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CrossfireX Crossplay: Does it offer Cross Platform Support Yet?

A year after its successful beta opening, the storied PC franchise i.e. CrossFireX is now accessible on a variety of gaming platforms. Coronavirus pandemic forced Smilegate Entertainment, the game’s developer, to postpone the game’s initial 2020 release date. The release of CrossFireX has been a surprise to a lot of players.

As an alternative to games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Crossfire was first published back in 2007. Over one billion people in eighty different nations have access to its lightning-fast gameplay. CrossFireX is the newest version of the same game. It offers gameplay like CS GO to consoles, with an all-new single-player mode. But some players are dubious about whether the game is crossplay or not. If you are also doubtful about the same, we are here to help you out. In this article, we’ll discuss “Is CrossFireX Crossplay”.

Is CrossFireX Crossplay Among Different Consoles?

Sadly, the Xbox system is the only place where you can play the game. Not only will there be a limited number of players, but the game’s sales will also be limited. Since the game is available on Xbox, the device sale may go up.

Even though the game is presently an Xbox exclusive, it may be released on other platforms in the future. It’s unlikely, though, that may not be possible anytime soon. It would be surprising to know how the game would run on high-end computers.

Will CrossFireX Have Crossplay?

The answer to this question is kinda Yes. Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S will have crossplay, however, it doesn’t seem to enable crossplay between the Xbox series of consoles and PC multiplayer modes.

The reason is pretty simple, some gamers or players may be fine with the mix between the controller and those of mouse and keyboard. But an FPP game like CrossFireX, where accuracy and precision matter very much, gamers would opt for PC because of the mouse control.

It is possible to crossplay with CrossfireX on Xbox One and Xbox One S. For the multiplayer component of the game, cross-platform compatibility speeds up matchmaking. The ability to play with people from different console systems is another benefit of this system.

Will Crossplay Ever Come To PC?

At this time, there are no plans to release the game on PC. The fact that this is an Xbox exclusive doesn’t mean that it will never be available for PC. But for now, the chances are pretty bleak. We may see the game on PCs in the next year or two, or it may never happen.

So, these are all the latest news of CrossFireX Crossplay. I hope all your doubts regarding “Is CrossFireX Crossplay” are cleared. Now, that all the issues are resolved, get ready for the war.



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