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Little Known Things About Olivia Rodrigo – The Rising Star

You are living under a rock if you do not know who Olivia Rodrigo is. This rising star released her debut single less than two years ago, and the rest is history. Her single, Drivers License, stirred a lot of drama and gathered her a massive fan following. She is regarded as one of the most exciting names in the music industry.

In such a short span of her career, Olivia has become one of the biggest names in the music industry. It is not wrong to call her a top-tier talent. The shining star has a long way to go. This article covers all the little-known things about the star.

21 Little Known Things about Olivia Rodrigo

Here are a few glimpses from the professional and personal life of the young music sensation Olivia Rodrigo.

  1. When was Olivia born?

Olivia Rodrigo was born on the 20th of February 2003. As of now, she is only 19 years old. Her zodiac sign is Pisces.

  1. She Played a Role in High School Musical

Before starting her career in the music industry, Olivia was seen playing Nini in the teen-favorite High School Musical: The Musical Series.

  1. Whereabouts of Olivia

Olivia was born in Temecula, California. As of now, she lives in Los Angeles. She has mixed ethnicity. Olivia’s mother is an American-Irish, whereas her father is a Filipino-American.

  1. Olivia is Fond of Red Lips

You may have spotted Olivia wearing red lipstick in many events, photos, and videos. The singer loves to paint her lips red and has an extensive collection of red tints and lipsticks.

  1. A Big Fan of Sustainable Fashion

Olivia is an ardent follower of sustainable fashion. In her recent interview with Nylon, she revealed that she doesn’t like fast fashion and loves sticking to the concept of sustainable fashion. Ever since she learned how people get paid below minimum living wages to run the business of fast fashion, she changed her shopping habits.

She admitted that she trades her clothes with friends over buying new ones. This idea doesn’t create excess consumption and is super fun when experimenting with different clothes and colors.

  1. She wants to be a Songwriter

One of the things that she wants to achieve is to be a songwriter.

She stated that she always wanted to write songs for others. She continued, ‘When I turn 30 or something or when I have kids, I would stop making music and write songs for other people. I just love song-writing. I love it more than putting out songs’

  1. Commercial Success is not her Focus

Olivia Rodrigo says that achieving commercial success is not the reason she debuted in the music industry. She has been passionate about music since her very childhood. She also states that if her music does a good job commercially, it is incredible. According to her, just because some music artists are not commercially successful doesn’t mean they are less talented.

  1. A Die-Hard Fan of One Direction

Olivia is a die-hard fan of One Direction. In one of her interviews, the singer bashfully revealed that she used to write One Direction fan fiction when she was in middle school. She didn’t know that her childhood dream would come true so early.

  1. A Highlight on Her Personal Life

Olivia Rodrigo’s professional life is highly celebrated, and she has a massive fan following. But in terms of her personal life, nobody knows whether she is dating someone or not. According to some reports, the lyrics of her song Drivers License signaled her relationship with Joshua Bassett.

Joshua Bassett has been Olivia’s co-star in High School Musical: The Musical. The song is all about heartache. Currently, Joshua is dating Sabrina Carpenter.

  1. The Singer’s Net Worth

Olivia Rodrigo has achieved a lot at such a young age and within a short period. Her net worth is estimated to be around a whopping $500,000

  1. She Acted in Movies and TV Shows

High School Musical is not the only movie the singer has acted in. Olivia Rodrigo has played lead roles in the direct-to-video movie, An American Girl: Grace Stirs up Success. She acted in the Disney Series, Bizzaardvark. Besides this, she has also played a role in the new episode of a series, New Girl. Out of all the series and movies she acted in, High School Musical became the most successful hit.

In a recent interview, she stated that she doesn’t mind playing more roles in the future and is waiting for the right opportunities when it comes to acting.

  1. Drivers License Debuted at Number 1 on the Hot 100

It doesn’t happen to everyone that their first-ever song creates history. But Olivia Rodrigo has experienced this feeling. She made history with her debut, Drivers License. The song became extremely popular ever since it was released.

Olivia is one of the four artists born after 2000 who have topped the charts, including 24kGoldn, Billie Eilish, and Jawsh 685. Her song topped the charts not just in America but in other nations like the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Norway.

  1. She is a Huge Lorde Fan

Besides being a big fan of One Direction, Olivia is a huge Lorde fan. She calls Lorde and Taylor Swift her biggest inspirations. Her debut album is compared with Lorde, but she doesn’t call her competitor. She is often seen stanning Lorde on her social media handles.

  1. Number of Grammys that Olivia Won

At such young age, Olivia Rodrigo has bagged three Grammy Awards. At the 2022 Grammy Ceremony, the singer took home the Best Pop Solo Performance for Drivers License. She also bagged the Best Pop Vocal Album for Sour. Olivia won the prestigious Best New Artist Award. That’s so much talent!

  1. Who was her Ex-Boyfriend?

Although a lot has not been gathered about the private life of the singer, there were reports that Olivia used to date her Bizzaardvark co-star Ethan Wacker. The two fell in love on the sets of the show. They soon split in 2019. However, that doesn’t mean the two are not on good terms. They maintain their cordial relationship and comment frequently on each other’s Instagram posts.

  1. Olivia can Play Guitar

Besides singing and acting, Olivia is fond of playing a guitar. When she is not pursuing her professional career, she likes to play the piano and jam her favorite songs on guitar.

  1. Olivia Rodrigo is an Activist

At such a young age of 19 years, Olivia has become an activist. She is also an institute speaker and panelist for the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. Olivia demonstrates that she is socially aware when she often reports her stand on various social issues, including speaking up for diversity, LGBTQ+ rights and their injustice, Black Lives Matter, and other movements and campaigns.

  1. She is the Next Pop Idol

With so many awards and achievements in her hand and a huge success, Olivia Rodrigo is often touted as the next pop idol. After hearing her album, many have suspected that she would have a booming singing career, as successful as Billie Elish and Ariana Grande.

  1. A Massive Debut Album

When Drivers License hit the charts, it was clear that the whole world was in love with the singer. Millions of people around the planet continued to support her with each single that she dropped. By the time her first full-length, Sour, debuted, she became one of the biggest pop stars on the planet.

Her album broke the record for the largest one-week streaming sum in the history of Spotify. The tunes on Sour were played over 385 million times in the first seven days of its release on Spotify.

  1. She Began Formal Training at 6 Years

Olivia owes her successful career to years of hard work. Not many people know, but she started taking acting and singing classes when she was only 6-years old. The singer had an intense penchant for performing, and it kept intensifying as she grew older. She had an early start to her career that also built a good foundation for her.

  1. Olivia has a Pen Friend

On a personal front, she likes to keep in touch with a special person in her life in a very old-fashioned manner. She and her great-grandmother are pen friends. She makes it a point to take time from her busy schedule to write letters to her. In these letters, she updates her about everything going on in her life.

Olivia’s great-grandmother resides in Wisconsin, and she loves communicating with her using this old-school method.

  1. The Hardest-to-Write Song in her Album

Once upon a time, she hosted Ask me Anything on Twitter. One of the users asked her which song on her album was the hardest to write. Olivia replied that Jealousy, Jealousy was the hardest to write a song for her. She also stated that she wrote four different verses of this song before deciding on the final one.

Olivia Rodrigo has a bright future waiting for her. We wish her the most successful career life.

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