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What Animal is Arthur? Let’s Find Out

If you are the 90s or early 2000s kid, you must have many fond memories of the PBS animated series Arthur. This cartoon was the favorite of many kids. They would often come back from school, change into their knickers, switch on the television, and watch this series while munching on their favorite snacks.

Since its debut in 1996, Arthur has been a favorite among the kids for decades. Millions of children worldwide have grown up watching this show. Sadly, the makers announced that the show is going off-air in 2022. Arthur will come to an end, and PBS will no longer produce new episodes of this celebrated series.

Even though our favorite cartoon is leaving the screen after more than two decades, the audience gets confused about one thing – WHO EXACTLY WAS ARTHUR?

This article will tell you everything!

Who is Arthur?

Arthur is the protagonist of the series. He is kind at heart and has lots of friends. His best buddies are Buster and Brain. He can play piano and is the forward and goalkeeper for the Lakewood Elementary Soccer Team. He also plays in the baseball teams and school track. Arthur loves to read and spends a great deal of his time in the library.

He wears his signature pair of thick and large glasses. He has a young sister, D.W., who irritates him constantly and becomes the center of his problems. Despite this, Arthur likes to be a good big brother of his sister by ignoring her super-bratty behavior. He helps her when she needs it or when their parents demand him.

Now, let’s know what Arthur really is.

Arthur Read is an aardvark. Although the whole Arthur series is set in the United States of America in Elwood City, the main character and his family are based on the mammal found in Africa. There are many differences between the cartoon character and the real aardvark, the absence of the signature long snout and pig-like nose in the cartoon are a few of them.

What is an Aardvark?

In Afrikaans, aardvark translates into earth pig which means a creature having a pig-like snout and burrowing habits. An aardvark is a nocturnal creature having 30 centimeters of the tongue. It enjoys eating termites and ants. Owing to its strong claws, it can even break open a termite mound.

Many people confuse them with anteaters. However, both of them are different animals. Aardvarks are found in Africa, and the anteaters have a habitat in Central and South America. Aardvarks do not have a fur. On the contrary, anteaters are hairy and are distinguished by their brush-like tail.

Why is Arthur Ending?

The makers, on the 28th of July, 2021 announced that the show is coming to an end on PBS Kids and TV channels worldwide, and no more episodes will be produced. The production of the final episodes of the show already took place in 2019. The reason why Arthur is ending is still unknown.

CR: PBS Kids

Everyone is going to miss Arthur forever.

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