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Meet Claire Foy, the Beautiful Actress from ‘The Crown’

After watching her star turn as Queen Elizabeth II in seasons one and two of The Crown, nobody can get enough of Claire Foy. She is a beautiful face, a talented actress, and a well-known celebrity worldwide.

Here’s to knowing everything about her.

Who is Claire Foy? 

Claire Elizabeth Foy, also known as Claire Foy, is a British actress and producer. She has received various awards, including the prestigious Golden Globe Award, two Primetime Emmy Awards, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards in her acting career.

Born on April 16th, 1984, Claire desired to pursue a career in showbiz ever since was a little girl. She attended the Aylesbury High School, after which she enrolled admission at the Liverpool John Moores University to study drama. She also took a one-year course at the Oxford School of Drama and graduated in 2007.

Foy is half-Irish. In an interview, she was seen saying that she still uses Irish dancing as a party trick, and also shared the fond memories of her maternal family.

Claire’s Acting Career

After graduating from drama school with flying colors, Claire had an aim to make it big in the showbiz industry. When she was at Oxford, she starred in various plays like Top Girls and Easy Virtue. Foy made her professional stage debut in ‘The Miracle’ and ‘DNA’. Later, she moved to television and played the role of Amy Dorrit in the BBC mini-series called Little Dorrit. This role caught a lot of eyeballs, thus making her popular among the audiences.

The most critically-acclaimed role played by her was that of Anne Boleyn in the mini-series called Wolf Hall. She even got nominated for Best Actress in several awards like the British Academy Television Awards, Best Supporting Actress at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards, and the Best Female Actor at the Royal Television Society.

Some Details about Her Personal Life 

On a personal front, Claire is married to Stephen Campbell Moore. Interestingly, she met her beau on the set of Season of the Witch in 2011, and they fell head over heels in love with each other. The couple got married in 2014 and welcomed their first child the next year.

Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Claire Foy 

Here are some interesting facts you may have never known about Claire Foy.

  • Claire Foy is known for playing Elizabeth, the Queen, in The Crown. Interestingly, she had not just played the Queen but met her too. Foy met the Queen at a Buckingham Palace celebration of Charles Dicken’s birth in 2007. She was flabbergasted when she met her highness and was highly inspired by her aura, personality, and appearance.
  • Claire Foy started working on The Crown just four months after birthing her daughter, Ivy Rose. She is a great multi-tasker. In an interview with British Vogue, she opened up, “On the first day of filming, I found myself halfway up a Scottish mountain with engorged boobs and no way of getting down to feed my baby. I had to ring my husband and tell him to give her the formula. As I sat in a Land Rover trying to get my broken breast pump to work, I felt I had made the worst mistake of my life.”
  • The actress has a great bonding with her Crown co-star Matt Smith. She once jokingly said that her daughter, Ivy, has even named one of their trees after him.
  • Claire’s early years had been a little challenging for her. She opened up about how she struggled with a health issue that ended up influencing the rest of her life. She said she was an awkward and insecure high-school student who had juvenile arthritis. She was never happy with the way she looked in those years.
  • Her health issues didn’t just stop here. During the final year of high school, Claire found that she has a tumor behind one of her eyes. The actress underwent surgery and steroid therapy to remove this benign tumor. The consumption of steroids further took a toll on her physical appearance. She stated that she had gained a lot of weight. She also suffered from moon face, a condition where you gain water in your face and become almost unrecognizable. Her skin problems didn’t stop her; she also succumbed to acne because of the consumption of steroids.
  • Claire is often found calling herself a massive commoner. She was raised in Stockport, Greater Manchester by a single working mum. Her parents divorced when Claire was eight years old. Throughout her growing years, she had a slew of various odd jobs, including working in a pub to telesales, security at Wimbledon, and handing out magazines at tube stations.
  • Claire was paid handsomely for her role in The Crown. According to a few reports, she was paid $40,000 per episode. But despite being the lead in the show, she was still earning less than her male counterpart, Matt Smith. Smith played her husband, Prince Phillip. Unfortunately, her journey with The Crown ended in Season 2. The directors of the show replaced Claire with Olivia Colman.
  • Claire Foy has also struggled with anxiety. In her interview with The Guardian, she stated that she had been dealing with anxiety throughout her life. The actress even went to therapy to get over her insecurities and improve her mental health. It helped her deal with the problem to a great extent. She is a staunch advocate of mental wellness and defends how therapy may help an individual overcome the same.
  • She has also played the rebellious role of Lisbeth Salander in the show, The Girl in Spider’s Web. However, it is not the only strong role the actress has played. Claire also plays Janet Armstrong, the wife of Neil Armstrong in the upcoming movie called First Man.
  • The actress owns a Bechstein Piano. However, she cannot play it because it stands right underneath her six-year-old daughter’s bedroom.
  • Although Claire Foy starred in one of the most popular series on Netflix, she does not use streaming services at her home herself. Interestingly, she does most of her movie watching whenever she travels via flight.

We hope that the above-listed details have given you enough details about your favorite actress. Keep in touch for more on celebrities.


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