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10 Best Chocolate Brands That You Must Try

To all those who have eternal love for chocolates, do you discriminate when it comes to sticking to a particular chocolate brand? If not, let us take you on a joy ride of finding some of the most premium chocolate manufacturers worldwide. 

The love for chocolates is universal. It doesn’t matter which part of the earth you come from; you can never say no to chocolate. The lip-smacking taste of cocoa, when melts into your mouth, soothes your taste buds like nothing else. Chocolates also happen to be an excellent antidepressant. According to a few studies, when combined with dopamine in the brain, they release your stress hormones and make you feel relaxed.

What are the Best Chocolate Brands of the World?

The chemical reaction, sweet fragrance of cocoa, and the mesmerizing taste of chocolates together make it a favorite indulgence for one and all. Whether you are buying it for a loved one or gifting it to yourself, do not miss tasting the below-listed chocolates from premium manufacturers across the world.

1. Green & Black’s

If you are a connoisseur of organic gourmet chocolate, this one’s surely going to be your favorite. Green and Black’s is a premium name from the United Kingdom that uses cocoa beans from Trinitario to give the chocolates the most sought-after rich taste. The blend of ingredients like vanilla, sugar, and cocoa butter further adds sweetness to the flavor.

This chocolate melts right into your mouth and offers you a unique experience, something you might not have tasted before.

2. Richart

Richart is a French chocolate-making brand that has been creating delicious gourmet chocolates and macarons since 1925. The legacy of the company continues, and so does its rich taste. The brand has won several accolades, France’s Ruban Bleu being one of them.

You can buy its pack of gourmet chocolates and gift your loved ones on the occasions like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. 

3. Ferrero Rocher

One of the most popular and a favorite of many, Ferrero Rocher is a treat to your taste buds. The gold-wrapped concoction and the blend of flavors make this chocolate a must-taste for all chocolate lovers.

The origin of Ferrero Rocher dates back to 1982 in Europe. The best thing about this brand is that you can taste a variety of flavors, ranging from bars of mil chocolate to roasted hazelnut, and whatnot. Another remarkable thing about this brand is that it adds lecithin as an essential ingredient. Research suggests that this ingredient is a remedy for depression, anxiety, and high cholesterol.

4. Bettys

Sophistication, elegance, and richness, are a few superlatives that describe this brand the best. Their exclusive collection of luxury chocolates has become famous worldwide. From the sublime aromas to the rich taste and an opulent presentation, Bettys finds its place in one of the best producers of luxury chocolates.

Some of the most sought-after options that you can try are liqueur truffles, chewy Florentines, and peppermint creams. The brand is also known for producing chocolates using ganache and Swiss milk, raspberry, and icing sugar.

5. Teuscher

National Geographic has named this brand the Best Chocolate in the World; for all the right reasons. This Swiss chocolate manufacturer steals your heart by delivering a unique chocolate experience, and we promise you will not settle down with only one.

The use of the best natural ingredients, and unique combination of nuts and fruits, make them a go-to option for all. Teuscher is also known for its marzipan flavors of chocolate. If you are their first-time buyer, we recommend Champagne Truffles.

6. Vosges Haut Chocolat

If you want to try something unique and distinguished, Vosges Haut Chocolat is the best name. This brand is well-known for its creative selections of flavors ranging from smoked truffles, bacon truffles, and others.


What makes Vosges Haut Chocolat stand out from the rest of the brands is that it takes inspiration from the flavors of different countries to make its chocolates. The Indian Curry chocolates are the hottest-selling products of the brand. Besides, you cannot turn a blind eye to its incomparable presentation of chocolates.

7. Richard Donnelly Chocolates

Richard Donnelly produces some of the most artistic classic chocolate styles that may be familiar to taste but still remains unique in their own way. You can also choose this brand for customizing chocolates to present to your dear ones.

A blend of flavors, the richness of cocoa, and other ingredients make them a one-of-a-kind chocolate producer.

8. Godiva Chocolatier

Another leading luxury brand of chocolates that we recommend to all chocolate fans is Godiva Chocolatier. This Turkish-owned brand inherited its name from Lady Godiva. The brand produces some of the most scrumptious chocolates by using different ingredients ranging from fruits, nuts, coffee beans, and others.

Godiva Chocolatier also produces caramel chocolates, milk chocolates, chocolate biscuits, fruits covered in chocolates, nuts covered in chocolates, and other products. Another factor worth mentioning about this brand is that every year, it produces 30-40 new recipes of chocolates full of different flavors and formulas. The brand serves as a treat for all chocolate lovers.

9. Guylian

This Belgian company has been a renowned manufacturer of chocolates since the 1960s, and it continues doing so. The most loved creation of the brand is its hazelnut seashell praline, featuring hazelnut coated in rich cocoa.  

You can also find other products such as wrapped truffles and bars from the brand and relish them to your heart’s content. Each of the creations from this brand is worth tasting.

10. Theo

Theo may be the newest chocolate producer on the list; however, not inferior to other brands. The brand is known as the first organic fair-trade certified cocoa producer in the United States. The beans are sourced from the countries like Venezuela, Madagascar, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic, after which the makers blend them in the finest of organic ingredients.

Out of all the categories that the company produces, its Classic and Limited Edition remains the favorite of all.

Chocolates are an instant mood-lifter, a sought-after gifting idea, and a soothing dessert. You cannot say NO to them. Now that you know the best chocolate brands – pick your favorite.

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