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Manga vs Comic: How Are They Different?

Just when you thought the fans argue nonstop on Manga vs Anime, the debate of Manga vs Comic has shown up.

The former is the product of Japan, having deep roots in the art of the country, while the latter comes from the United States. Both these comics intend to entertain their fans and audiences. They may be the same; they may be different – it’s all about knowing them to figure out.

Here’s a detailed comparison between the two and also what is better – Manga or Comic?

Manga and Its Buzz Among the Fans

Manga is a stylized comic that features Japanese art at its best. The genre was developed after the Second World War, but some people suggest that Manga had an existence even before that. Modern Manga evolved from various sources ranging from Japanese television series, drawing, and American comics.

Today, Manga has become a fast-growing industry and reached a global platform where it fascinates all its fans with incredible stories, drawings, arts, characters, and whatnot. Some of the most sought-after Manga series include Dragon Ball, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Death Note, Naruto, One Piece, etc.

All About American Comics

Comic or American comics have been popular in the US for more than a century today. The origins of comics can be traced back to 1933 when Famous Funnies – A Carnival of Comics was introduced to the world. The popularity of comics gradually increased in 1938 when Action Comics and Superman came into existence and captured the market. Until the end of the Second World War, these comics dominated the American market and beyond and became a treasure among all the readers.

Various genres of comics were established. However, with the arrival of TV, their popularity was slightly compromised. But soon, comics experienced their worthy revival with the characters such as Superman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Batman, The Avengers, and The Justice League. Many Hollywood movies and TV series have showcased them on the big screen.

Manga V. Comic – What’s the Difference?

Both Manga and Comic work on indulging their readers with gripping storylines, characters, and different genres. Being tough contenders, they do have some points of difference. One of the most apparent dissimilarities between the two is the use of colors. While American comics are printed in different colors, Manga is often black and white.

Here are the other differences between the two:

Let’s Talk About the Presentation

Some readers may ignore it. However, it is the presentation of both the comics that draws a line between them. Manga is published in black and white and printed on cheap paper – similar to newsprint. Comic shows its superiority as the presentation is not only colorful but on a quality paper – savored by those who like giving their books a good treatment.

Manga Attracts More Audience than Comics

Both Manga and Comics have millions of fans and readers, but do you know the former has more types of readers than the latter? It is because the creators of Manga have a diverse storyline, popular with teens and adults. American comics are majorly centered around superheroes saving the world from evil – hence a popular subject among kids and teenagers only.

Manga – Slower Than American Comics

The storyline of Manga has a slower pace than its American counterparts. There are fewer dialogues and panels, as opposed to the latter. The latter uses too many dialogues to keep their readers gripped by the storyline for long.

The Game of Genres

When talking about experimenting in different genres, Manga straightforwardly falls ahead of the curve. As a reader, you will find a variety of genres, including entertainment, comedy, action, thriller, and others. Not only this, but Manga is also comfortable exploring all the risqué topics like scatology, sex, and violence.

Whether it is talking about exploring sexuality or disclosing the dark secrets of scatology, Manga knows how to keep their readers on the edge of their seats. You will also explore a variety of subgenres while reading Manga stories. All the subgenres like iseiki, josei, echhi, seinen speak different story premises, age, and gender demographics. American comics are yet to reach there.

Character Building

Another criterion where Manga falls ahead of the curve is character building. The characters of Manga usually tend to become stronger with time. On the other hand, the superheroes in comics retain the same level of strength, becoming stronger only once in a blue moon.

It is the character building of the Manga that impresses all the readers at large. The growth and journey of each character that the reader unveils make Manga a treat to read, especially if you are a slow reader, and look for revelations throughout the story. The character building of Goku, as opposed to Superman, highlights the clear difference between the two.

Also, Manga stories end with a logical conclusion, whereas American comics don’t (Eh). American comics follow a cliched pattern of ending – nothing exclusive for the readers to stick to them for long.

Manga – Offering a Different Way of Reading

Another reason you would fall in love with Manga over American comics is that it offers you a different method of reading. All the Manga stories are read from right to left, including the text boxes, word balloons, etc.

It may be a pain in the neck at first, but no rocket science at all. Also, reading differently is an excellent brain activity. Once you get a hang of it, you will end up becoming a quick reader.

Which one is better?

The above-listed comparison between the two clearly highlights the superiority of Manga over American comics. Manga has everything a reader looks for – multiple genres, strong story, logical ending, and depth. American comics are good for starters. Manga, however, is more enrapturing.

Nevertheless, the choice between the two is pretty much subjective. If you want to opt for an easy reading, American comics aren’t bad either.

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