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Meet Abraham Williams, Tulsi Gabbard’s Husband

Tulsi Gabbard became a household name all over the United States of America after serving as a US representative for Hawaii’s second congressional district from 2013 to 2021.

She became the first Samoan American and Hindu candidate to serve in the United States Congress. Tulsi contested the election after obtaining unwavering support from her husband, Abraham Williams. He had been there in every step of the leader’s journey, and Tulsi owed this victory to him. Shortly after taking office, the duo decided to tie the knot.

Here is everything to know about the man behind this successful woman.

Who is Abraham Williams?

We all know Abraham Williams as the husband of Tulsi Gabbard. He is originally from New Zealand but moved to the United States. His mother worked at the Honolulu District Office after separating from his biological father.

Williams is a passionate cinematographer and has contributed to some of the best works and productions like Angel by Thursday and Go for Broke. Besides working with Hollywood, he also offers photography and videography services through his websites. Reportedly, Abraham Williams has offered his services to many government officials, including his wife. He splits his time between Los Angeles, Hawaii, and New York and ensures he enjoys every bit of his professional and personal life.

When Did Abraham Williams Propose to Tulsi Gabbard?

Abraham Williams is an adventure enthusiast. He loves water sports and shares a mutual love for it with his wife. When he is not working, he spends time hiking, playing volleyball, and others.

Interestingly, Abraham proposed to Tulsi while they were adventuring in the water. In 2015, he told New York Times ‘our friendship and relationship developed over our mutual love for the ocean and surfing’.

According to Tulsi Gabbard, “He paddled quickly out to the lineup, way ahead of me, and waited as I slowly made my way out. Then he paddled over, pulled out a double-tethered contraption attached to a gold duct-tape-covered flotation device, with a beautiful ring attached, and said, ‘I have a question for you: Will you marry me?’” Gabbard was elated by this proposal.

When Did the Marriage Take Place?

The couple tied the knot on the 9th of April in 2015. The marriage took place in Kahaluu, Hawaii. It was a traditional Hindu wedding performed by a Hindu priest in the ceremony. At the time of the wedding, Gabbard was 33, while Tulsi was 26 years old.

“We feel so blessed to have found each other and are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together.”

Do they have Children?

The couple has a daughter, Suhasini. She was born in the same year when the duo got hitched.

What is Abraham Williams’s Net Worth?

No official reports about the cinematographer’s net worth are found, but it is presumed that it ranges up to $100,000.

Little Known Facts About Abraham William

A Husband who Supports his Wife Strongly

It was politics that brought the husband and wife together. In 2012, Williams worked as a volunteer in Gabbard’s 2012 run for a seat in the House of Representatives. He shot many notable images for the campaign.

After she won the race, the duo decided to meet in person. It is when the sparks started to fly between the two. They took their own sweet time in knowing each other. According to Tulsi, “About a year and a half later, he asked me out for the first time at a birthday party that a mutual friend of us threw for me. It was the first time we had a chance to kick back, relax, and really talk on a personal level.”

It is not wrong to say that the first meeting might have sealed the deal between the two.

An Excellent Cinematographer

Abraham Williams’s cinematography skills are next level, very much visible in the first campaign he designed for Tulsi Gabbard. He has an eye for capturing images and puts his skills to perfection in his job. You can visit his professional website to see the beautiful work he puts into each project he handles.

William’s Mother Works with Gabbard

The world is a small place; this statement fits true for Abraham and Tulsi.

Anya Anthony, Williams’s mother, is the manager of Tulsi Gabbard’s district office in Honolulu. Anya began her job before William and Gabbard went on their first date.

Gabbard has also raved about Anya, her mother-in-law, many a time.

“She is a hard worker who has a heart for service, so I am grateful she decided to stay on the team, even though the rules say I can never give her a raise or a promotion. Plus, you can imagine how bad it would have been to start my marriage off by firing my new mother-in-law.”

When Abraham Waited for a Year to Ask his Wife on a Date

The duo knew each other since 2012. But Williams took his time and asked Tulsi Gabbard on a date a year after knowing each other.

Abraham is a Hindu

Not many people know this, but Abraham William follows Hinduism. His family is linked to Brahma-Madhva Gaudiya Sampradaya. He is also a believer in Jagad Guru and Hare Krishna. But we doubt he might not be a Hindu by birth.

The Duo Kept their Relationship Low-Key

When William and Gabbard decided to date, they preferred keeping their relationship low-key. They successfully remained out of the spotlight. Tulsi did not even share his name until shortly before their marriage took place in April 2015.

Abraham is Tulsi’s Second Husband

Abraham William is the second husband of Tulsi Gabbard. Before walking down the aisle with her current husband, Gabbard was married to Eduardo Tamayo in 2002, when she was only 21. She was elected to the Hawaii House of Representatives the same year. Tulsi Gabbard was the youngest person ever elected to a state legislature.

Most recently, Tulsi Gabbard faced a lot of flak from Republicans and Democrats alike. She came under fire when she claimed that there were American-funded Biolabs in Ukraine. It was a false claim, and the United States of America and Ukraine debunked the same.

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