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Apex Legends Unshackled Event: Start Time, Flashpoint Returns, Skins, and More

EA and Respawned announced the Unshackled thematic event for Apex Legends a few days ago. It will be the next update in the Defiance roadmap bringing in a great collection of new cosmetics, rewards, and a return of the beloved Flashpoint LTM.

Season 12 of this futuristic battle royale didn’t disappoint one bit. It offered the community plenty of content to stay hooked to the game. Now, the Warriors Collection event is coming to an end, and fans have shifted their attention to the Unshackled event.

The developer has also released a trailer revealing what the upcoming event is all about, and what can fans expect from it. With the launch only a couple of hours away, let’s take a brief look at it.

Apex Legends Unshackled Event Release Date & Launch Time

Apex Legend’s Unshackled Event will begin on Tuesday, April 19, 2022, with the start time around 1 PM ET/ 10 AM PT/ 6 PM BST/ 5 PM GMT, and it will run until May 3, 2022. This new event will be the next stop in the Defiance roadmap of the game.

During this period, Apex Legends players will be able to complete two separate rewards trackers, and each of them will provide precious collectible items. The new event also showcases new skins for Valkyrie and Crypto as the main art.

The fan-favorite Flashpoint LTM is also making its return. Along with this, there will be fresh new legendary skins, rewards, and other items to keep the fans intrigued. You can take a look at the official Apex Legends Unshackled Event trailer to find out more:

Return of Flashpoint with Unshackled Event

Apex Legends Unshackled event’s key highlight is the return of the Flashpoint game mode. This time it will be on Olympus. Apex Legends’ thematic events are not known to include in-game content, but Unshackled will be a bit different.

With the return of Flashpoint, all healing items will be replaced and players will be required to head over to the huge blue domes known as Flashpoint zones available across the map to regain health and repair their shields.

The final circle will always end on a Flashpoint, and this adds a fresh dynamic to the already exciting battle royale gameplay.

Flash Events to Unlock Event Themed Cosmetics

Apex Legends Unshackled event will also bring two unique weekly challenge tracks to unlock event-themed cosmetics. The two prize trackers will last for one week each during the 14-day event.

The first set of weekly challenges will begin on April 19 and run until April 26, 2022. It will include the following key prizes:

  • Epic Charm
  • Unique Badge
  • Epic Re-45 Skin
  • Epic Seer Skin

The second set will run from April 26 to May 3, 2022, and will include the following key prizes:

  • Rare Apex pack
  • Epic Boxing Nessie Holospray
  • Unshackled pack

You will have to complete a series of challenges to earn points and eventually obtain these rewards. Remember that you can only acquire these prizes when the event is running, and they won’t be available after the end date.

What else does the Apex Legends Unshackled Event Bring?

The Unshackled event will also bring a lot of exciting skins including a range of Legendary and Epic ones. Players will witness up to 40 new collectibles which will be available in the new Unshackled packs that guarantee one non-duplicate Thematic Event item.

These new event-themed cosmetics include some of the coolest skins for Legends such as:

  • Valkyrie: Slingshot
  • Crypto: Machine Language
  • Pathfinder: Bad Bot
  • Wraith: Quantum Collision
  • Hemlok: Terminated
  • Rampage: Pyromania
  • Peacekeeper: Digging the Grave
  • CAR: Prison Pacifier

The Apex Legends players will be able to get these cosmetics by crafting them or buying the Unshackled Event Packs and bundles through the Event Store. The Unshackled Packs will also include other cosmetics, weapon charms, trackers, and other stuff.

You can also unlock a number of cosmetics when buying Unshackled Packs using Apex Coins. Remember that there will be two different storefronts during the event. If you are looking for a specific skin, you can wait for it to become available.

Respawn Entertainment has also updated the Thematic Event tab with the Unshackled Event in Apex Legends. This will allow players to easily navigate through the menus and find the new content.

Are you looking forward to the next thematic event of Apex Legends? Sound off your opinions in the comments section.

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