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Selena Vargas Story: Who is She and What is Her Mystery?

Selena Green Vargas is a well known name by now but for many different reasons. Today, we will talk about everything she is known for including a few facts that are not known by many.

Social media is a good place. You entertain yourself by socializing with friends, colleagues, and sometimes strangers. This medium also gives a platform to many aspirants to showcase their talent and monetize it. The social media sensations create a buzz among their followers through their antics. In short, social media is the platform where you can become popular. But do you know this popularity is not always for the right reasons?

Sometimes, using this platform also ends up putting you in dark light or any unsolved mystery. For instance, Selena Vargas is as mysterious as her story, and it made her immensely famous on the internet.

In 2015, the story about this adult film actress broke out all over the internet. However, it seems like forever, and someone would go ahead to keep the cat inside the bag. So who is Selena Vargas, and what was the controversy associated with her?

Read the article till the end to find out.

Who is Selena Vargas?

Selena Vargas is an adult film actress and model. She was born on the 19th of July in Bellflower, California. Although she became an internet sensation once upon a time, not enough information about her is available today. It is because the model/actress disappeared after some time of her popularity.

She suddenly popped online and trended all over the internet for a few days. Although she has not worked on many adult videos in her career, she is still looked upon as one of the famous names in the industry. Her profile on the adult video streaming platform has over 14 million views. The actor became more famous with a controversy surfaced a few years ago.

What is the Selena Green Vargas Controversy?

The controversy started in 2015 with a famous imageboard site called 4chan. This internet platform lets the users post anything while remaining anonymous.

An unknown user posted a picture of the US Navy Seal with a girl. Interestingly, this girl was Selena. The user claimed to the man in the picture, wherein he stated that the girl next to him (Selena) was his girlfriend.

The internet did not respond well to the photo. One of them commented that the girl in the picture is a porn star. They claimed it because they had seen the actress’s great performance in many of her videos. Previously, Selena had already entertained the industry even before the photo was posted.

So, how did the viewers recognize Selena?

It was her bad luck that she was wearing the same dress in that picture she had worn in one of the famous videos. The picture shows Selena in a black shirt and a pair of denim. As soon as the image went viral, a new argument also broke. The user who posted the picture clearly asked about it and how they both looked together. Little did he know that the internet would have its own opinions about it!

Some people are blessed with a very sharp memory, I must say!

Numerous people seemed to care more about the personal life of the man who posted the photo. Another argument that Selena has kept her boyfriend in the dark about her profession also surfaced with the photo.

To add insult to injury, one of her loyal viewers actually linked the adult video of the actress in which she could be seen wearing the same dress that appeared in the photo posted by her boyfriend.

The whole situation became embarrassing. Thanks to the privacy of the website, the identity of this man is still kept under wraps. Nobody knows how the man took the comments and what happened between him and Selena after this controversy.

What Happened to the Actress After That?

A few days after the controversy, Selena Vargas disappeared from social media without leaving a single trace. No one knows where the actress went.

Although the actress disappeared from the social media platform, her videos are still there. A little digging on the internet help users found her Instagram account. Her social media handle is Unfortunately, you cannot see what the actress posts as her account is private with only 424 followers.

The bio of her Instagram reads, Before you judge me, be sure that you are in perfect shape. She may be active on the social media platform, but nobody can see what she posts.

Quick Facts About the Adult Star

Here are the quick facts about the adult porn star that you might not know.

  • Selena is turning 32 in July.
  • The actress stands 5 feet, 6 inches tall, and weighs 120 pounds.
  • Even though there is a private Instagram account and another one on TikTok, it is not clear if Selena handles these accounts herself or if someone else does the same.
  • The mystery about the photo posted on 4chan remains unsolved.
  • It is still unclear whether the actress is continuing her career in the adult industry or has called it quits.
  • The owner of the photo remains anonymous to date. Some people also suggest that this person may not be Selena’s boyfriend at all.
  • Even the Redditors could not stop themselves from talking about this controversy. Few people on Reddit claimed that they knew the real story and where Selena was. But nobody knows the full story. People do not even know whether these Redditors are speaking the truth or not.
  • Some reports suggest that Selena’s boyfriend knew about her profession from the beginning. He began this controversy to gain 4chan points.
  • Like her Instagram account, her TikTok account remains private, and both are linked.
  • Selena Vargas is one of the most viewed stars in the adult industry.
  • Some news also suggests that Selena Vargas might be living under a different name to hide herself from the more controversies.

Despite all the controversies the actress entertains, her fans still wonder if she will ever return. What is your take on the Selena Vargas controversy? Tell us in the comments below. Keep in touch for more on internet controversies all over the world.

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