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IYKYK Meaning: Definition and How to Use it?

Have you ever opened your social media handle and come across a spree of slang abbreviations making rounds everywhere?

Well, you are not alone. The internet is full of these slangs. The Gen-Z uses them in almost every dialogue they blurt out from their mouths or every text they forward to their friends!!!

Even if you are acquainted with many internet slangs, we are sure you spot something that blows your mind. YEET, GFY, TTYL, have become a passe – the newest addition is IYKYK.

Technically, this acronym looks more like an Icelandic word; but it is not that. Read on below to know what IYKYK means.

IYKYK – What Does it Mean?

IYKYK stands for IF You Know, You Know.

Who had thought that a full sentence would be turned into a slang-like acronym used by the teenagers and college-going lads and lasses?

The slang term, IYKYK, came into being online. Just like memes revolving everywhere around social media, this term has a special niche in online forums, especially platforms like Reddit. The idea with this term is that you can use it when you know certain people will know what you are implying right away, while others will have no idea. IF YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW!!!!

Where Does This Term Come from?

If you know, you know became extremely popular in 2020. But do you know, it was not made during this year.

Technically, the slang was made in 2016. Back then, Urban Dictionary defined it as ‘If you were there, you would know, but if you weren’t, you wouldn’t. Precisely, simple teenage stuff to confuse their fellow teenagers. But today, the meaning of this slang has changed manifold.

One of the interesting things about this term is that you can use it to develop curiosity among your audience and listeners. All you need to do is post a picture or quote with a caption saying, IYKYK. We promise all your viewers will get curious and slide into your DM to ask you what the matter is.

How to Use IYKYK?

This slang has the same meaning on all social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. In most cases, people use IYKYK to refer to a meme, show, or even a situation in their lives. You can also use it to refer to a joke only your friends would understand.

If you want to use IYKYK in your text, caption, or even speech, know that it should be something that everyone is aware of. A book that not many have read, a quote that not everyone would understand, a reference only your friends would understand, are the situations where the use of this slang is widespread.

You can also use IYKYK and put all your friends in splits using memes and jokes. Here are some instances where you can use IYKYK in daily captions.

  • Oh, the last weekend was full of fun and memories worth cherishing. IYKYK.
  • When the finale of the season turns out crazier than expected. #iykyk.
  • I am not doing this again. IYKYK
  • And another one bites the dust – IYKYK.

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