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Kandahar Giant: Everything You Need To Know

In 2016, numerous claims cropped up from various sources that discuss supernatural myths and conspiracy theories that a 1,100-pound 12-foot-tall giant killed an American Special Forces soldier serving in Kandahar, Afghanistan in the year 2002.

Later the Kandahar giant was killed by the military. However, it was revealed by a Department of Defense spokesman that there is no record of any such incident.

However, the “Giant of Kandahar” story caught the interest of the people in 2016 after a YouTuber and blogger L.A. Marzulli posted an episode about the Kandahar giant on his YouTube channel.

Let us try to explore everything about the Kandahar giant in our article below!

All that you need to know about the Giant of Kandahar

A group of Special Forces Operators soldiers disappeared in 2002 while they were patrolling in a remote mountain region of Kandahar. Kandahar is located in the south of Afghanistan.

The military sent a special unit for investigation as they were not able to make radio contact with the soldiers.

The unit carrying search operation found a cave with Army equipment scattered all across high up in the mountains, however, there was no visible sign of the missing soldiers. And since then many conspiracy theories started floating around the Kandahar Giant.

Who is the Kandahar Giant?

To be honest, the Kandahar Giant is either of the below two probabilities according to Indie88.

  1. A mythical 13-foot-tall huge monster who lived in the mountains of Afghanistan and was killed by the US special forces. The death of the red-haired and six-fingered hands giant was later covered up by the government.

2. A complete myth.

The YouTuber Marzulli uploaded a lengthy interview on the online video sharing platform in Aug 2016 with Mr. K, a military contractor. Mr. K revealed during the interview that he was part of the team when they slaughtered the Kandahar giant brutally.

The incident took place when the US military launched fierce battles with the Taliban in their de facto capital in Kandahar Province in the early 2000s. However, this huge monster was not at all a human fighter.

Interview with Mr. K

Mr. K described the Kandahar Giant as 13 feet tall with two sets of teeth. The monster killed one of the Special Forces soldiers with his spear weapon.

The rest of the soldiers killed him in less than 30 seconds by firing at him non-stop according to ati. The army soldiers then took away its corpse in a Chinook helicopter and have hidden it ever since as no one saw him ever again.

There are some other reports which suggest that he was as tall as 15 feet with six digits, leather moccasins having a foul smell, and came all of sudden from a cave and killed one soldier with his spear.

One report said, “Between them, the squad was armed with full-auto M4 carbines, “recon carbines” (semi-automatic), and M107 Barrett anti-materiel rifles firing .50 BMG. This much firepower concentrated on one target for one second, let alone thirty, would be extremely destructive.”

The soldiers were asked to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA). However, the soldiers broke their silence as they felt that the truth should be brought forward and that it is the right of the people to know about this.

The Government denied the killing of special forces member by the Kandahar giant

In 2016 when Snopes asked the Department of Defense regarding the “Kandahar Giant incident”, they replied stating that “We do not have any record or information about a special forces member killed by a giant in Kandahar.”

Moreover, there was neither an official response from their website nor a press release saying a “special forces troop” went missing in Afghanistan or the killing of their soldier by a giant.

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Archana Kabra
Archana Kabra
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  1. Who am I not to believe Special Forces personal Who have nothing to gain from a story like this . And having 6 fingers is supposed to be a true story!

  2. What difference does it really make? A 15 foot tall giant, a 12 foot tall Sasquatch, an Abominable snowman or many other strange creatures being reported all over the world. In fact an interesting book titled “The Long Walk” a true story which was written in 1948 describes the run-in with two Abominable Snowmen in the Himalayas by several escapees from Siberia. The description and event was very short as it was not really relevant to the story, seemingly a happenstance event.
    Biblically there are some explanations for these events but many so called experts disagree. I believe that we are suddenly seeing the tip of the iceberg and much greater than these events will soon occur!

  3. Why haven’t the Afghanistan people published any reports of a creature like this one? It seems very peculiar to have only one contact noted and by a foreign military force–people stationed in Afghanistan for a temporary period. One would also expect that if this species exists, there should be skeletal remains to be found… and no one has found any at all? It makes no sense, unless the practice of this species is to completely destroy the remains of dead ones, even to the pulverizing of bone…

    • ik im late but our 16th president of America has said himself he seen Giant bones around the Niagra Falls area. The New York Times has written and published papers about the subject of Giants. Numerous of cultures and religions around the world have some kind of story about giants. There is no way people around the world are making this up. I truly believe that giants are real and they exist, just like aliens. There are many things that world governments want to keep secret from the public to keep us as a people dumb.

    • Gary, you really should read further on the subject.
      Skeleton’s of giant humanoids have been found in various locations around the world. American Indian tribes also have legends of such giants they dealt with ( they were apparently voracious cannibals ) . The Bible gives accounts of such giants and are (in modern day studies) referred to as Nephelim(Sp.?) . They were apparently some race of genetically mutated humanoids.

  4. The giants in the Bible are spoken of as having six fingers and six toes each. So they are real enough, but unlikely to have survived into current times without reproducing.

  5. I think this is a cover up for a game the Iraqi Taliban was playing during their free time to play with people like puppets and dolls. The American troops stole it and brought it back to America and sold it to the bloods and the masons amount others, trafficking humans without being noticed.


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