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What Does HMU Mean on Snapchat and Other Social Networks?

Slangs on Snapchat, Facebook, and even Texts have become a common way of communicating! But what if the one you are talking to isn’t aware of those? Ummm.. Thoughts?

The Internet is a cool place to learn so many new things every day and slang is definitely one of them. This time we are here to understand what HMU means. So, let’s jump right on to decode it.

Decoding HMU!

HMU means Hit Me Up! 

To elaborate this further, the person saying you ”HMU” wants you to hit them up! So, if it’s your crush who HMU’d you, you are getting late darling because they might just message HMU to someone else! *wink*

Simply hit them up through text message or DM them on Instagram. Just hit them up, that’s it!

Moreover, it also works as an open invite. You are free to put your questions in their queue or ask them out for an event. You can literally hit them up for anything you want.

Want some examples? Here you go!

  • This 9 to 5 job is killing me, HMU if you want to have a night out?
  • HMU if you are ready to hang out some other time later!

Okay, on a side note, has it ever happened to you that you haven’t actually understood what HMU means? Got too confused to reply to an HMU message?

Trust me, that’s normal and very common.

HMU in Text means?

Certainly, you wouldn’t want to speak to your boss in an HMU fashion and that isn’t a good idea either.

Therefore, it’s best to shoot HMU to your friends or colleagues. Asking them to hit you up is totally fine and very casual.

However, make sure that the context of the invite is clear to them.


There are different formulas and ways to use HMU and one of them is with TBH.

The combination of the two means, you want someone to tell what they think about you and ask for their honest opinion. You can also follow the same approach to tell someone to share their honest opinion about someone else.

TBH stands for, To Be Honest.


Do you know Ankita? HMU For a TBH on her!

Hope that clears your doubts and erases all the questions you had related to HMU.

Arpita Roy
Arpita Roy
Arpita Roy is an Engineer, Bibliophile, and Writer by heart with 5+ Years of experience in the content writing industry. Over her tenure, she has written 2000+ blogs, even more. She also claims to be a lifelong learner and uses her curiosity to blend and express in her writing. You can get her on Twitter @royarpita09.


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