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Meet Christopher Scarver: The Fellow-Inmate Who Murdered Serial Killer, Jeffrey Dahmer

America’s most notorious serial killer, sex offender and cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer’s case are enough to shake the soul of even the strong ones. While Wisconsin abolished the death penalty (1853), it was Jeffrey who reaped the benefits of the law during his imprisonment in 1991. But then, Dahmer was killed by his fellow inmate, Christopher Scarver, and according to some, he remains the man who brought justice to the many victims of Jeffrey. Read on to know all about this prisoner.

Who Is Christopher Scarver?

Christopher J. Scarver Sr., who received two more life sentences for the murder of Jeffrey Dahmer and another fellow inmate, was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The 11th-grade dropout was kicked out of his home for being an alcoholic and began working odd jobs at an early age.

The prisoner, who had the sympathy of those related to the Dahmer case, was hired as a trainee carpenter at a Wisconsin Conservation Corps job program. However, due to some disturbance at work, he began drinking even more. It has been reported that, during his drunken state, he used to hear voices who called him “chosen one”.

Christopher’s First Life Sentence…

If you don’t know this, Christopher entered the Columbia Correctional Institution in the same year that Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to a sixteenth term of life imprisonment in the same prison. In 1990, Christopher killed his supervisor, Steve Lohman, who made a false promise to Scarver at the job. He was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1992.

Killing The Monster In Prison…


Christopher Scarver met Jeffrey Dahmer in prison. It has been reported that he always kept a news clipping of ‘Jeffery being a cannibal” in his pocket. Seeing Jeffrey walk with a smirk bothered many fellow inmates. Not only this but he was known for taunting them on several occasions. While in prison, Jeffrey even sprinkled ketchup in front of them to make it look like blood.

It has been reported that authorities believed that killing Jeffrey would earn a convict “an honoured place in the prison world”. Before his murder, there was another attempt on his life in 1992, but it failed. Another reason for his death was that he was known for upsetting his fellow inmate. It has been reported that Christopher always used to keep a news clipping of Jeffrey’s cannibal crimes in his pocket.

Everyone knew what Jeffrey was capable of, and authorities were concerned about his safety. For the first year, Jeffrey Dahmer lived in “protective isolation”. On the morning of November 28, 1994, Christopher, Jeffrey and another inmate Jesse Anderson were assigned to work in the prison gymnastic toilet.


During the time when the correctional officer left them unsupervised, Christopher found the opportunity and killed Jeffrey with a 20-inch metal bar, also killing the other inmate Jesse Anderson. As per his version, at that moment, he felt like “he was the chosen one”. n a previous interview,  Christopher revealed his conversation with Jeffrey before killing him:

“I asked him if he did those things ’cause I was fiercely disgusted. He was shocked. Yes, he was. He started looking for the door pretty quick. I blocked him. Two swings of the bar to Dahmer’s head were all it took. His skull was crushed and Dahmer was pronounced dead an hour after arriving at the hospital. He was 34. He ended up dead. I put his head down.”

The authorities found Jeffrey Dahmer on the bathroom floor with extreme head wounds after being hit by a heavy metal bar. Even though Dahmer was alive during the time of this assault, he was declared dead after being rushed to a nearby hospital. As a result, Christopher was sentenced to two further life sentences for these killings.

Where Is Christopher Scarver Now?

As per a district court’s order, about three dozen other seriously mentally ill inmates be relocated from the Wisconsin facility, and Scarver was also relocated to the Centennial Correctional Facility in Colorado. The new Netflix series, “Monster”, depicts a detailed account of the gruesome acts of Jeffrey Dahmer. But hey, what do you think about his murderer?

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  1. Jeffrey( im a sick bastard dahmer) got what he deserved!!!! To bad the state didn’t do it and put it on tv for the world ri see what should happen to monsters like dahmer

      • He wasn’t sincere, he’s a manipulative conman making people believe he turned to God, just like how he manipulated the cops to return the 14 year old boy to him and killed him. God knew he was BS-ing and Chris Scarver did the world a favor by killing that psycho. Scarver is a hero. Dahmer deserved it. He shouldn’t have killed in the first place if he truly repented. Just like how a someone shouldn’t have cheated on their lover in the first place if they really loved them and are “sorry”. Damage was done. God has clearly shown on multiple occasions he doesn’t forgive everyone.

  2. Watched this all in one sitting, totally engrossed by it. Why do they always try to lay blame on the parents in these cases, it must be in his DNA, might have been where his Dad was concerned but if you go by each episode that kid always looked an odd ball. His Father taught him weird things and Mother didn’t want him. Throughout you can tell he was a man desperate in need of love and more so friendship, he just couldn’t differentiate the two and couldn’t handle either; shame really.
    But he was a sick sick man for what he did. Scarcer did everyone a favour including Dahmer, he wanted to be sentenced to die!
    I’d really like to know what happened to those 2 heroic despot policemen. Jail I hope 👌


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