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What are the Best Online Mobile Games of 2024?

Online mobile gaming is hugely popular all over the world and has been helped greatly by the improvements in global internet connectivity in recent times. 5G mobile networks enable people to enjoy smoother, lag-free gaming which is a lot more stable than before. Advances in mobile devices themselves have also helped this kind of online play take off and bring a next-level gaming experience to players. 

Despite all this, it is the online titles available to play on mobile devices which remain perhaps most crucial to this niche’s ongoing success. With so many top online mobile games to check out in 2024 though, you may need a helping hand in tracking down the best. 

5 Best Online Mobile Games of 2024

Here are some of the most exciting choices to consider: 

1. Forge of Empires

When it comes to online mobile games to check out in 2024, Forge of Empires stands tall. But what is it about this browser-based historical strategy epic which makes it so addictive? 

To begin with, the developer Innogames has done a great job in making the control system enjoyable to use on mobile with a pleasingly intuitive feel. It also looks great and is totally free to play! When you add in that it can be enjoyed on both Android and iOS, it gets even better. 

In this mobile classic, you get to create your own settlement and build it up carefully over time. The neat thing here is that you get to experience multiple eras in real-world history as this happens. Extra excitement comes in the form of battling it out against other nations online via mobile in order to protect your borders. 

2. Online casino games

These types of online games are a must for any keen mobile gamer. With some top social and sweepstakes casinos for 2024 to try at also, there really is no reason to miss giving them a whirl. 

In addition to being lots of fun to play and easy to access via mobile devices online, the best mobile casinos offer excellent welcome bonuses to players and helpful customer support. From slots to table games and live games, there is also a very good selection of mobile-friendly games to check out on iGaming platforms. 

3. Genshin Impact

Keeping up with the hottest gaming news is always worthwhile and can help you find out about top games to try. Genshin Impact is another great option in terms of top online mobile games for 2024 and feels awesome to spend time playing. 

For starters, this is a fantasy-style RPG title that looks great on any mobile device. The game world of Teyvat is also lots of fun to explore while the game itself has an interesting storyline to keep players hooked. With an open-world design that gives you true freedom to explore the various terrains how you like, it provides endless mobile gaming fun. 

Many lovers of this title also enjoy the elemental combat system and the gorgeous soundtrack which is delivered by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The in-game music shifts effortlessly to reflect what is happening at any given moment. There is also the chance to team up with friends online to explore Teyvat together.

4. Alto’s Odyssey

Endless runner-style mobile games may be nothing new, but Alto’s Odyssey gave them a stylish update that still hits hard in 2024. This helps it to really stand out and have a fresh feel which many mobile players love to experience. 

Available on all devices and simple to download, it seems perfectly designed for the fast gaming sessions most mobile players prefer. It is fair to say that it’s very impressive visually and has its own distinct graphical style. The gameplay is also well thought out and uses an incentive-led structure to keep players engaged.

With the chance to choose from a cast of characters to control who each have their own unique abilities, including Alto himself, this is a game with plenty to offer. Players can explore the seemingly endless desert game world across various biomes. Each biome has its own challenges to overcome, which this helps give this online mobile stunner real longevity.

5. FIFA 23 Mobile

Sports games are a big category within gaming and this made the release of FIFA 23 a major deal in late 2022. It also meant that FIFA 23 Mobile caused a big stir when launched and you can see why when you play it. Offering the same exhilarating experience as the desktop PC and console versions, it has an exceptionally responsive control system which is ideal for mobile matches.  

As you would expect, it contains all the top leagues, teams, and players to game as. When you also add in the crisp sound FX and excellent in-game commentary, it gets even better. 

Top online mobile games for 2024

Drawing up a list of top online mobile games to try in 2024 is no easy task. There are just so many great ones around to try and whittling them down to just a few is no mean feat. We could have also mentioned Call of Duty: Mobile, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and Clash Royale among others. 

The truth is that picking out the best mobile titles online is a personal affair and one that is totally subjective. The above games are all worth trying out on your smartphone or tablet in 2024 though and should provide hours of fun. 

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