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Marilyn Monroe Dating History – A Look Back To Her Complicated Love Life

Throughout Marilyn Monroe’s life, many people were in love with her. Still, most notably, Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller were her second and third husbands during her lifetime. However, there were several scandalous affairs that she had between her marriages.

Monroe seemed linked to many A-list names throughout her life, from married directors to legendary crooners. However, rumours are going around regarding who she was attached to, as is the case with any iconic star.

Who Is Marilyn Monroe?

A talented actress who started as a model before entering the movie business, Marilyn Monroe was one of Hollywood’s earliest and most enduring sex icons. She didn’t even know her biological father’s identity since she came from a broken home.

Her mother was mentally unstable and incapable of raising her daughter alone, so she spent most of her childhood in foster homes. During her life, the little girl suffered from several mental problems due to abuse and apathy during her childhood.

Due to her striking beauty and grace, she quickly became a very successful model for The Blue Book Modeling Agency. She eventually moved to films, starting with minor roles before landing more significant roles.

By appearing without clothes for ‘Playboy’ magazine, she soon acquired the image of a sex symbol. Her film roles include ‘The Asphalt Jungle, ‘The Seven Year Itch’, and ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’.

She suffered from mental illness and alcoholism during the last years of her life. But then, a sleeping pill overdose snuffed out her life prematurely when she was just 36 years old.

Marilyn Monroe’s Dating History

You will find no shortage of rumours throughout the rumour mill, but within the words, you will find the truth. The truth is that Monroe’s former lovers were not afraid to speak out about their affairs with him in the past, and they did not hold back.

If you are interested in learning more about Monroe’s dating history, you can take a look at every man she dated throughout her lifetime.

Marilyn Monroe And James Dougherty – Dated From The Year 1942 To 1946

It was in 1942 when Marilyn first fell in love with James Dougherty, and the couple was married. When she was 16, she was in the process of still using the name Norma Jean Baker, and she was only 16 years old. While he was in the Merchant Marines, she became interested in modelling, which led to the breakup of their relationship. The following year, in 1946, after realizing her potential in Hollywood, her husband and she divorced.

Marilyn Monroe And Charlie Chaplin Jr. – Dated In The Year 1947

It has been rumoured that Marilyn Monroe was involved in a relationship with Charlie Chaplin Jr. when she was 19. However, there has never been any confirmation of these rumours. However, his autobiography entitled My Father, Charlie Chaplin, published in 1960, references the rumoured affair between him and his mother.

Marilyn Monroe And Milton Berle – Dated In The Year 1948

It is believed that Milton Berle and Marilyn Monroe met each other during the time that he was involved with Adele Jergens in 1948 while they were both starring in Ladies of the Chorus. According to his autobiography, which was self-titled, he openly admitted that he had a fling with Marilyn Monroe regardless of whether he had a relationship with her.

Marilyn Monroe And Natasha Lytess – Dated From The Year 1948 To 1956

In 1948, there was a lot of speculation that Marilyn Monroe might have engaged herself in a lesbian relationship with Natasha Lytess, who was her drama coach of the actress. However, it was around 1956 when they finally decided not to spend any more time together, and the exact circumstances that led to their break up have remained a complete mystery even to this day.

Marilyn Monroe And Elia Kazan – Dated In The Year 1951

According to reports, Elia Kazan admitted that he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe amid his marriage to a playwright named Molly Thacher. As well as confessing to his infidelity, he acknowledged that he wasn’t sorry for it or ashamed of it.

Marilyn Monroe And Joe DiMaggio – Dated From The Year 1952 To 1954


On a blind date in 1952, Marilyn Monroe met Joe DiMaggio for the first time, and they became lifelong friends. After two years of dating, they could tie the knot in San Francisco, but their romance was not destined for longevity, even though they had a strong bond. There was a scene in The Seven-Year Itch where she filmed a scene with a billowing skirt that he couldn’t handle. In the words of Marilyn, “He said … exposing my legs and thighs, even my crotch –– that was the last straw.”

Marilyn Monroe And Marlon Brando – Dated In The Year 1955

In 1955, there was a rumour that Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando may have been dating, but it was not confirmed if this was true. However, reports of rumoured romance caused quite a stir in 1955. After her divorce from Joe, these rumours began circulating all over the internet.

Marilyn Monroe And Arthur Miller – Dated From The Year 1956 To 1961

After her marriage to Joe was finalized in 1955, Marilyn met Arthur Miller on the set of As Young as You Feel in 1950. The two did not begin their relationship until 1955, a year after she finalized the end of her marriage to Joe. After relocating to New York City from Hollywood, the couple tied the knot in 1956 and moved to the city together. However, having been married for five years, the couple has decided they will no longer be together.

Marilyn Monroe And Frank Sinatra – Dated From The Year 1959 To 1961

As a result of the divorce from Arthur, Marilyn briefly began an affair with Frank Sinatra. However, in 1961, after only a few months of being together, their romantic relationship ended when the couple agreed that he would marry somebody else, a woman named Juliet Prowse, after they had been together for only a few months.

Marilyn Monroe And Jerry Lewis – Dated In The Year 1961

During a 2011 interview with GQ magazine, Jerry Lewis alleged that he had a secret affair with Marilyn Monroe. His attention was sure to be drawn to the fact that his fling with her persisted for an extended period, although he did not specify when exactly their experience took place.

Marilyn Monroe And John F. Kennedy – Dated From The Year 1961 To 1962

By now, most people are aware that Marilyn Monroe was suspected of having been involved in one of the most infamous affairs in American politics. There is a rumour that it happened when his wife was still alive, Jackie, while he was still married to her. So there was a lot of talk going on when Marilyn turned to him and sang “Happy Birthday” in a very sultry and intimate manner for his 45th birthday celebration.

Marilyn Monroe And Robert F. Kennedy – Dated In The Year 1962

Bobby Kennedy, aka Robert F. Kennedy, is also alleged to have been involved in an affair with Marilyn Monroe after the relationship between her and John Kennedy ended. It has been suggested that she was involved with the two political brothers at the time of her untimely death, which may have led to her untimely death.

Marilyn Monroe’s love life has been shrouded in mystery and legend over the years, just as her death in 1962 has become shrouded in controversy and puzzle. Despite this, inevitably, her fans will always hold her close to their hearts.

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