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Top 15 Drinks To Try At Dunkin’ Donuts

When you think of Dunkin’ Donuts, donuts come to mind. But they are more than that. Apart from being a fast-service restaurant, Dunkin’ Donuts is also a multinational American coffee and donut enterprise.

This means that they are also home to some of the best drinks. They pair perfectly with a freshly baked donut and go great on their own. It was not until 2019 that the company started rebranding itself as a “beverage-led company”. They also changed their iconic name to just Dunkin’.

Biggest Coffee & Donut Chain

Dunkin’ is one of the biggest coffee and donut shop chains in the whole world. They have over 12,900 outlets in over 42 countries. Apart from their statement donuts, they also offer bagels, coffee, and a bunch of other things including drinks.

With the number of drinks and varieties that most outlets offer, people often feel overwhelmed and up sticking to the basics or not ordering at all. This is why we have curated a list of the best Dunkin’ Donuts drinks that you should try out!

Top 15 Drinks To Try AT Dunkin’ Donuts

  1. Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee

This is a traditional Americano that is made with Arabica beans and milk. The mountain of delectable whipped cream on top makes it more interesting and adds to the taste as well. Some say it tastes like tiramisu!

If you are into that then this is a must-try drink for you!

  1. Espresso

Another classic, you can never really go wrong with these types of orders. This drink is also made 100% from Arabica beans and is freshly brewed when you order it!

This drink packs a punch and if you need a wake-me-up after binging on donuts then this is the drink for you!

  1. Cold brew

The cold brew feels like a new drink but it is not. The difference is that the coffee is brewed with cold water. Therefore, a lot of time is required for the coffee to infuse with the water.

The Dunkin’ keeps the Arabica beans soaked in water for over 12 hours to get that smooth and full taste.

  1. Iced Latte

An iced Lattes are made with hot water and Arabica beans. It is the perfect drink for a sunny summer afternoon. The milk blends perfectly with the coffee and the ice just makes it more pleasant.

Iced Latte is a safe option especially when you are not sure what to get.

  1. Iced Macchiato

The traditional macchiato is usually served in an espresso cup but Dunkin’ serves it as a tall drink. The drink is layered with two shots of espresso and foamed milk. If you are looking for a stronger version of the iced latte then this is it.

  1. Cortado

The name may not be familiar to everyone. But if you are looking for a kick of espresso with a smoother taste, then try ordering a cortado.

The drink is made with equal parts of steamed milk and espresso. So you get the punch of the coffee combined with the creaminess of the milk.

  1. Latte

If you are the type who enjoys a cup of creamy coffee then look no further and order yourself a cup of latte.

Steamed milk is blended with coffee to get that perfect taste. Dunkin’ serves their latte with foam on top which makes the drink even better.

  1. Flat White

Coffee is so much more than adding blended coffee beans with water or milk! Milk for the flat white has micro-foam, which means that the milk is steamed to get those perfect small bubbles. It gives a distinct taste to the coffee!

It is more concentrated as flat white is served in a smaller cup. Usually, two shots of espresso are added to make the drink sit well with the foamy milk.

  1. Cappuccino

We have all heard the name cappuccino and probably also ordered it at least once, but what is it really? It is the perfect cup of foamy and creamy coffee. The foam in this is bigger than in flat white.

Those concerned about the calories will be happy to know that this has fewer calories than a latte. So if you have already downed a couple of donuts and want something with fewer calories, this drink is the one for you!

  1. Macchiato

This drink comes in hot and cold versions. It is perfect for those needing the caffeine kick as it is made with three shots of espresso. But the milk balances it all out so it is not super bitter.

  1. Filter Coffee

All these fancy drinks and great and all but nothing is as satiating as a cup of hot filter coffee. Dunkin’ brews the Arabica beans with hot water throughout the day to infuse the flavors properly.

  1. Tea

Add a little bit of flavor and order yourself a cup of tea sometimes. Dunkin’ uses loose leaves to get the best-brewed tea.

  1. Green Tea

After one eats a couple of donuts, a light cup of green tea might be the perfect end to the hearty indulgence. Some people like to add milk to their green tea, please don’t be one of those people.

  1. Hot Chocolate

There are some drinks that just bring joy. Although coffee and tea also make people happy, hot chocolate is different! It can add colors of joy to a cold, dull day.

Dunkin’ knows how special hot chocolate drinks are and therefore they add specials like Salter Caramel, Roasted Hazelnut, etc.

  1. Coolatta

Nothing beats the heat like a tall glass of cold drinks. Dunkin’ knows that coffee is great and all but sometimes you need something extra. They introduced a range of cold and fruity drinks called “Coolatta”.

It is fruit juice and puree mixed together. You get to choose between passion fruit, mango, and strawberry!

These are the top 15 drinks that they serve at Dunkin’. Now that you know what they are, you will be not be confused the next time you walk into a Dunkin’ outlet.


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