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Sasha Obama: Everything About The Younger Daughter of Barack Obama

Sasha Obama is the younger daughter of former US President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

Natasha Marian Obama aka Sasha Obama was born in the year 2001 on 10th June. At the time of her birth, Barack Obama was senator of Illinois state and Michelle was about to join the University of Chicago Medical Center as executive director for community affairs.

If you have been hovering around to find details about Sasha Obama, keep scrolling as we have tried to share all the details about the younger daughter of the former US President Barack Obama.

Sasha Obama: Every bit of her you need to know

After her father was elected as president of the United States Sasha became the youngest White House resident.

Sasha Obama was a very active and healthy child. Sasha used to play basketball at the prestigious Sidwell Friends School and also attended the University of Chicago Laboratory and kept herself busy with piano, tennis, and tap dance lessons.

She became a national figure by 2007 when Barack was campaigning for the US presidency. She made her first TV appearance in 2008 while covering the candidate’s family as part of the Access Hollywood segment.

Sasha Obama: Life as First Daughter

Sasha and her elder sister Malia entered Whitehouse in the Executive Mansion when Barack Obama won the elections. Both Sasha and Malia were under the watch of Marian Robinson, their maternal grandmother.

Sasha enjoyed childhood activities like other kids as she was largely sheltered from the media. The secret service agents have given her code name of “Rosebud”. Sasha made friendship with Maisy Biden, the granddaughter of then-vice president Joe Biden.

Sasha attended the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup final in Vancouver, Canada, along with her friend Maisy and vice president Biden. Sasha joined the workforce at a popular Martha’s Vineyard seafood restaurant in 2016.

Sasha Obama: Life after her father’s term ended

She moved along with her parents to another neighborhood in Washington, D.C. after Barack Obama’s second term ended in 2017.

Post-graduation from Sidwell Friends in 2019, she enrolled at the University of Michigan. She spent most of the time during Pandemic at home with the rest of the family, attending online classes.

In an interview given to Instyle Magazine, Barack Obama praised Sasha and said, “Sasha is completely confident about her own take on the world and not cowed or intimidated and never has been by anybody’s titles. If she thinks something’s wrong or right, she will say so.”

Michelle Obama in an interview given to famous American talk show host Ellen DeGeneres said, “After moving out from the white house in January 2017, the family moved to their new house and Sasha got the biggest room in the house, which was a two-room suite consisting of a living room area and a bedroom”.

Michelle calls her “Sassy” and she is described as the “family cutup.” Barack often jokes that he is afraid of his younger daughter and addresses her as his “music guru.”

Sasha was seen singing and dancing in some TikTok videos which are now deleted. She is a music lover.

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