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10 Best Minecraft Anarchy Servers

With thousands of different Minecraft servers to choose from, it can be difficult for gamers to sort through the clutter and find the finest Minecraft servers worth their time.

Players can choose from a wide range of Minecraft server types to play on. But the question still remains, which is the best one?

That’s why we’re here to share with you a list of the greatest anarchy servers that we’ve compiled especially for gamers.

Top 10 Best Anarchy Servers To Definitely Try Out

Here’s the list of the top 10 best anarchy servers of all time.

1. 2B2T Server

The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft yet, the best one. Even in a video game for five-year-olds, humanity is a remarkable species.

The server has a long history and was built by genuine people. And, unlike many other similar servers, 2b2t features an uncensored chat, making it the most digitally similar world to our own.

It also demonstrates that, even in a digital world of pixels and sophisticated lego cubes, humans can and will build societies, wage battles, and be victims of enslavement, genocide, and prejudice.

It proves that if we are left with no rules, and set back to day 1, we would go the same way we did in real history.

Civilizations, wars, world wars, slavery, genocide, racism, and downright prejudice.


2. Straight Up Survival

In straight-up survival, things are a little different. Every man for himself, and for an untrained Minecraft player, it’s a terribly lonely environment.

When you first log on to this server, you are greeted by a vast world filled with nothing but wilderness.

If you don’t watch your back, savages who only know how to kill and steal your belongings will have a lot of resources to put up your defense and hope for the best.

Nobody owns anything here, and the only rule is that you don’t complain when someone messes with you.

There are no restrictions on grieving or raiding, and you may choose whether to play it safe or rush the opponent.

3. Arkham Network

This is a server that is inspired by both the DC and Marvel universes. There’s a good chance you’ll enjoy at least one of these worlds.

And you can expect plenty of surprises once you enter Arkham Network, where one thousand lucky gamers can join at any time of day. Because their uptime is always 100 percent.

While this is an anarchy server, there are some regulations regarding hacking and having really nasty attitudes. And those who break them will have their names posted on the server’s official website as punishment.

You can acquire custom portions and foods, as well as access to shared crafting tables and other fascinating custom resources, on the server.

All of the unique tools that you can grab along the way are what make this server one of the best out there.

4. Ban Land

Things are about to get a little hot in here as we examine the top two Minecraft anarchy servers on our list.

As this server demonstrates the true meaning of anarchy, Ban Land is going to liven things up a bit. There are no rules to follow here, not even when it comes to hacking. So, if you feel like it, you can pull out your Kali Linux and disable your neighbor’s wi-fi.

No, you can’t do that, but you can use whatever tricks you have up your sleeve and Ban Land won’t punish you.

The server’s theme is similar to that of a normal plane, but you will feel the ground shake as a giant approaches. Giants are difficult to kill, and only the toughest warriors will survive, so please don’t give up.

Here’s where things get really interesting: for every difficult task you complete on this server, you’ll receive a cool title.

You can earn as many as you want to become the most popular and respected player on the server.

5. Purple Prison

This server is even better than dad jokes! Yes, it’s that good. The finest prison server in 2019 was Purple Prison, and here’s why:

  • For one thing, there will never be any lag while playing here.
  • You’ll never grow tired of playing because there are always new updates and reasons to keep going.

  • The server provides you with a pool of hundreds of unique plugins to enhance your game experience.
  • They offer a ranking system that awards you for completing more and more achievements as you progress.

Let’s not ruin the fun for you; once you’re inside, you’ll quickly see why this is an award-winning anarchy server.

6. Phonics Anarchy

This server is on this list because it is without a doubt one of the best anarchy servers of all time. It’s running version 1.18, which is the most recent version of Minecraft.

The server receives from 30 to 50 people, and during peak hours, it reaches up to 50, which is quite a number.

It also maintains 20 PPS, and what’s good about this version is that it has a very light anti-g, not anti-cheap.

But it’s extremely light compared to other servers, and keep in mind that the server is over a year old, so it has some history.

The server was previously running on 1.16, however, it is currently running on 1.18. It’s taking its time to grow.

7. Xanarky.org

The reason we chose this server as one of the best anarchy servers of all time is that it runs on 1.12 and is cracked.

But it was only created two weeks ago, and it used to have about five to ten players online. But now it gets between 20 and 40 players every week, indicating that the server is growing quickly.

It’s going to become large, like in two weeks it’ll probably have 80 players or something. Well, spawn seems pretty damaged considering he’s going to so these people don’t like spawn, but I’ve also heard that these gamers are friendly.

8. 9b9t

This server closely resembles 2b2t among the other servers, which is due to the fact that it is one of the oldest 2b2t clones, having been created in 2016.

The server is 6 years old, which is significantly older than many other anarchy servers. However, there are no chat plugins, which means that people can spam whatever they want.

Also, the tos is very low because the server lags a lot. Those are the only drawbacks, but aside from that, the server gets 140 players, which is a lot.

9. 5v5p

In this server, the simple man way is to simply drop the shocker and click on the sticks. Make sure you have wood and boom 64 shelters.

There are a lot of shelters on this server, which is why I believe it is one of the best anarchy servers for duping.

There are 20 TPS, which means there is no lag even when there are 80 players online, and half of these players are PvP, so if you enjoy crystal PvP on the server, this is the server for you.

10. Java + Bedrock

This server is for you if you’re seeking a Minecraft cracked server. Survival, SMP, survival, anarchy, and many more game modes are included in Lifesteal Smp.

Our server has a thriving community and is open to all users. Lifesteal Smp is compatible with Minecraft version 1.17, although you can connect and play on the server with any previous or lower version.

The Lifesteal SMP server is currently located in the United States and has a fantastic internet connection.

So what are you waiting for? Hop into these servers right now and tell it about this to your friends as well. Also, tell us about your experience with these servers in the comments section.

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