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Top 10 Japanese Cars Brands

Japanese automobiles have risen to the top of the global automotive rankings because of their high level of quality. Toyota, Honda, and Mazda are iconic Japanese vehicle brands that have won the hearts of drivers all over the world. Luxurious Lexus and swanky Infiniti are two of the most recent and pricey models.

There are many other Top Japanese Cars brands out there. If you are here to check out that list, you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll be listing the Top 10 Japanese Cars Brands.

Top 10 Japanese Cars Brands

Most people are familiar with Honda, Suzuki, and Toyota since they are Japanese vehicle names. However, Japan is home to other automobile manufacturers. The country ranks as the world’s third-largest automaker. Here’s the list of Top 10 Japanese Cars Brands.

1. Toyota 

Toyota is without a doubt one of the world’s premier automakers. The vehicles are economical and energy-efficient. They can sustain everyday use without losing their integrity. The Toyota Prius is the go-to vehicle for enterprises like taxis throughout Asia.

Toyota is a manufacturer of both gasoline-powered and battery-powered automobiles. More than a million electric vehicles have been sold by the firm so far.


Two words sum up Honda vehicles best: stylish and forward-thinking. As a way to connect with Honda customers, you can tell them about the company’s illustrious founder, Soichiro Honda, who sold his company to Toyota after it was destroyed by bombs during World War II and the assets were sold to that company. This is significant because it shows that the founder had no formal education. With a yearly income of $600 million, Honda is a well-known automotive brand.

3. Nissan

This was Nissan’s best-ever year in terms of sales, with a record-breaking 5.77 million vehicles sold throughout the world, a 2.6% year-over-year gain. Among Nissan’s best-selling models worldwide, the Sentra and Altima were both subcompacts. There are over 60 Nissan models. INFINITI and Datsun cars are sold under the three Nissan brands: Altima, Sentra, and Quest.


We may have heard in so many years that Toyota is launching luxury automobile brands, but do we know Lexus is the best-selling luxury car among them. The top-selling brands include sedan, coupe, convertible, SUV, LX570 are the greatest Japanese automobiles in the world. An Important point to remember is ‘only specialists were permitted to manufacture Lexus.’ This tops the list of American automotive brands.

It’s now one of the top ten most valuable Japanese brands on the market, according to Brand Finance. Nagoya is the headquarters. Lexus is still a powerful Japanese vehicle manufacturer, despite its paltry sales of 3 million cars.

5. Suzuki 

Suzuki is much more than a motorbike company, as many people believe. However, it mostly makes commercial vehicles like minivans and trucks, as well as excellent passenger automobiles.

Suzuki’s top-selling vehicles are the Swift and Celerio. SUVs like Vitara and Ertiga are in high demand. This year, Suzuki has sold a total of 3,161 units worldwide. It’s a major corporation, no doubt. For the company’s goods, there are 35 manufacturing sites spread over 23 nations.

6. Daihatsu

Daihatsu’s sales increased by roughly 8% in 2017, making it one of the world’s best-selling Japanese automobile companies. Popular models from Daihatsu include the Hijet, Tanto, and Mira. These vehicles sold in large numbers throughout the year. Founded in 1899, Daihatsu Motor Co. is one of Japan’s oldest surviving producers of internal combustion engines, best known for its key models and off-road cars.

7. Mazda

Mazda is a brand that many associates with sophistication and athleticism. Already, it has sold 1.6 million units and is steadily expanding to other areas. They used to be solely concerned with sports automobiles.

Mazda is now in direct competition with other automakers who build SUVs, such as Mitsubishi and Toyota. Their improved model line-up now includes the CX5, CX3, and Mazda 2 and 3 as well as the Mazda 6. The Mazda Miata is a world-famous vehicle.

8. Mitsubishi

One of the most famous Japanese Brands of Cars is Mitsubishi. As of now, its most powerful and famous model is Montero. This company was founded in 1870. And many of you don’t know its full name i.e. Mitsubishi Shokai. The meaning of this phrase is 3 Diamonds.

Mitsubishi is also a significant manufacturer of multi-purpose vehicles, such as the well-known L300. It is a rival of Suzuki, as it makes large machinery for the construction sector as well.


Subaru makes premium automobiles, but it’s hard to call them super-premium. The Crosstrek and Outback are the company’s two most popular automobile models. Subaru is moving toward SUVs rather than sedans.

Subaru’s motto, “Confidence in Motion,” sums up the company’s philosophy. Among major Japanese vehicle brands, this is one of the most popular. Another little-known truth is that FujiHeavy (Subaru’s parent business) is presently partnered with ToyotaMotor Company.

10. Isuzu 

Isuzu, like Suzuki, makes automobiles for everyday usage, but its core industry is commercial vehicles. Its MPVs and trucks are well-known. The DMAX pick-up truck is the company’s most popular vehicle.

The majority of the company’s vehicles are powered by diesel engines. The firm also manufactures buses that it sells to bus companies all around the world.

The main reason that Japanese Cars are the top brands in the world is that they never leave behind innovation. Undoubtedly, Japanese cars are top-selling cars around the world. These are the top Japanese cars brands out there. Which one do you think is the best?



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