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Meet The 10 Strongest Kids of the World

Exercise and fitness are not meant for adults alone. It is a vital physical activity for children, keeping them fit, healthy, and active. But do you know some kids are so passionate about exercise that they have taken it to another level?

They participate in physical activity and sports out of their passion for fitness. They lift heavy weights and perform strenuous exercises like a pro. They are muscular and so strong that they can compete and win against adults. This list talks about those strong kids who have made a big name for themselves.

Who are the Strongest Kids in the World? 

The below-listed names are the real game-changers. They are the strongest kids in the world.

  1. Maryana Naumova 

Maryana Naumova is a 12-year-old powerlifter from Russia. The girl was the youngest to bench 154 pounds. She is considered the first female under 18 to participate in professional powerlifting tournaments.

Over time, Maryana has successfully established a career in powerlifting. She has taken part in many powerlifting competitions and come back to her country with flying colors. She was an active child, following which her mother admitted her to Aerobic Gymnastics. She can successfully tackle 240 pounds.

  1. Kyle Kane 

Kyle Kane was only 12 when he lifted a weight double his body weight. He could lift a colossal 308 pounds at that time. Yes, you heard it right. This act of Kyle makes him one of the strongest kids today.

Following his powerlifting skills and physique, he is nicknamed Arnie (after Arnold Schwarzenegger). The child is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 147 pounds.

  1. Yung Jinlong 

This little kid is from Anhui Province, China. He has made his country proud by winning several lifting competitions. When Yung was nine months old, he could lift an oil drum weighing 11 pounds. When he was 7, he was seen by his community pulling a heavy vehicle.

His strength is incredible. He could carry a weight bag weighing 88 pounds, 200 pounds, and other weights like a pro. He can even carry his father with great ease.

  1. Jake Schellenschlager 

Jake is 14 years old and weighs 123 pounds. His cutthroat muscles and strength make him one of the strongest kids on this list. He prepares seven days consistently and participates in various rivalries over time.

The boy began powerlifting when he was only 12. According to him, seeing his father drove him to pursue his passion for lifting and fitness. He told his father that he wanted to be the strong and most grounded kid of all time. After two years of instructing, he set the worldwide best for his weight class – 123 pounds. The kid is a famous name today.

  1. Naomi Kutin 

Naomi Chaya Kutin is a successful powerlifter. She started her profession of lifting at an extremely young age of 8. Over time she has established various standards for her games in a few weight classes.

She has lifted weights thrice the weight of her body weight. She has also hunched down 325 lbs and deadlifted around 365 lbs. Her workout routines are extensive. Her warm-ups include a high volume of weighty metal and a progression of snorts. She is popularly addressed as The Super Girl.

  1. Arat Hosseini 

The little kid once went viral for his incredible football skills. Arat Hosseini hails from Iran and is famous as one of the strongest kids worldwide. He dreams of becoming the next Messi. This prodigy is already exhibiting his extraordinary talent to the world.

In 2017, his father posted a video of the son’s desire to play for Barcelona when he grows up. The video went viral in no time and helped him achieve a massive fan following. Arat has a muscular build. He can easily perform physically strenuous activities such as 3000 plus kick-ups, chest hits, heat hits, and other exercises.

  1. Liam Hoekstra 

Liam was born in 2005. He was adopted by his non-biological parents. According to them, Liam started walking like a toddler when he was five months old and even performed iron crossing. When he was six months old, he could climb and descend the staircase. The child is a gifted gymnast.

At one year, Liam started doing chin-ups. No doubt he is one of the strongest kids in the world today. While people of his age and older still struggle, he successfully hosts his torso above the chin-up bar and can stay in this position for minutes.

  1. CJ Senter 

The child is an unusual kid who loves to stay fit. What makes CJ Senter different from others on this list is that he is not involved in lifting weights. He knew this sport is dangerous for growing kids. Thus, he looks for other ways to stay fit and strong.

Senter is popularly known as a workout kid on his account on YouTube. He even has many DVDs of fitness and exercises released. His workout videos are extremely entertaining for all.

  1. Ryusei Imai 

Ryusei Imai is only ten years old. His martial arts skills would make even the Hollywood legend proud. This Japanese school kid is a die-hard fan of Bruce Lee. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he is obsessed with him. Imai can easily imitate all the moves done by his idol and how.

Because of these antics, he is popularly regarded as Mini Bruce Lee. Ryusei first shot to fame when he replicated Lee’s nunchuck moves to perfection. The kid has many videos on his Instagram page and a massive fan following. His roundhouse kicks will make your jaws drop.

  1. Varya Akulova

The parents of this little one are professional weightlifters. Thus, lifting weights is in Varya’s genes. At a very young age, her parents began to train her. Her father wanted to raise her as the strongest girl in the world; and he successfully did so. Her father would tie a heavy bot to develop muscles.

When she was 18 months, she could lift 56 pounds of weight. When Varya turned 5, she lifted 196 pounds, and by the time she reached 14, she could lift weight up to 660 pounds. Her ultimate goal is to participate in the Olympics.

These kids are making their parents proud! Keep in touch for more.

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