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TikTok: Art of the Zoo, The Viral Trend That Left Users Perplexed

Well, as the year 2021 is almost coming to its close, we are here to share with you one of the viral TikTok trends that have been making rounds on the internet.

Are you one among those who ever heard of the “Art of the Zoo” viral trend on TikTok? If yes, you might have been curious to find out what it is and probably even tried to check out why it was trending.

Not sure whether you found the answer to your questions or not. Not to worry as we will disclose TikTok’s Art of the Zoo viral trend in detail. Read on!

TikTok: Art of the Zoo Viral Trend, What is it and Why did it become Viral?

TikTok’s Art of the Zoo is one of the latest viral trends of 2021 that has left users perplexed and disturbed too. But, what is the thing that disturbed the users?

This Art of The Zoo trend asks users to search for the term, ‘Art of the Zoo’ meaning, and users are getting shocked to see their search results on Google. But why?

Let us get more in detail.

Tiktok, a popular video-sharing social media app has been witnessing some of the bizarre trends. We saw strange trends like ice cube challenge, step chicken, etc in the past.

“Art of the Zoo” is one of the recent trends of 2021 that broke the internet and left users really shocked.

This trend asks users to Google out ‘Art of the Zoo’ and then to film their reaction on TikTok after getting to know its meaning. Moreover, the results are much surprising and shocking.

Exploring the meaning ‘Art of the Zoo’ Viral Trend and Users’ Reactions

Well, when TikTok users tried to search for the term ‘Art of the Zoo’ on Google, they found some disturbing images of humans having s*x with animals. Yes, you read it right!

In short, ‘Art of the Zoo’ is nothing but another phrase for bestiality that is s*exual relationship between a human being and an animal. I know it sounds really strange.

As such, if you do not wish to get into such disturbing images of the viral trend, we suggest you better read our article on this and just move on.

Here are a few of the TikTok reactions to this trend. Well, after reading these reactions, you will understand that this viral trend has disturbed the users indeed.

A TikTok user commented by writing, “Deletes history, turns phone off, throws phone, burns phone, throws phone in river. My poor eyes.”

One more TikTok user who was shocked with the trend wrote, “History: Deleted. Phone: Yeeted. Holy water: Needed.”

“Nooo I should’ve minded my business,” wrote some other TikTok user.

The viral trend #artofzoo has garnered over 6.2 million views on TikTok with users sharing their reactions.

Well, few trends on TikTok last for months together as they receive massive love from the users. However, the viral trend “Art of the Zoo” was short-lived which left very disturbing memories on the users. It was completely messed up having nothing much creative to go with this trend.

What are your thoughts on this viral trend? By any chance, have you also been part of it? Share your views!

Archana Kabra
Archana Kabra
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