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Top 10 Starburst Flavors That You Won’t Regret Tasting

In this article, we will evaluate and rank the top ten delicious starburst flavors out there. You might fall in love with Starburst if you try these flavors.

Top 10 Starburst Flavors

Let’s get started with the top ten starburst flavors that you must try.

1. Pink Flavor

The strawberry flavor is intensely sweet and barely tangy. Compared to the other flavors, it is more subdued and less strong, yet it is still in some ways the greatest. This flavor reigns supreme among Starburst chews. It has grown to be so well-liked that a singular-flavor bag was introduced in 2017 as a limited edition. So excellent. Politicians and celebrities alike have been spotted only eating pink starbursts. Paris Hilton urges to treat everybody as a pink Starburst, not a yellow one, while Kim Kardashian has indeed been spotted stashing pink-only Starburst. Donald Trump also only consumes pink and red chews.

2. Watermelon Flavor

This intensely pink-colored watermelon flavor is delightful and mouthwatering, and it won’t let down any pink Starburst fans. Starburst with a watermelon flavor is light, juicy, and delicate, much like a real watermelon. Like the strawberry flavor, this dark pink candy is deliciously sweet. This flavor tastes like summer and you can transport yourself to a lovely beach soaking summer sun with a cool breeze. You won’t be disappointed by this yummy watermelon flavor.

3. Lemon Flavor

This flavor has a straightforward, fresh flavor that is less sweet than many other Starburst flavors. This flavor is a little tart.   It eliminates the need for excessive sweetness, making it, in the opinion of many, the ideal flavor to satisfy your want for delectably sweet candy. It’s either adored or despised by people. There are still ardent admirers of the lemon Starburst chew.

4. Cherry Flavor

While eating this tasty red candy, you’ll be reminded of tart, sweet cherries. The cherry as the topping of the ice cream is how it tastes. It is quite juicy. The red cherry chew has a slightly tangy, tart, not overly sweet, and, to be honest, a touch powerful flavor. It comes in a red wrapper. One flavor that is marketed in bags of only one color and has a large following is cherry chew.

5. Orange Flavor

The four main Starburst flavors—cherry, orange, lemon, as well as strawberry—are perhaps the best and most well-liked, and individuals have strong ideas on how they should be ranked. Orange tastes energizing and is a typical candy flavor. On the palate, orange Starbursts are likewise incredibly energizing. It’s similar to chewing on a tiny bit of orange juice. Orange exudes a certain freshness to it which makes it even more unique of its kind. This is different than other orange candies and tastes similar to the juice. If you like oranges, you may find this flavor to be of your kind.

6. Strawberry Watermelon Flavor

This one still has the sweetness of the original strawberry, but it tastes a little closer to strawberry than watermelon, giving the flavor a more tropical edge. This taste has a watermelon and strawberry flavor that is divided into two halves by a line, giving it the appearance of a gorgeous color block square rather than a united flavor. Although this watermelon side is green rather than the rich pink of the regular watermelon chew, they both taste the same. Both strawberry and watermelon flavors are super hyped, so for the fans of both strawberry as well as watermelon flavors, it’s a win-win. You get the best of both flavors!

7. Grape Slushie Flavor

This Summer Splash flavor can indeed be regarded as a touch sweeter and more balanced than the classic grape-flavored sweets one may be familiar with. It has a very American-manufactured flavor of its own. The color of this grape slush is purple. Although it tastes more artificial than actual grapes, it is still delicious, and the sweetness is just right. This flavor is beloved by many Starburst enthusiasts. For grape flavor lovers, this might be a nice try although it’s nothing like actual grapes to have trying it once may tell you more about whether you’re gonna like it or not.

8. Blue Raspberry Lemonade Flavor

This new idea from Starburst includes the Blue Raspberry Lemonade chew. Chew is now divided in half by a line, with each flavor on every side, as opposed to tastes being merged to create one distinct flavor as people are accustomed to encountering in the Tropical as well as Summer Splash packs. It resembles a color-blocked Starburst chew, and the flavor combinations are brand-new. The flavor of the Blue Raspberry Lemonade is unique. There are lots of people that like this flavor. Blue raspberry enthusiasts are already in love with this flavor and if you are among blue raspberry enthusiasts, you might fall in love with this flavor too.

9. Lemon Lime Flavor

This one is for those of you who complain that the original lemon-flavored Starburst chew is not sour enough. When you combine lime and lemon, the juice and tartness are both doubled. It doesn’t taste anything like lemon bars or lemon cake, key lime pie, or any other lemon dessert. It has a stronger lemonade or lemon-limeade flavor. Although the Summer Splash flavor isn’t as well-known as the original lemon Starburst, it is a pleasant alternative for citrus lovers who aren’t entirely pleased with the lemon flavor. This flavor is made even more refreshing by the lime’s addition of a summery vibe. This taste should be just as infamous as the original yellow lemon, given how divisive it is.

10. Cherry Cooler Flavor

Enjoy another summer-inspired Starburst cherry flavor. The fresh flavor and a distinctive sensation are added by Cherry Cooler to the traditional cherry chew. Because coolers often have much less lemon and sugar, this flavor counteracts the sharpness of the cherry.

Additionally, some individuals believe that traditional red candy with cherry flavor tastes a lot like cold medicine. With this choice, that is fixed, and the cherry is given a summery twist.

The Final Thoughts

Even if opening and chewing Starburst sweets is an exercise in and of itself, we can’t help but be drawn in by their “unbelievably juicy” flavor and texture. There are many varieties of Starburst candies, and their creator frequently creates new versions. These are the top ten Starburst flavors that you will adore so try them.

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