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Olivia Black: Everything About The Pawn Stars Actress

Olivia Black is an American actress, content creator, and model who shot to fame for her appearance on the television series – Pawn Stars. She is also popular as an adult porn star and for her association with Suicide Girls.

Olivia Black’s real name is Dene Nichole Acero. She was born in the year 1986 in Maryland, United States of America. Her mother is a housewife while her dad is an entrepreneur. She is ethnically white who began her career as an actress in 2012.

Read on to know more details about Olivia Black and what happened to her!

Olivia Black: Here is every bit of her you need to know

She made her debut performance in Rick Harrison’s television series Pawn Stars. Her role in the series fifth season as a night shift worker was lauded by the audience where she showcased commendable acting skills, bringing a solid feminine presence on the screens.

She starred in the next 13 episodes of the series. Olivia Black is a producer of a TV series titled “Hardcore Club Restore”. She was also the face of the Dollies and Doggies Calendar.

Check out what happened to Olivia Black?

Olivia black’s nude photos were leaked in the year 2012 because of which she was fired from the show in December 2012. She continued to work for some time as Rick Harrison admired her acting skills. Even though she was one of the very popular characters of the show, the Pawn star team decided to exit her abruptly, long before the shooting of Season 7 wrapped up.

She was initially recruited as a night-shift employee and she received extensive mentoring from Chumlee. Olivia was a very hard-working person and she established herself in a short span of time. However, she could not continue in the show for more than two years. Olivia returned back to the nude modeling agencies where she worked full time as an adult actress earlier.

Wondering why was Olivia Black fired?

Producers of the Pawn Stars show were skeptical of Olivia’s association with the adult film industry as they were of the opinion that it was a black mark on her record. The producer’s thought process was that it is perhaps immoral or unethical to have a porn star actress in the show. Even though it should be none of their business unless it impacts the show in some way or the other she was fired from the show, Pawn Stars.

Olivia Black’s co-workers in the show were just fine with her as it was her decision to join the adult film industry and it was not impacting the show in any manner. She filed a lawsuit in the court against producers of the show for her unlawful termination however she lost the legal battle in court.

There are loopholes in the system that exists for actors and talent and even more for producers regarding whom they can recruit and release for reasons they can cite while termination of employees.

Where is Olivia Black residing now and what is she doing?

Currently, Olivia is residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. After she was asked to leave Pawn Stars, Olivia restarted her career again as an erotic model and social media influencer.

In 2013, she came up with her own YouTube channel, Miss Olivia Black. Her focus now is primarily on adult content and modeling for photos that are posted on her OnlyFans, Fansly, and other platforms.

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