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Who is Marshmello? The Real Face Behind the Mask Revealed

Marshmello is one of the most popular faces in the music industry even though his face remains covered, he has still managed to make a place for himself in the world of music. If you ask us, Marshmallows are great with hot chocolate but right now we are talking about a different Marshmello, one that wears a big helmet.

What does Marshmello do for a living?

The real name of Marshmello is Christopher Comstock. He is an American electronic music producer and DJ by profession. He was born on May 19, 1992, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. When we talk about his genre of music, it includes groove-oriented, synth, and bass-heavy electronic dance music. He is managed by Moe Shalizi.

Marshmello Real Face Behind The Mask

For a long period, Marshmello’s real identity was kept under the wraps. But after a while, we got to know who Marshmello is ladies and gentlemen he is none another than Chris Comstock. He also goes by the name of Dotcom.

A big credit for the unmasking of his face goes to Skrillex as he posted a video on the occasion of Marshmello’s birthday on May 19, 2016, which was the same day on which Comstock celebrated his birthday.

During an interaction with Katie Couric, Skrillex got a call in the middle of the interview. Katie said “It’s Chris,” to which he replied, “Oh, Marshmello.” So now you can happily check out more pictures of Marshmello aka Christopher Comstock aka Dotcom on Instagram easily.

When did Marshmello come into the spotlight?

The 29-year-old dropped his first original track Wavez in the year 2015.  He shared the song on his SoundCloud page at the beginning of 2015. Following this, he released remixes of songs by American DJ duo Jack Ü and Russian-German DJ Zedd.

He kept releasing music and after a while, he began garnering the attention of artists. At first, Skrillex noticed him and even supported him by reposting one of his songs named Find Me on SoundCloud.

With which celebs have Marshmello collaborated?

Previously, the musician has worked with many A-listers from the music industry. He released his debut studio album Joytime, followed by another one named Joytime 2 in 2018 and Joytime 3 in the year 2019. Marshmello gained some major popularity with songs like  Alone, Keep It Mello, Silence, featuring Khalid.

He worked with Selena Gomez (Wolves), Anne Marie (Friends), Logic (Everyday), Bastille (Happier), Roddy Ricch (Project Dreams), Halsey (Be Kind), Juice Wrld (Come & Go) Kane Brown (One Thing Right), and Demi Lovato (OK Not to Be OK).

Marshmello likes trying out different genres of music

In real life, Marshmello doesn’t like giving interviews but somehow he managed to give one to Complex last year in which he talked about which genres of music he likes.

During an interview with Complex in April 2021, Marshmello said, “I came from electronic music, and now I’m jumping into hip-hop, so there was obviously a ton of people like Marshmello? Really? What? In the beginning, there was definitely some resistance, but I just kept at it.”

He further added, “I’ve been in the studio with a lot of artists and a lot of producers, and I’ve shown I can hang in the hip-hop production space. It’s taken a little bit, but my intention was to show everybody I can really do this. Yeah, I make electronic music, and that’s how I started. But I like to make a ton of other music, and hip-hop is one of them. It still just makes me happy to prove to anybody that I’m really about it.”

Why does Marshmello wear a helmet?

This question is one of the hotly debated questions in the whole world. There have been a lot of speculations about the music producer wearing a helmet over the last couple of years.

“I don’t take my helmet off because I don’t want or need fame. I’m genuinely trying to create something positive for people to connect with.” he tweeted in 2017 giving an answer to all his fans once and for all.

The musician made another tweet in which he further described his thought behind wearing a helmet to all his fans worldwide. He explained that by putting on a helmet, he can just stay anonymous and anyone can be this character once they put on the helmet. He wrote, “The helmet makes me marshmello and also makes you marshmello…we are all marshmello.”

Which DJ’S have worn helmets before?

Marshmello is not the first DJ to wear a helmet while performing. In the past, many artists have worn helmets. Daft Punk liked wearing Robot helmets, on the other hand, Deadmau5 DJs wore a giant mouse helmet.

More Details about Marshmello’s helmet

The DJ’s signature helmet is pretty good to look at. It features a blobby “Xs” for eyes along with an upturned smile. The helmet is somewhat unique and comes out to be extraordinary. It seems like out of the box.

What does his manager have to say about him wearing a helmet?

During an interaction with Forbes, Marshmello’s manager Moe Shalizi put out his thoughts regarding the DJ’s decision of keeping a helmet on. He said, “For us, it was, how do you create a brand that is accessible to everybody, that everyone can be and relate to?”

Shalizi further added, “The concept we had in mind with Mello was, ‘how do you create a universal character?’”

What is the net worth of Christopher Comstock?

Who could have thought you wouldn’t even have to show your face to earn tons of cash. Over the last couple of years, the DJ has managed to earn loads of money. As per the report of Celebrity Net Worth, the music producer has nearly $40 million in his bank account. He has got his hands on this much money by touring and private gigs.

It’s not possible that we talk about money and Forbes doesn’t enter the picture. According to Forbes, the cost of Marshmello’s helmet is around $55,000. It’s not any ordinary helmet, it has programmable LED lights along with an internal air-conditioning system. The helmet of this superstar weighs around eight pounds.

We can’t wait to see what this talented music producer has in store for us. Till then we will keep grooving to the rest of his great tracks. Stay connected with us for the latest updates.

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