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Little-Known Facts about Anya Taylor-Joy You Didn’t Know Earlier

She is ruling the screen these days. At this point, you might have heard of or seen here everywhere, ranging from the big screen to your favorite OTT platforms. Anya Taylor-Joy is creating a lot of sensation everywhere. This actress has taken the entire world by storm and gathered a massive fan following for herself at 24 years.

Anya was born in Miami, Florida. She is the youngest of all six siblings. Her acting career is exploded with many successful hits. She stole the heart of the audience with her breakout role in The Witch, and there has been no stopping for her since then. After her big break, Anya starred in imaginative thrillers, Glass and Split. But her role in the Netflix mega-hit, The Queen’s Gambit made her win huge accolades. She is also in the news for her recent role as Illyana Rasputin in the much anticipated, The New Mutants.

Things You Do Not Know About Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy is everywhere on the internet, on social media, and on news channels. Want to know more about her? Here are some little-known facts about this beautiful rising star.


  1. Anya Taylor-Joy was born in Miami, but her heritage is quite interesting. Owing to her mixed heritage, she has grown up in different parts of the world. She describes this experience as both fun and overwhelming. Her mother is from Spain and England, but Anya was raised in Zambia. Her father is Scottish-Argentine. She spent the first six years living there before moving to London. She also calls herself a proud Latin.
  2. Before starting her career as an actress, Anya had been a part of the modeling world. She started her modeling career when she was sixteen years old. Interestingly, she was scouted by Sarah Doukas of Storm Model Management. Anya was walking her dog in heels, which is where she was spotted by the agency. On her third shoot, she met an actor who put her in touch with his agent, and her modeling career shot up.
  3. In her first professional audition, she was asked to play a young Angelina Jolie. She was asked to play young Angeline Jolie in Maleficent. Unfortunately, she couldn’t get through the audition. In an interview, she stated that she cried to the news, but it also helped her face rejections. It was the last audition rejection where she cried. 
  4. Anya’s Father, Dennis Taylor, is a successful businessman. He has been awarded both an OBE and an MBE for the services to British trade with Argentina. Her father has also won a couple of world titles in offshore powerboat racing in the 80s.
  5. Not many people know, but the actress didn’t have a good time when she was in school. While Anya was studying in London, she was bullied badly by her classmates and seniors. She constantly found herself getting bullied by them on social media. She stated she used to get locked in lockers. She was barred from classrooms. Her classmates barely invited her to things out of school.
  6. Anya is not just a pretty face but a sweet voice also. She can play the ukulele and has a great singing voice. When she is not acting, she likes to spend her time singing or playing the ukulele.
  7. On a personal front, Anya likes to keep everything low-key and private. She calls her private life private. In an interview with Elle, she spoke about having a partner. Recently, she was also photographed kissing musician Malcolm McRae in New York. Before this, she has been reported to have dated Ben Seed. Previously, she was also engaged to the Irish actor, Eoin Macken.
  8. Because of her growing reputation for playing dark roles, ranging from The Witch, The New Mutants, and Glass, she has earned the title of Scream Queen. Her fans often call her this. She takes the title in her stride and is seen joking about the same. She quoted in an interview that she doesn’t see a genre; she only sees the character and the world.
  9. Anya Taylor-Joy has a fresh face. She is also blessed with a photogenic complexion. But do you know she suffers from insomnia? Anya has had a hard time sticking to a normal sleep routine. She suffers from bouts of insomnia, and such episodes aren’t current. She has been suffering from sleeping issues since she was seven years old. Merely 3-4 hours of sleep are enough for her to keep up with the schedule.
  10. Anya is considered a wonderful and talented actress by her fans and critics alike. But do you know she doesn’t have any formal acting training? Besides taking drama in her elementary school and having general aspirations for the craft, she has a little acting experience only.
  11. Anya is a successful actress, but she also looks forward to debuting in a direction someday. She wants to direct for only one day; it is one of the things on her bucket list.
  12. Anya Taylor-Joy has spent her childhood doing a lot of ballet which also helped her with the movie, The Queen’s Gambit. She stated that her training as a dancer helped her because she saw it as like dance choreography for her fingers.
  13. She was never fluent in speaking English. In fact, Anya learned to speak Spanish first. She polished her English speaking skills by reading the Harry Potter novels.
  14. Although she was born in Miami, Anya spent a portion of her childhood in Argentina. She later moved to London. She has not one but triple citizenship – American, Argentine, and British.
  15. Anya Taylor-Joy was a vegan for a very long time. She adopted veganism because it is the most ecologically conscious choice one can make as a consumer. She says her vegan diet helped her stay fit and healthy for a long time. It maintained her energy levels. Her vegan diet included a lot of Italian food and greens.

We hope you enjoyed reading the above-listed little-known facts about the star. Keep in touch for more on your favorite Hollywood celebrities.



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