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Is Walmart Open on Easter Sunday 2022?

The whole world is ready to celebrate Easter, which falls on the 17th of April this year. Easter is the festival that marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death. It signifies that kindness wins over everything, no matter what. To celebrate the happy occasion, many people decorate their homes, prepare mouth-watering delicacies, meet their family and friends, etc.

But no matter how much you plan for Easter Sunday, you will always have to run some last-minute errands.

Last-minute preparations are part of every festivity. Maybe you need some extra ingredients to prepare that delicious cake that you have been practicing a week before Easter! Or maybe you need some extra Easter basket stuffers or supplies to decorate the Easter eggs. So, what do you do when you want to meet these last-minute preps? Many people run to the supermarkets like Walmart to buy the needful.

But does Walmart remain open on Easter Sunday? Let’s know!

Is Walmart Open on Easter Sunday? 

Good news. Walmart remains open on Easter Sunday. You do not have to worry if you have missed any last-minute preparation for the festival. You can run into the nearest Walmart store and buy all the necessary things within minutes. Walmart is the best place to shop for your last-minute grabs. You can get everything under one roof – from food to décor items and everything in between.

Luckily, Walmart will be running during its normal business hours this Sunday on Easter. However, it is essential to mention that the normal business hours may vary from store to store. It is advised to check the working hours of your nearest Walmart Store by using Walmart’s store finder tool. It will give you the most accurate findings, thus saving your time and energy.

Shop Anything you Want 

Walmart has been the number one store to shop for all the essentials in one place. The store operates its services at many locations all over the world. Although many other stores are giving tough competition to this giant, its popularity remains intact.

Now that we have established that your favorite Walmart will be open on the 17th of April, you can breathe light and walk down to shop for all the necessities you may need to celebrate Easter in full swing. Look for the best Easter baskets, baking essentials, Easter candy, etc.

Not only this, you can grab some fantastic Easter discounts and buy the best products of the best quality and at a nominal price.

What Else is Open on Easter? 

Like Walmart, many other chains and stores, too, are open and operate on Easter. If not Walmart, you can hop in these stores and make the most of the activities like shopping and eating.

  • Target
  • Publix
  • McDonald’s
  • Costco
  • BJ’s
  • Kroger’s
  • Whole Foods
  • Trader Joe’s

We still suggest you not let your inner procrastinator win this Easter. Shop in advance for everything you have been planning a few days ahead of Easter. Make a list of the Easter essentials beforehand and buy them early.

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