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10 Most Dangerous Jobs in The World

Have you ever thought that the place where you work could put your life in danger?

On-the-job death is a real thing, and there are many dangerous jobs in the world that can cost you your life. Yes, you heard it right. While some people work sitting comfortably in their cubicle and tallying a sheet, others have to run from pillars to post to make ends meet. Their jobs are so dangerous that merely thinking about them may put you in jitters.

What are the Most Dangerous Jobs in the World?

Many studies have been carried out and they have stated that these dangerous jobs earn average salaries below the annual mean wage of $50,000. Fortunately, companies hiring workers with these jobs offer Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premiums higher than average.

Here are the top dangerous jobs in the world:

  1. Logging Workers

A logging worker harvests forests to provide for all the raw materials – paper, wood, cardboard, and other industrial products. This job is dangerous because the workers often spend their time outside in the forests and isolated areas.

There are risks such as accidents, injuries, contact with objects and equipment, and others. The fatal injury rate involving this job is 111 per 100,000 workers. Any small mistake while handling the heavy machinery may cost the workers their lives.

  1. Roofers

When you see the construction of a building or residential home, you will often notice the workers climbing up these properties to install, replace, or repair the roofs. They are concerned with using the materials like shingles, metals, and others and then securing them.

But the process of securing these materials often makes them fall prey to accidents and injuries. In the worst-case scenario, a roofer may end up falling, slipping, or tripping on the ground.

  1. Garbage Collectors

Unlike roofers, garbage collectors don’t climb up the height to install different materials. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have to deal with accidents, injuries, or mishaps at their workplace.

Whether collecting garbage or disposing of it, garbage collectors often expose themselves to some toxic materials injuries to their health. Their nature of work ends up making them fall sick and catch several unwanted diseases like infections, ulcers, cancers, skin issues, and whatnot.

  1. Deep-Sea Fishers

Their job may appear exciting and adventurous to you in the first place. But if you ever get to experience what they do, you will realize deep-sea fishers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Fighting against the storm of the sea, meeting the water currents and injuring themselves make deep-sea fishing a hazardous profession to perceive.

  1. Miners

One of the most commonly known professions, mining, is also among the top dangerous professions in the world. The duty of a miner includes digging deep under the surface where fatal gas explosions, suffocation, mechanical malfunctions, and cave-ins make the most common risks.

The most common fatal accident that any miner suffers from is their contact with equipment and objects. The machines that they operate require the removal of coal, rock, metals, and other hard materials. Mining is also deleterious to health and may affect the lungs.

  1. Ironworkers

Ironworkers is yet another dangerous job that reports a fatal injury rate of 29 per 100,000 workers on average. They are responsible for installing iron and steel on the bridges, buildings, and roads. Their work also includes climbing up on large structures, unloading the materials, and signaling the crane operators.

The above-listed events may lead to injuries, accidents, falling, slipping, and hurting themselves. Furthermore, the use of equipment to bend, weld, and cut the raw materials also put their well-being under threat.

  1. Farmers

Some people may raise their eyebrows, but the job of a farmer too is dangerous. The most common fatal accidents include transportation incidents. Ironically, the people responsible for growing crops and dairy to feed us cannot secure their health while performing their duties.

Farmers also purchase supplies for their farms to maintain their farming equipment. Any malfunctioning of their farming equipment not only intrudes with their crops on the field but may also injure them. Tractor crashes are the most common tragic injuries for peasants.

  1. Crane Operators

Another construction job that is fatal to human well-being is crane operating. Crane and tower operators use cranes and other heavy equipment to lift materials and other essentials at the construction site.

They lift building materials onto the higher elevations of a building. Some crane operators also lift containers off the heavy ships. Any slight damage to the crane can put their life in utter danger. Imagine a situation where they are lifting a heavy material using the crane, and it disbalances, and the material falls on their head!

  1. Construction Helpers

Construction helpers or labors assist trade workers in the course of construction. Their work includes lifting heavy objects, cutting, drilling, and fabricating metals and other materials. They work tirelessly, climbing up and down the building to carry heavy loads of cement, soil, and other materials.

Manual labourer working on the city street

The most common cause of death for construction workers includes falling and tripping on the construction sites. They are prone to injuring themselves, but sometimes, the situation worsens and threatens their lives.

  1. Highway Maintenance Workers

Driving on a highway is not just exciting but risky as well. When you drive rashly, you may meet an accident and risk your life. Now, imagine working on the same highway! Isn’t it life-threatening?

Highway maintenance workers maintain roads, highways, freeways, runways, etc. They perform the tasks like fixing fences and rails, patching potholes, replacing and repainting the road markers, removing snow or ice from the cold areas, and others. The most common causes of their death include accidents while working, vehicle crashes on active roadways, etc.

Who had thought that some jobs would put you at threat of accidents, injuries, disease, mental stress, and whatnot! The next time you see these people working, don’t give them a blind eye. Smile at them and tell them how well they perform their duties! Respect every job, however big or small.

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