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The Top 10 Best Water Brands of USA

The world’s largest consumer demand for bottled water is in the United States. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States oversees the commonly consumed beverage. The FDA states that bottled water is meant for human consumption and that it arrives without any added substances, sealed in a bottle or other similar container. It’s possible for bottled water to be carbonated or not.

Here are the top 10 bottled water brands that you should try, ranked on different grounds from taste, and reliability to quality.

List of Top 10 Water Brands in the US

1. Fiji

Let’s start the list with the number one brand in the United States – Fiji! Famously, Viti Levu is where the history of Fiji begins. Tropical rain on the island constantly filters through volcanic rocks, generating minerals as well as electrolytes that accumulate in an aquifer.

Fiji has provided 60 nations with pure water from the rainforest since 1996. The company’s excellent-tasting water’s smoothness and consistency are two of its key features.

2. Icelandic Glacial

This breakthrough water brand called Icelandic Glacial guarantees to provide the purest water available. Icelandic Glacial water with a pH of 8.88 aids in lowering bodily acidity and reasserting the natural balance and regulating the healthy pH level of your body.

Moreover, it is the first water bottle manufacturer to have received a carbon-neutral certification from a governing organization. The prize-winning packaging, which mimics the shape of carved glaciers, is equally striking.

3. Voss

Visiting a spa for a day of indulgent self-care comes to mind when we picture Voss. Given that it comes from an underground aquifer and has a low Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) content, the water itself is superior as opposed to other brands.

The brand of water bottles Voss is based in Norway. Voss provides excellent quality and consistency in terms of taste. Voss has a pH of 6.0, which is slightly on the acidic end of the pH scale.

4. Ethos

Perhaps you have seen famous people such as Cameron Diaz or Leonardo DiCaprio walk the red carpet while endorsing it. In addition to being a premium brand of natural spring water, Starbucks-owned Ethos also has a strong commitment to philanthropy by giving five cents from each bottle sold to support the provision of clean water to children across the globe.

By picking up a bottle of Ethos, you’ll not only stay hydrated but also be doing charitable work for those who live in locations with a water shortage. You can be assured that this bottled water is not at all bitter and is smooth.

5. Essentia

With bottled water that boasts an extraordinarily high pH of 9.5 and virtually no acidity, Essentia promises to meet these requirements. The body is exceptionally clean and smooth.

In reality, Essentia is quality water that is 99.9% pure and boasts a well-balanced mineral and electrolyte content. Without adding fluoride or chlorine, this is done via reverse osmosis and microfiltration.

6. SmartWater

Since its unique vapor-distillation method removes contaminants, SmartWater is widely regarded as among the top water bottle manufacturers. It helps you to get the highest possible level of hydration. The hydrologic cycle, which creates water as clean as a raindrop, is essentially emulated by this type of process.

For the electrolytes that have been added to give SmartWater its distinctive, sharp flavor, it isn’t the most affordable water that is easily available. For its cool bottle design and packaging with a little touch of panache, SmartWater has also turned into a trendy health item.

7. Core Hydration

Core Hydration, by Dr Luke, is what you may need if you’re looking for a highly specialized, nutritionally dense bottle of water that claims to improve your daily activity and lifestyle. Celebs and brand investors like Adam Levine as well as Becky G have taken notice of its unique appeal.

The water in Core Hydration is not only infused with electrolytes and certain minerals that promote thorough hydration, but it is also super-pure due to reverse osmosis. Its regulated pH of 7.4 works harmoniously with the body and is certainly ideal for people who lead busy lifestyles, such as sportsmen.

8. Ice Mountain

Ice Mountain is a distinct water brand that is part of the Nestle empire, which must come as no surprise at this point. The product is advertised as being all-natural spring water coming from the Midwest, specifically from three springs in the heartland of Michigan.

Ice Mountain doesn’t have a strong, distinct flavor, thus it is usually as bland as you can get. It’s a bit ‘minerally”, that’s it. Ice Mountain water bottles come in recyclable packaging.

9. Arrowhead

BluTriton, which delivers a sense of reliability, is the parent company of the Arrowhead brand. Every bottle comes from an original spring source that has been carefully chosen and meets the strict FDA spring water criteria. It is advertised as being 100% mountain spring water that is derived from different sites in California, Colorado, and British Columbia.

When it comes to environmental responsibility, Arrowhead aims to live up to its “MadeBetter” emblem, pledging to regulate its springs using eco-friendly methods and relying on smart hydrogeologists and other specialists.

10. Aquafina

Aquafina is a famous brand of bottled water that is so widely available – it lines the shelves of every basic supermarket. Aquafina makes a point of stressing right away how meticulously it purifies water, going above and beyond EPA requirements.

PWS, which stands for Public Water Source is listed on the Aquafina label obliging the well-known company to continue being accountable and open with its consumers. One single sip of Aquafina evokes a distinct chemical flavor with subtle traces of plastic particles. In terms of cost, it simply makes some sense as the quality is the same and is ten times more environment-friendly.

Coming to the Last Drop – The End!

Now we have come to the end of this list, after ranking the best water brands of the USA from Fiji to all the way down to Aquafina! Hope that this list of top ten water brands helps you next time you buy or look out for which water bottle brand to select and quench your thirst with. 

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