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Top 10 Unique Pepsi Flavors Around the Globe

Pepsi has unique and crazy flavors around the globe. You won’t even believe that these are for real. Pepsi has always branded itself to be at the top of its game even with these unique tastes that you may not even have heard of. Chances are these flavors might blow you away completely with their unique flavor as well as existence.

10 Unique Pepsi Flavors

The list, which is led by the flavors that have helped the brand step up its variation game, also includes some extremely bizarre flavors that will have you asking, “Huh?!” Let’s dive in!

1. Ice Cucumber Flavor

Pepsi Ice Cucumber’s green hue makes it resemble mouthwash, similar to the way apple juice can appear to be beer and urine to be pineapple soda. It has a mild flavor similar to that of cucumbers. Though artificial, it definitely has a cucumber flavor, despite the faint fruitiness. The Pepsi flavor Ice Cucumber is not as terrible. This flavor was developed for Japan.

2. Shiso Flavor

Only in Japan, Pepsi Shiso was made available in the summer of 2009 before being withdrawn. In Japan, shiso, sometimes known as perilla in English, is a herb from the mint family that is used in salads, pasta, fish and meat dishes, and sometimes, as a topping for pizza. Its flavor may be a little unsettling at first, but as you drink more of it, it seems to become better, albeit it still tastes strange. Unfortunately, this flavor doesn’t actually include any shiso.

3. Gold Flavor

In addition to Pepsi Red, Pepsi Gold was indeed a limited-edition ginger-flavored Pepsi that was only available in Lebanon and Japan in 2006 before the two flavors were discontinued. It appears to be distinguished by a subtle ginger flavor and the cooling effects of cola carbonate. Undoubtedly, Pepsi is attempting to break out of its shell. This may appear to be a limited edition packaging for unusual taste, but it is truly unique.

4. Pink Flavor

This flavor is also from Japan. Strawberry milk flavoring is used in Pepsi Pink. It smells faintly fragrant with a sickening strawberry aroma. The strawberry flavor is indeed a synthetic, overly sweet rendition of the fruit. They resemble the flavor of strawberry hard candies called bon bons. Each sip’s tail end is a little more intriguing because that’s when the “milk” flavor begins to emerge. It tastes more like synthetic cream than artificial milk because of its sweetness and richness.

5. Tropical Chill Flavor

In the summer of 1991, the “Pepsi Wild Bunch” range of three flavors— Strawberry Burst, Raging Razzberry, and Tropical Chill—which included Pepsi Tropical Chill—was first introduced. To explore if it will sell, Pepsi Tropical Chill was introduced in US test markets. It tasted artificially fruity, like a carbonated beverage with a blast of tropical fruits. Not only was it distinctive, but it was a totally unorthodox Pepsi flavor!

6. Blue Flavor

A strange blip in the history of soft drinks was Pepsi Blue. It was first made available in the US in 2002, although it would only stay there for around two years before even being taken off the shelves. Its distinctive flavor, “Berry with a dash of Cola,” and vivid blue hue were another effort by Pepsi to appeal to young people. The scent can instantly bring back vivid memories of my mid-2000s. In a good way, the first sip is overwhelming. The delicious, cotton candy-like cherry flavor hits first, then the taste of cola. It has a flavor profile that is virtually indescribable.

7. Black Cherry Flavor

Pepsi promises a fresh perspective on some old favorites because it’s made with real sugar. Finding drugstore soda businesses has gotten more and more difficult. Nevertheless, because of pop cultural figures, the idea is still widely recognized in America. The black cherry has an immediately twisted quality. It smells like cough medicine. Pepsi claims it contains herbal undertones. Although it doesn’t have as many herbal undertones as those, this black cherry drink has just sufficient to be unappealing. The Black Cherry’s medicinal flavor alone is sufficient to make it unpleasant.

8. White Flavor

The bottle’s packaging, which features a white label and tiny Pepsi logos, is quite attractive. It comprises citric acid, fructose syrup, flavoring, preservatives, and caffeine, according to the ingredients list. A sniff gives powerful lemon scents with a softer yogurt scent. Given that regular Pepsi already contains lemon, the lemon component most likely came from the original Pepsi recipe. The initial sip has a Pepsi flavor with a yogurt aftertaste. The flavor initially appears to be multi-layered, but after a few drinks, it seems to merge together into a strange combination, accompanied by a stronger taste of Pepsi with an odd yogurt aftertaste. This is undoubtedly a strange beverage, but it delivers exactly what it promises.

9. Dry Flavor

A strong, “non-sweet” drink called Pepsi Dry was first introduced to Japan in 2011. It has a cola fragrance, although it’s a little weaker than usual. Since the sugar was taken out, Pepsi lost key ingredients and no additional flavorings have been added. It resembles a weaker form of Pepsi. The “punch” from Pepsi has been eliminated by removing the sugar. This is in no way superior to diet Pepsi. Pepsi dry is still a drink, but it’s only acceptable for people who prefer non-sweetened beverages.

10. Salty Watermelon Flavor

This Pepsi flavor was still only available in the winter of 2012 in Japan  Owing to the “salty” touch, the beverage was compared to fizzy, washed-down watermelon juice, so it didn’t feel like you were drinking liquid sugar. Although it wasn’t overbearing, the watermelon perfume had a faint artificial watermelon flavor. Surprisingly subtly woven in, the watermelon flavor only really becomes noticeable after you swallow and then most powerfully if you open your lips to breathe. Watermelon almost seems like an afterthought. There has been a significant reduction in sweetness. Additionally, it has extremely fine carbonation and a relatively dry aftertaste.

Sipping The Last Sip – The End!

So, we have reached the end of the article. This covered the best of bizarre and totally unique flavors of Pepsi that you may not have expected! Hopefully, this article helps you when you want to check out Pepsi but bizarre ones!

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