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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Release Date and Closed Beta Sign Up Details

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is an upcoming free-to-play mobile game covering the events of previous games in the series. Check out the Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis release date, closed beta sign-up, gameplay, and more.

Square Enix has recently shared key details about it during the Final Fantasy 7 25th anniversary broadcast. The publisher also shared a trailer showcasing extensive gameplay with CG cutscenes that are looking pretty impressive.

The game will also be free to play from the beginning but there are no details available if it’ll have in-app purchases. It may follow the steps of Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition where you have to buy later chapters of the story as you continue to progress.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Release Date: When is it?

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will be a free-to-play single-player adventure coming later this year. It was announced in February 2021 alongside the PS5 version of the FF7 Remake and Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, a mobile spin-off battle royale.

However, Square Enix didn’t announce a specific release date for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. We only know that it’s coming later in 2022. As soon as the developer or publisher shares a confirmed release date, we’ll update it here.

Some reliable insiders have hinted that the launch will take place sometime in September 2022. Until then, you can replay other titles of the franchise of which the upcoming mobile game will cover events.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will be available on Android & iOS

Upon launch, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will be available to play for free on Android and iOS devices. The upcoming closed beta that Square Enix has recently announced will also be available on the same devices.

A recent interview of Tetsuya Nomura, the game’s creative director, with Famitsu, reveals that FF7: Ever Crisis will be free-to-play with gacha mechanics. Its monetization system will revolve around weapon unlocks and there will be plenty of content that wasn’t available in the original game.

Will Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis be available on Nintendo Switch?

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will only launch for Android and iOS devices. It won’t be available on Nintendo Switch or any other platform upon launch.

Despite many fans calling for it to have a Switch port, Square Enix has kept silent and currently has no plans to make the mobile game available on Switch.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Trailer Reveals Gameplay

During the Final Fantasy 7’s 25th Anniversary Celebration live stream, a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis was unveiled. The latest teaser trailer shows the game’s chibi graphics in the overworld and staggering FF 7 Remake-like visuals in combat.

You can watch the trailer below:

The original trailer not only reveals scenes from FF7 but also from other media pieces including FF7: The Movie, FF7: Advent Children, the mobile game Before Crisis: FF7, and the PS portable game Crisis Core: FF7, and PS2 shooter Dirge of Cerberus: FF7.

The clip also displays extensive gameplay which is appearing pretty impressive for a mobile game. It also shows the party in unique outfits that we have witnessed for the first time ever.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Story and Events

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will have new story elements jotted by Kazushige Nojima covering the events of Crisis Core, Before Crisis, the original Final Fantasy VII, Dirge of Cerberus, and the Advent Children.

It will cover not only the story from the original game but also the stories from the spin-off titles. It will be retelling the FF7 series that incorporates all of the side stories into one immersive experience on mobile devices.

The game will feature chibi-like characters and a new battle system allowing players to replay all stages and gain experience and materials. There will also be new story events that weren’t available in the original series depicting heroes and villages in their younger years.

It is said that the entire story for Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis will be completed in 10 chapters. However, players will be able to return to bosses with new party members whenever they wish.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will have a closed beta in 2022

The Final Fantasy 7’s 25th-anniversary broadcast also confirmed that Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will have a closed beta in 2022. However, Square Enix didn’t reveal a specific date or window for the beta. Nevertheless, fans are well hyped to participate in it.

The closed beta for FF7: Ever Crisis will take place later this year. We’ll keep you updated whenever it takes place. Make sure you keep checking this post frequently.

How to Sign up for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis beta?

Square Enix is yet to start the sign-up for the closed beta and early access registration for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. They haven’t revealed the process for it either. We’ll potentially find that out in the coming days.

We’ll update this section with detailed steps that will help you participate in FF7: Ever Crisis’ closed beta.

Are you excited about the upcoming mobile title based on FF7? Feel free to share your thoughts about it in the comments.

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