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What Does TFW Mean? Full Form Explored

The online English language is mutating faster than ever. Every day, the internet is flooded with numerous slangs that you may have never heard before. They have different meanings and are often used by Gen Z on their social media handles like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok.

These slangs also include some acronyms that have turned into their own words. Today, they have become staples of how people chat with each other on social media platforms. The acronyms like LOL, LMAO, ROFL, and TTYL have become a passe. More new words are debuting in this world, and how!

One of the latest acronyms/ slangs that the whole generation is obsessing over is TFW. Let us know what TFW stands for and how to use it.

What does TFW Mean?

TFW is a trending abbreviation on social media. It means ‘that feeling when’. The phrase is generally used as a caption to a meme, photo, or even a clever joke about something out of the ordinary that has happened to you. Another meaning of TFW suggests ‘that face when’.

The second meaning of TFW is used in the context of the expressions on an individual’s or animal’s face after they experience something that stimulates their physical or emotional reaction. Both these meanings of the slang suggest not-so-everyday situations. They are widely popular as memes worldwide.

How did TFW Originate?

The origin of this slangs entertains many stories. Eleven years ago, people on the 4chan music board started using another acronym, MFW. It stood for ‘my face when’. Interestingly, this slang was used in the same manner as the current one.

At that time, the users all over the internet would post a funny picture of an emotional face, followed by writing a sentence beginning with MFW. Also, during that time, the word feel became a popular slang for feeling.

Once the word spread, several memes such as ‘I know that feel’ started flooding the internet. With this slang, the image of ‘Feels Guy’ also became widely famous among internet users and in nerd culture. They were majorly used as a response to an emotional situation.

MFW often conveyed disgust or awe, while Feels Guy described sadness, shame, doubt, or emasculation.

The Popularity Escalated

The popularity of this abbreviation escalated between 2010 and 2011, especially when these two ideas were combined to create TFW. The Urban Dictionary even defined the acronym. The grammatical usage of this acronym hasn’t changed, but the term itself has become immensely popular. You can use TFW in different situations, especially if you want to express your emotions online.

How to Use TFW?

There are many ways to use this abbreviation. If you put it at the beginning of the sentence, your readers will take it in an emotional context. For instance, you can write ‘TFW, you are almost home, and low fuel light comes on.

While this acronym works well in a sentence only, it would be best if you accompany it with a funny picture or GIF. Any photo may work for the context; however, the best is to use it with an expressive face.

The internet never fails to surprise. Keep in touch for more such articles.

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