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Is IHOP Open on Christmas? Holiday Hours Explored

The Christmas celebrations begin in the evening but you still have to take breakfast and lunch on the holiday. IHOP is the perfect destination for that. Find out if IHOP is open on Christmas 2022 and what are the opening and closing hours for the restaurant.

When it comes to a delicious breakfast, IHOP is the most recommended eatery in the U.S. as it offers an exquisite variety including sticky cinnamon rolls, pancakes, and lots of other mouth-watering recipes.

However, many restaurants and other businesses are closed on Christmas to observe the national holiday. Some big restaurant chains also don’t serve customers to let their staff have the day off but IHOP is different.

Is IHOP Open on Christmas Day 2022?

Yes. IHOP will stay open on Christmas Day as usual but the working hours will vary by location as confirmed by a representative for the company. If you are planning to have yummy pancakes and omelets this Christmas, IHOP is the way to go.

IHOP even offers special menu items on Christmas. Last year, they offered a Holiday Family Feast featuring a special Christmas-inspired option. The same is expected this year and only time will tell what new items will be added to the menu this time.

One thing that we’ll recommend you try if you visit IHOP this Christmas is the new Gingersnap drink flavor. It’s the perfect drink to set your holiday mood right.

IHOP Opening and Closing Hours on Christmas 2022

IHOP will not be working on the regular schedule on Christmas and their opening and closing hours will vary. The specific hours vary by location but most IHOP points are open between 10 AM and 10 PM.

However, considering Christmas, many IHOP locations will close early. You should expect them to close around 8 PM while others will be open till the regular time of 10 PM. It’s better if you can make a call and confirm the specific hours for your nearby IHOP first.

The reduced working hours are also applied to IHOP locations that are open 24/7. So, if your nearby IHOP was serving 24 hours a day, expect it to close early on Christmas as well as Christmas Eve.

When does IHOP Close on Christmas Eve 2022?

IHOP is obviously open on Christmas Eve 2022 and it’s the perfect restaurant for your day meals if you’re a last-minute shopper. However, the question here is “when does IHOP close on Christmas Eve?”

Most of the IHOP locations won’t be working on the regular schedule on Christmas Eve as well. Thus, they will close early, probably around 8 PM to 9 PM on Saturday, December 24, 2022. This also includes the IHOP locations that are open 24/7.

We’d again advise you to dial the number of your nearby IHOP location and confirm what time they are open on Christmas Eve. And if they are closed, there are plenty of options to eat out on both December 24th and December 25th.

Where are you heading to then?

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