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11 Most Expensive Food in the World

Some people like to spend their hard-earned money shopping for the best brands and labels. Others prefer taking expensive vacations and staying in the best hotels. But do you know there is a third category that loves to spend their hard-earned money on expensive food? Yes, you heard it right.

The world is full of different types of food. Some food items are available at dirt-cheap prices, while others may cost you a fortune. Being a food-lover, it is a good idea to spend money on food. After all, good food is equal to good mood.

List of Most Expensive Food in the World 

Want to relish the most expensive foods worldwide? We have sorted a list for you.

  1. Almas Caviar

Caviar is expensive as it is. However, it is the Almas Caviar that has taken the whole game of expensive foods to another level. It is produced from the eggs of a very rare female albino sturgeon between 60 and 100 years old. The sturgeon hails from the Southern Caspian Sea near Iran. Today, they have become almost extinct, adding more to the demand and high price of the food. To buy Almas Caviar, you may have to pay $34,500.

  1. Saffron

Saffron may be one of the common ingredients in your kitchen used to prepare some lip-smacking delicacies, but the most expensive saffron in the world is priced high. Get ready to spend $10,000 if you want to buy it. Saffron hails from the Middle East and is known as red gold. The production of this ingredient requires a lot of patience and many hours of manual labor being put in by the laborers.

  1. Ayam Cemani Black Chicken

This black chicken originates from Indonesia and is considered one of the most expensive food items that the world has today. Except for its blood, everything else of this chicken, ranging from its feathers to flesh, tongue, and organ, is black. It is believed to be high in nutrition and mouth-watering in taste. This chicken can be bought for $5,000 per pair.

  1. European White Truffles

European white truffle is an underground fungus having a very strong smell, available at a price tag of $3,600. They are found in Italy and France and are considered special because of their delicious taste. These truffles are present at the base of oak trees. Many countries have tried cultivating this food, but in vain. Interestingly, they are also popular as an aphrodisiac, a reason enough for the sellers to sell them at such a high price.

  1. Matsutake Mushrooms

Any mushroom lover would be well aware of this species of mushrooms and their high price. Found in several countries like European nations, North America, and Asian countries, Matsutake Mushrooms make one of the most expensive food items the world has today, having a high price of $1,000 per kilogram. What sets these mushrooms apart from the regular ones is that they cannot be cultivated artificially. Only organic methods are used to produce them. Another interesting thing about Matsutake Mushrooms – they cannot grow in the same spot twice.

  1. Japanese Wagyu Steaks

Japanese food items are delicious and healthy. Japanese food items are expensive as well, Wagyu Steaks being one of them. They are available at a price tag of $450 per kilogram. Wagyu Steaks occupy a prominent position on our list. Wagyu is cattle of Japanese origin. They are fed and massaged with beer to make their meat exclusive and delicious. Their beef happens to be the most expensive in the world. It has a buttery texture and delicious aroma.

  1. Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Beans are a premium spice available only in a few parts of the world like Mexico, Tahiti, and Madagascar. The best of the lot belongs to Madagascar. These beans are sold at a high price of $660 per dollar, thus making them one of the most expensive food items worldwide. These beans have a bourbon-like flavor, tempting enough for your taste buds, prompting you to try more. It constitutes an essential ingredient in many expensive recipes.

  1. Kopi Luwak Coffee

Every coffee lover knows about Kopi Luwak coffee, its cultivation, and its high price. It is considered the rarest and the most expensive coffee beans on the planet, collected from the feces of a small cat called a civet living in some parts of Asia. This coffee is priced at $600 per pound. They are dried, roasted, and sold like hotcakes among the big shots and coffee lovers.

  1. Moose Cheese

Moose Cheese comes from the farm of Moose House in Sweden. The soft texture and rare taste of this cheese make it one of the most high-priced food items worldwide. You will not get this cheese anywhere else except the place of its origin. This cheese is produced with 5 liters of milk every day. If you want to buy it, splurge $500 for one pound.

  1. Dry-Cured Iberian Ham

Who doesn’t like hams? Do you want to try the most expensive ham in the world? If yes, buy the dry-cured Iberian ham. This ham is obtained from the pigs that feed on acorns only. This factor gives a nutty flavor to their meat, thus treating your taste buds well. The quality of their meat is also superior to others, making another reason to try it. This meat costs $390 per kilogram.

  1. Fugu Fish

Fugu fish is also known as pufferfish. It is considered one of the costliest food items worldwide. This fish is known to be the most dangerous fish species. If not prepared properly, the consumption of its meat can be fatal. Only highly experienced, trained, and licensed chefs are allowed to cook and serve this fish. Unfortunately, there is no cure for its poison. This food item may cost you over $300 per fish.

For any food lover, splurging their money to try these foods will be an experience to cherish.

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