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Pokimane Boyfriend: Who is the Twitch Streamer Dating?

Streamers’ love life is always in the spotlight, and so are rumors about their current relationship. If you’ve been following ‘Pokimane,’ the prominent Twitch streamer, you’re probably curious about her dating life. So, before we go into the new rumors and other stuff, let’s talk about her.

Pokimane, or Imane Anys, is a Moroccan-Canadian Internet personality. Anys is best known for her Twitch live streams, where she streams video game entertainment, most notably League of Legends and Fortnite.

She is a member of OfflineTV, a content creators’ online social entertainment club. Anys was chosen a featured honoree in the 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 in the section of ‘Games,’ highlighting her status as the leading female Twitch streamer and one of the creators of OfflineTV. And she unquestionably has millions of followers.

Who Is The Twitch Streamer ‘Pokimane’ Dating?

During a Twitch stream, prominent streamer Pokimane introduces a new guy named Kevin to her viewers. And many people believe he’s a secret boyfriend. Pokimane previously declared that she is single, but fans believe that this is no longer the truth.

Pokimane’s community is making assumptions that ‘Kevin’ is secretly her new boyfriend. Kevin’s appearance on Pokimane’s ‘Just Chatting‘ broadcast piqued the interest of her audience, who wondered if he was her new lover or just a sibling.

Because of the warm greeting, Kevin appreciated Pokimane’s audience for making him feel more at ease, as he is new to the streaming world. The Livestream was broadcast on 30th December.

Chemistry Between The Two

During the nearly five-hour stream, the two interacted with their fans and responded to remarks about them. During the chill-hang out-stream, the two also watched and reacted to various videos.

Viewers claim to have witnessed a “chemistry” between the streamers.

“I’m just one random dude that happened to be on the stream one time,” Kevin stated during a recent live stream after realizing how many people were watching the Pokimane Twitch live.

For the time being, it’s unclear whether they’re dating; they may be ‘just close friends,’ or who knows. Viewers, on the other hand, adore them.

Fans Reaction On Pokimane & Kevin’s Dating Rumour

Now that the story has spread, many viewers have reacted and are eager to learn more about both of them.

People are actually liking them together.

Definitely a shock for the viewers.

Many viewers believe that ‘Kevin Makes Pokimane Happy.’ ‘We Accept This Guy As Her Boyfriend,’ they say.

Multiple ‘Pokimane’and ‘Kevin’ videos have been uploaded on YouTube.

Let’s see if he appears in further streams, and if anything about the two ‘Ideal Streamers’ is revealed, we’ll keep you updated. You tell us what do you think?

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