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Mullein Tea: The New Healthy Beverage

If you are a connoisseur of tea, you must have tasted mullein tea at least once in your lifetime.

Mullein is a flowering plant. Scientifically known as Verbascum thapsus, it has long been used as an effective ingredient in herbal medicines. This plant traces its origin in Western Asia and Europe. As of now, it is grown worldwide, including in the United States of America and Canada. You will also spot the gardens of this plant in parts of New Zealand. Owing to its medicinal properties, mullein has become a famous plant across the globe.

This plant thrives in two seasons. In the first season, it produces a gathering of fuzzy leaves. In the second one, the plant produces a tall stalk from the top that finally houses small yellow flowers. All the parts of this plant are used by the herbal practitioners in one medicine or the other. The most common way to consume this plant is in the form of Mullein Tea.

What is Mullein Tea?

Mullein tea is the easiest method to consume the mullein plant and make the most of its health benefits. It has been used as a popular beverage in small countries since ancient times. But today, the popularity of this tea has transcended the borders. Mullein tea has become one of the healthiest options in the tea world.

What are the Health Benefits of Mullein Tea?

If you have never heard them before, the below-listed points will tell you the health benefits of sipping this tea. We promise you will add this tea into your daily diet by the end of this article.

  1. Improved Lung Health

If you smoke or expose yourself to passive smoking regularly, you may be suffering from respiratory problems. Do not turn a blind eye to this issue. Incorporate the use of mullein tea to experience a positive change in your lung health.

According to recent studies, drinking mullein tea may help you manage many respiratory problems, including tuberculosis, asthma, and shortness of breath. Not only this, but its use also reduces inflammation. Its many properties clear mucus from your airways.

  1. Antibacterial and Antiviral Properties

Although more studies are in the pipeline, some have proven the effectiveness of mullein tea in hindering the bacteria bacillus cereus and influenza.

Bacillus cereus is a bacteria commonly present in foods and soils. It has a toxin-producing foodborne property that may lead to issues such as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain.

  1. Helpful with Insomnia

Owing to stress and other lifestyle habits, many people experience insomnia in their day-to-day life. It leads to a lot of irritation. You do not wake up fresh and feel sleepy throughout the day, except at night. Instead of resorting to medication to treat your problem, it would be best to cure it naturally with mullein tea.

The leaves, roots, and flowers of mullein possess sedative properties that may help treat issues associated with your sleep. Sipping this tea every night will make your sleep cycle more regular and comforting.

  1. Better Digestive Health

Many people suffer from digestive problems, such as constipation, diarrhea, nausea, and others. The reasons may vary. It is now possible to manage your digestive issues with mullein tea.

According to studies, the mullein plant may help cope with bowel-related problems. The antioxidant properties of this plant may also help your body eliminate all the toxins.

  1. Good for your Skin

The anti-inflammatory properties of this plant may help treat many skin conditions. You can sip mullein tea regularly to heal your wounds, blisters, and minor cuts.

Mullein plant has become an active ingredient in various natural cosmetic products. Consuming its tea may also help treat eczema and other inflammatory skin conditions. Add a cup of mullein tea to your diet to get happy skin.

  1. No More Joint Pain and Muscle Spasms

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of the mullein plant also help you relieve joint pain and muscle spasms.

This plant comprises a compound called verbascoside. This compound has been proven to exhibit effective anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to ease chronic joint pain. The next time you suffer from severe pain in your joint, do yourself a favor. Make yourself a cup of mullein tea. Besides this, the antispasmodic effect of this herbal tea may treat muscle spasms. You may have this tea upon experiencing severe muscle ache or period cramps.

  1. Get Rid of Thyroid Issues

Some anecdotal studies and evidence have laid down that the consumption of mullein tea may improve thyroid-related problems. This tea may help treat your overactive thyroid gland.

Interestingly, a formula created by a noted doctor had this ingredient as one of its constituents. It was specifically targeted to treat thyroid issues. As of now, more studies and research are carried out to establish the effectiveness of mullein tea in treating thyroid issues.

  1. Say Goodbye to Headaches

If you are a person who complains about headaches now and then, stop popping painkillers to get rid of them. It is good to brew some mullein tea to experience sudden relief from your throbbing headache.

The leaves and fruits of this plant have been used effectively to treat headaches, including migraines. The herbal extracts of mullein may help relieve headaches by soothing the brain activity a little.

  1. Keep Ear Infections at Bay

If you or your loved ones experience ear infections during monsoon or cold weather, use mullein to treat the problem.

Ear ailments may be painful. The vibrating sound and excruciating pain in your ears distract you from everything else. Sipping mullein tea on a rainy or cold day to treat the infection is a good idea. Some brands also sell ear drops containing mullein extracts to treat ear-related infections.

How to Make Mullein Tea?

Making mullein tea is no rocket science. The process completes in less than ten minutes. All you need to do is to boil some water. Add a teaspoon of dried mullein tea leaves into the water. Boil it and allow it to steep for a while. You can now strain the water in a mug. Add honey, maple syrup, or any other sweet ingredient to your liking. Enjoy the taste.

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