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20 Most Interesting Facts About Light Yagami

Light Yagami? Do you recognize him? Death Note’s best and most interesting character, which anime fans adore to see. Death Note is a manga series about Light, a high school student who discovers a mysterious notebook with the potential to kill. Light morphed from a vigilante seeking revenge for offenders to a deranged mass murderer seeking to control the world. Isn’t he one of the most intriguing characters? If you’ve seen Death Note, you might believe you know everything there is to know about Light Yagami, and you do, but there are some facts we’ve discovered about Light that may be of interest to viewers.

20 Facts About Light Yagami That You Would Love To Know

Well, we’ve compiled a list of 20 Light Yagami facts that may be of interest to viewers, albeit the additional information may contain spoilers for those who haven’t seen the show yet. Here are the intriguing facts about Light :

1. He Never Fell In Love

Light was a mass murderer, but you can’t deny that his objectives were more precious to him than love. To attain his self-righteous ideals, he made numerous huge sacrifices, including never actually falling in love. Misa Amane was also never much more than a weapon for Light to employ. Not only that, but he used his other love interest to help himself achieve his objectives.

2. The Book Killed Light As Well

On January 28, 2010, Light passed away. Light’s death, according to Obata, was among the most hardest moments to depict in the entire franchise. His supporters continued to adore him even after he perished, and he accomplished his dream of becoming a God to them. When they first interacted, Ryuk informed him that he would probably write Light’s name in his Death Note. Who could have predicted this?

3. Light Was Pretty Smart

Light was quite astute, which is one of the many reasons why We adore the personality. The Death Note appears to be coming with an innovative feature that prevents anybody but its users from discovering its existence. If the Death Note is lost or thrown away, the individual who has it eliminates all recollections related with it. Light was astute in making the best of a bad situation. Light, who had been cornered by L, used this principle to exonerate himself and his helpless bystander Misa of involvement. After days in incarceration, none of them was able to testify. Light was really astute in making this decision. Smarter than anyone could ever believe.

4. He Ruined His Own Life Because Of The Death Note

Light’s life was destroyed, according to Ohba, when he grabbed up the Death Note. He would have been someone free of troubles if he had never grabbed the book. He wouldn’t be a killer, he wouldn’t have done terrible things. Essentially, he became his own worst enemy, and the book utterly wrecked him.

5. Light Was Defeated By Near

Do you recall Near’s assassination of light? One of the most intriguing and crucial scenes in the entire show. He was hopeless, lying on the ground.

6. Light Didn’t Go To Hell Or Heaven!

What happened after the death of Light that was not planned by Ohba. Despite the fact that Light was never transported to either hell or paradise. Beyond death, there was essentially nothing.

7. He Didn’t Trust The Death Note

When Light discovered the book he didn’t believe in it, he assumed the book was a joke at first. He used it for the first time to save a gathering of captives, uncertain if it would ever operate. He concluded the Death Note was legitimate after murdering that individual and another. Well, he was finally convinced that it’s real.

8. Light Was Confused About Whether Or Not To Use The Book

Light was initially perplexed after learning that the book is real and that it works if you write a person’s name and they are killed. Even though he had pondered not doing anything, he determined that he was the only worthy person of make this world a better environment in his perspective.

9. Light Appeared In Full Metal Panic

If you’re a true Death Note enthusiast, you’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen Full Metal Panic! In the sixth episode of The Second Raid, “Edge of Heaven,” numerous Death Note personalities can be glimpsed.

10. Light Used Another Great Effect

Death Note writers have a special ability that keeps their existence from being revealed to Shinigami Eyes members who have bargained in half their lives. Light took full advantage of this phenomenon once more. When Light’s Father, Soichiro, discovered that he could see his son’s existence on his death bed, he was able to prevent accusation once more after transferring custody of the Death Note to his father, who sacrificed majority of his life for the Shinigami eyes.

11. Birth-date Of Light Yagami

On February 28, 1986, Light Yagami was born. From the commencement, Ohba, the show’ creator, anticipated the character’s brilliance and innocence.

12. Light Turns Into Someone He Isn’t Because Of The Book

Convinces himself that the killer’s murders were deserved as a result of the attacks. Light is soon inspired to embark on a personal mission to use the notebook to cleanse the planet of criminality. While Light’s objective starts off well-intention, he gradually ends up killing police officers and even innocent civilians in order to avoid detection.

13. The Kira

It’s self-evident that light was also identified as Kira. He didn’t require everyone to respect the name Light, or even just his alias. He also seemed to appreciate being alone versus drawing energy from everyone else.

14. L Was Smarter Than Light

Both protagonists have won and lost battles. Light was certainly intelligent, but there were times when they defeated one other or were defeated by themselves. But there is one irrefutable fact : Light has such a significant advantage over dark that the reality, that they were so similar shows that L is significantly wiser.

15. Light Was Shot

Light tries to write on a concealed Death Note sheet, but is shot by Matsuda, a representative of the investigating team.

16. Ryuk Wrote “Light’s” Name

When Light is injured, he encourages Ryuk to scribble down the names of the squad, pledging to reveal him many intriguing secrets, and then he starts laughing. He comes to a halt, however, as Ryuk reveals that he had only penned one name: Light’s.

17. Many People Were Killed By Light

Only one report precisely states how many individuals Light probably murdered. Light Yagami claims to have killed 124,925 individuals in the potential conclusion of the Death Note series. We’re not sure how many there are.

18. Light Yagami’s Death Age

At the end of the series, Light was around 23 years old, therefore he was presumably around 23 when he died.

19. Light Killed Innocents As Well

As previously said, he executes both innocent and murderers, and he has zero qualms about assassinating his closest allies when it benefits him. An innocent youngster became a ruthless assassin.

20. First Kill Of Light Yagami

Last but not least, Kurou Otoharada is a criminal who became the first person to be killed by Light Yagami using the Death Note. Light had no idea that his good intentions would turn to wickedness.

So, those were some of the fascinating facts about Light Yagami; if you know of any others, please let us know in the comments section. I hope you learned a lot about him as a result of this post. Though, if you’re an ultimate Death Note fan, you’ve probably be aware of these fascinating facts. Tell us how much you knew out of a total of 20 facts.

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