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5 Best PS3 Emulator for Android

One of the best-selling gaming platforms of all time is Sony’s PlayStation 3. However, many individuals are still unable to use it. Fortunately, thanks to emulators, you can now play fantastic PS3 games on your Android smartphone. What do you think? If you’d want to play PS3 games on your smartphone, keep reading to learn how.

Many people are not able to buy and play on Play Station 3. But thanks to emulators, you can play those games on your android device. And if you also want to play PS 3 games on your android, you are at the right place. In this article, we’ll top PS3 Emulator for Android.

What is an Emulator?

PS 3 emulators are a kind of app that is used to simulate Play Station 3. That means you can enjoy PS 3 on your mobile. You can download the top PS3 Emulator for Android and install it to play games that are only compatible with PS 3.

Does it Work?

There are several outdated emulators which don’t work in 2022. But we’ve made a list of the working emulators of Play Station 3. So, many sites are claiming of mentioning working simulators but you don’t need to waste your time on those. Here are the top 5 working PS 3 Emulators for Android.

Top 5 PS3 Emulators for Android

If you can’t buy a play station but still wants to enjoy its games, you can download the following emulators. These all emulators are working and tested. So, you don’t need to worry about its credibility.

1. ESX-PS3

ESX-PS3 is an Android PS3 emulator that can run any PS3 game. Both light and heavy PS3 games can be played on it. This emulator holds the top place in the list due to its user-friendly interface. Though this is a new emulator and is still under development. But you can still download it using the early access of Play Store. You need to sign up for the program to enjoy the feature of early access.


PPSSPP allows you to play PlayStation 3 games on a mobile device. It’s the greatest PS 3 emulator out there, with millions of downloads and an average rating of 4.2+. Sony’s PSP is a handheld gaming platform that works with both a TV box and a PS2 or PS3 console. The PPSSPP emulator is designed to maximize the amount of mobile screen area available to play PS3 games, as it is a portable console.

It’s a decent emulator that handles the games well. Overall, the PPSSPP allows you to play all PS3 video games with a well-defined control mapping, with some lags. But the lags are minimal and will not hinder your playing.

3. RPCS3

PS3 emulation RPCS3 is next on our list of top PS3 Emulators for android. While formerly exclusively accessible for Windows systems, this free and open-source emulator is now available for all platforms. So, RPCS3 has been released for Android devices as well by the developers. However, the project is still in the early stages of development. So, you won’t find all of the console’s functions.

Among the 3074 PS3 games, this emulator can run 1068 of them. RPCS3 offers a user interface that players like for its simplicity and speed. It’s a standout feature of the app.

4. Pro PS3 Emulator

Pro PlayStation-PS3 Emulator (PPSE) is a PSP emulator but you can also play PS2 and PS3 games. Many  PS3 games may also be played with this emulator. Emulators always try to come as close as the original device, but there are always some drawbacks. This app is most close to the original PSP and PS3.

Playing games in HD, setting up controls, and using a self-explanatory user interface are all included with the Pro PlayStation. With it, you may play PSP games on your smartphone or tablet.

5. New PS3 Emulator

New PS3 Emulator has a basic name, yet it’s a good PS3 emulator for Android. Almost all of the PS3 games run smoothly and accurately, and there’s even a split-screen option.

In addition, it can play PS3 games, as well as games from the PSOne and PSX. But there is a catch: It needs strong processors to function. In addition, it needs the most recent Android version, thus older devices can’t operate it. Furthermore, because it isn’t available in the Google Play Store, you must manually download it from 3rd party link.

There are some of the best games ever made for the PlayStation 3 console. However, many can’t afford it and these games are inaccessible to the general public. But you can still play it using some emulators. They let you play PlayStation 3 games on your smartphone or tablet. But, the quality is not the same. So, you can download the above emulators and try out casino games that you were not able to play.



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