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Harvestella: Everything About Square Enix’s New Life-Simulation RPG

Harvestella is an upcoming life simulation RPG by Square Enix. The newly announced game combines farming gameplay from titles like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon with RPG-style action seen in Final Fantasy. Learn everything about Harvestella here.

Square Enix announced its latest creation Harvestella at last month’s Nintendo Direct Mini showcase. The first impression of the game put the players in awe as it seemingly brings a unique twist combining farming gameplay with combat against monsters.

There will be a lot of things players can do in Harvestella such as growing crops, exploring dungeons, fighting against monsters, talking to people, and plenty of other things. The game also features a number of JRPG elements and could be the next big thing.

Harvestella was announced in the recent Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase this week, but you might have missed it given that the presentation focused solely on third-party games making for quite the reduced audience compared to a classic Nintendo Direct.

Harvestella Release Date: When is it coming?

Square Enix, the company known for titles like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and various other Life Simulation franchises, has announced a new one named “Harvestella.” The latest life-sim game was announced during the June 2022 Nintendo Direct Mini showcase.

Harvestella is an upcoming JRPG in which players can be seen farming, crafting items, and collecting materials. All of this happens while building their life and settlement. You have to keep your character surviving through the seasons, especially through Quietus, the Season of Death.

The release date for Harvestella is set for Friday, November 4, 2022.

Harvestella Platforms: Will it be launching on PlayStation & Xbox?

Harvestella is launching for Nintendo Switch and Windows PC (via Steam) in November 2022. Square Enix hasn’t announced the title for any other platform yet and hasn’t revealed such plans.

However, it’s likely that Harvestella will be available on the PlayStation and Xbox series of consoles in the future. For now, there isn’t a timeline available but we are expecting it to be a big hit across platforms.

Harvestella Gameplay and Plot

Harvestella combines farming and life-simulation gameplay with combat against deadly monsters. Players will have to choose a character and help them survive through life in different seasons. Each season will run for 30 in-game days at a time.

The seasons include Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Quietus. The newly introduced fifth season Quietus is the most feared among them all as it’s described as the “Season of Death.” You have to make sure that your farm isn’t destroyed during Quietus.

There are many other gameplay elements like farming crops, combat systems, collecting resources, crafting items, and building settlements. The game visually resembles Final Fantasy, and also Stardew at times.

The main story revolves around four giant crystals called Seaslight. These crystals govern the seasons. However, Quietus is the time when seasons shift causing the death of crops and deadly dust that forces people to stay inside their shelters at all times.

During one Quietus, your character, who is a traveler, will collapse in an isolated village. It will meet a girl named Aria who claims to have come from the feature and is researching the mysteries of this new season. The journey then starts unraveling several mysteries.

How is the Farming in Harvestella?

The farming mechanics in Harvestella are very similar to Stardew Valley. The importance of the season is also for farming and depends on each season. Different seasons will allow the player to grow different crops.

You have to plant the seed, water the saplings, and look after crops carefully in order to harvest them. After that, you can put the harvested crops in a shipping box and sell them, or you can keep them to cook.

There’s also a cooking and crafting system that will help you in your adventures. You will also have to upgrade your house but that’ll be available later.

How is the Combat in Harvestella?

Combat forms a crucial portion of gameplay in Harvestella. You’ll find a number of different dungeons and monsters roaming the world. There will be a job system that seems to be similar to cues from the job system of Final Fantasy XIV.

Each Job has a unique weapon and characteristic skills. For example, the Fighter is a physical attacker who can unleash swift sword techniques,” reveals Square Enix.

There is also an overworld in Harvestella. Players will be able to traverse and explore their surroundings to find resources to help them in their adventures.

Will there be Dating in Harvestella?

It’s unclear if dating will be a part of Harvestella. However, there is a social system in the game as revealed in the trailer. The player will be able to increase their “Closeness” with characters, which is tracked by a similar menu to Stardew Valley’s friendship system.

This has made fans speculate that the dating system will be live and Aria will likely play the key role alongside your character.

Harvestella Announcement Trailer Gives a Brief Look

Square Enix unveiled the announcement trailer during the latest Nintendo Direct Mini. The trailer reveals the first look at the upcoming life-sim in a stunning manner. You can have a look at it below:

The beautiful clip shows off the gameplay elements including farming, seasons, and the combat system before displaying the beautiful artwork at the end.

Harvestella Pre-Orders Live: Are there any bonuses?

The pre-orders for Harvestella are live for PC players on Steam and PlayAsia. You can pre-purchase the game for only $59.99. No bonuses or early access period for Harvestella buyers is announced at the moment.

Pre-orders for the Switch version haven’t started yet. The official Square Enix website confirms that “Harvestella pre-orders for Nintendo Switch opening soon.” We’ll keep you updated about the same.

There’s also speculation going around that Square Enix will also launch a special edition of Harvestella that’ll include a number of perks and bonuses. However, it isn’t official yet.

Are you looking forward to playing it? Feel free to share your expectations in the comments.

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