go keeps track of how many kilometers players walk every week. To enable that, you have to turn on “Adventure Sync” from the Settings. When your traveled distance reaches a certain limit, you get rewarded. The rewards also include Pokeballs.

If you walk 5 KM within a week, you will get 20 Pokeballs. If you walk 25 KM within a week, you will get 20 Pokeballs, 10 Great Balls, and either 500 Stardust, a Rare Candy, or a 5 KM Egg. And, if you walk 50 KM within a week, you will get 20 Pokeballs, 10 Great Balls, and either 1,500 Stardust, 3 Rare Candies, a 5 KM, or a 10 KM Egg.

You will get the rewards when the weekly progress resets. So, try walking as much as you can while playing Pokemon Go to get more Pokeballs.

5. Make More Friends & Receive Gifts

Your Pokemon Go friends can send you gifts that can have different types of rewards including Pokeballs. So, you can get free Pokeballs on opening gifts in Pokemon Go.

Therefore, you should try to have as many friends as you can in the game. Also, keep sending them gifts so they also remember to send you some in return.

6. Get More Pokeballs from the In-Game Store in Pokemon Go

Niantic offers a Daily Free Box to Pokemon Go players via the in-game Store. You just need to open the shop, claim your box, and open it. This way you can get a number of rewards including Pokeballs.

You can also buy Pokeballs from the in-game Store using PokeCoins. Pokeballs are available in different packs which are mentioned here:

  • 20 Pokeballs for 100 Pokecoins
  • 100 Pokeballs for 460 Pokecoins
  • 200 Pokeballs for 800 Pokecoins

You can also buy and open Special Boxes that can have different types of Pokeballs.

7. Participate in Raids and Team Rocket Battles

Raids and Team GO Rocket battles will also reward you with Pokeballs in Pokemon Go, but you will get Premier Balls which is also a type of Pokeball. You can use them to catch Pokemon just like regular Pokeballs.

You need to counter the Team GO Rocket invasions and rescue a Shadow Pokemon. Doing that, you will receive rewards including Pokeballs. By the end of all battles, you can expect at least 10 Premier balls or more depending on how the battles went.

These are all the methods to get more Pokeballs in Pokemon Go. By now, you’d have already figured out that playing Pokemon Go continuously is essential to get more Pokeballs and eventually catch more Pokemon.

So, start playing, ask your friends to join in, and keep playing it. If you have any more tips for us, let us know using the comment box.

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