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Is Lindsey Graham Married? His Love Life Explored

For those who are unversed, let us tell you Lindsey Graham is the South Carolina Senator and he is a big follower of the former president of the United States, Donald Trump. Over the years, his love life has grabbed the eyeballs of the viewers.

We know you are all curious to know the relationship status of Lindsey Olin Graham. Then, what are you waiting for? Continue reading further to learn whether the politician is single at the moment or taken.

What is the relationship status of Lindsey Graham?

The answer to the above question is single. The United States senator from South Carolina is a bachelor. At one point in his life, he almost got married to a young lady named Sylvia in his twenties but maybe they were not meant to be, and their romance came to an end.

Sylvia was a flight attendant. The two of them met each other for the first time while he was living his good life in Germany but their relationship couldn’t pass the test of true love and they called it quits.

During an interaction with Herald Online, Lindsey spilled the beans on his personal life. He talked about his relationship with Sylvia and said, “Her mother was elderly, and I wasn’t going to stay in Germany. I didn’t think she wanted to come back to South Carolina.” He stated this was the closest that he ever got to marrying.

Is Lindsey Graham gay?

The rumors about Lindsey Graham being gay have been swirling in the air for a while now. During an earlier interaction with New York Times, the politician joked around and talked about “a clandestine affair with Ricky Martin,” then he went on to say, “I ain’t gay. Sorry.”

In a post, a blogger named Michael Signorile questioned the sexuality of the South Carolina senator. At that time, the blogger said, “Let’s have a real investigation of the rumors about South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who … has been rumored to be gay for years.”

Signorile further added, “Like Larry Craig, Graham has voted antigay — including for the federal marriage amendment — while people in South Carolina and Washington have discussed what some say is an open secret for a long, long time.” Then, Lindsey didn’t make any official comment on the post put out by Signorile.

In 2018 Comedian Chelsea Handler accused Lindsey of being gay

Yes, you read that right. In the year 2018, the This Means War actress made a tweet about the South Carolina senator who is most known for his conservative, Republican views that suggested he was gay. She put out the tweet on National Coming Out Day.

Back in the day, Handler tweeted, “If you’re wondering why Republicans took a sick day today, it’s probably because it’s #NationalComingOutDay. Looking at you @LindseyGrahamSC”

Nearly a day later, Graham responded to Chelsea’s tweet and he stated that the remarks made by her didn’t reflect well on her. Then, he opened up about his sexuality.

While walking towards the Reagan National Airport, Lindsey told a TMZ cameraman, “It’s a free country; she can say what she wants to say, I don’t care. I don’t think much about what she says at all. She wants to live her life that way, it’s up to her.”

Soon afterward, the cameraman of the media outlet posed another question in front of the politician. He was asked whether Chelsea was comparing his “homosexuality to being evil,” or she was just being homophobic as in the past a few people had criticized her for being for making a joke about someone being gay.

Graham stated that he was not gay. He didn’t step back from replying to the question of the cameraperson and further added, “Number one, she knows zero about me. To the extent that it matters, I’m not gay.”

Lindsey continued, “And these comments… I don’t think they reflect well on her and I don’t know how it makes us a better country, but it’s up to her, not me.” He explained that poking fun at others for the sake of comedy was unacceptable in the current time.

The politician went on to say, “I think we’re moving on from that. Belittling people is not as funny as it used to be, and that’s a good thing.” Then, a few users came in support of her meanwhile others bashed her.

One user tweeted, “She does this for a living. She gets places filled with gay people and she makes jokes about them. I don’t think any of them got so ‘offended’ by these jokes before as people are now.” Another one added, “People need to take a chill pill”

Followed by a user who penned, “Why is there such a gulf in understanding this fact: being gay is not something to shame or embarrass someone with. It’s staggering that, at this point, people who appear to be our community’s allies still don’t get it.”

Does Lindsey Graham have any kids?

Lindsey never got married and he doesn’t have any kids of his own. In a 2015 interview with Politico, the lawyer said, “Having a marriage and a good family and children is a blessing. But I don’t think I’m a defective person by any means.”

Graham went on to say, “It’s something I really don’t know the answer to, other than I think it’s OK. At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong about not being married. You can be single and still have a family. I very much have a family – my aunt and uncle, I try to take care of because they took care of me.”

The politician concluded by saying, “There are millions of people who are single. I don’t think they need to answer, ‘Why are you single?’… I don’t think there’s anything disqualifying about being single.”

Lindsey has a sister named Darline Graham Nordone

Lindsey and his sister Darline share a close bond. After the death of their parents, he took care of his sister. At that point, he was 22 years old, whereas Darline was only 13 years old.

In the past, the 67-year-old stated that the passing away of his parents made him mature quickly. He is like a father figure to his sister Darline. Now, his younger sister lives in Lexington with her husband and two children.

Do you think Lindsey Graham will ever get married? Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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  1. Clearly Lindsey Grahm is gay! He even alludes to it.
    Probably Sylvia came to the conclusion that he wasn’t that into sex with her.

  2. He will get married after his days as a senator… suddenly Prince Charming will come along and sweep him off his feet!

  3. Why don t they leave this man alone. There s nothing wrong with being single. I m divorced, and have spent most of my life alone. I have read people think he s gay. So what if he is? If he isn t gay, he can always take me out on a date, LOL.

    • No question in my mind he is gay. Why can’t he admit it? His so called Christian values won’t allow him to admit it? Just can’t admit people are born that way. Such a hypocrite, has to keep it on the down-low. He has been without a mate all his life? Yeah, right. There are TOO MANY HYPOCRITES OUT THERE. You know that story about sylvia when he was in the military is made up. Geez, since his “Christian Values” won’t allow him to admit he is gay, i guess those same phony values have kept him from EVER having sex. The oldest virgin in the world. Come on Graham be an honest person for once in your life. People will have more respect for you.

  4. I would guess he is a closest case. Being a forward in a push against the LBGT community is a cover up. He is a wimp, a Trump butt kisser. Who wound want to marry this weak man who is a racist amongst so many other negative traits.

    • I agree sweetie Linsey all Carolinians say he’s as sweet as an overripe peach! I really don’t care that he’s gay what I dislike about GOP Linsey is he’s spineless, weak minded, wishy washy, a two face who calls himself a Godly republican Christian with republican family values! 😂 poor confused Lindsey he’d rather kiss Trumps butt then to be loyal to his country and constituents.

      • He doesn’t like Trump. He said on CNN that he wouldn’t vote for Joe Biden unless Trump runs in 2024. He is a RINO Republican that is bought by China….

  5. Per his quote, he believes that labeling someone as “gay” is belittling them. This poor soul needs to come out of the closet and enjoy the remainder of his life. He is one of millions of victims of the Radical Right and their homophobic campaigns.

    • You are saying that Sen Graham is NOT gay!
      Why are you so adamant? Do you hate the LGBT community?

      I despise this man because he is spineless and loves Trump.

      Whether he is gay or not means nothing to me and most Americans!

      YOUR homophobia rings loud and clear. Try being a real Christian! Don’t bash anyone for their sexual orientation.

    • Maybe you should find a job or a hobby, you have too much time on your hands! Not to mention you are a bigoted racist!!! What difference does it make?? Do you have any friends or relatives who are gay? Would you talk about THEM like you just talked about a US senator? You must be a wannabe socialist demonicCrat.

      • Aren’t you funny!!! Ha, ha. Do you stand in line to kiss trump’s fat ass? I don’t hate you, I only have pity for ass kissers.

  6. He grew up in a time when being gay was shameful plus he lives in a very conservative state where many would consider it an embarrassment.

  7. He is gay, but from an Era that couldn’t say it..Republicans are too ridged, uptight to admit that they are gay. He needs to come out of the closet and bring Tim Scott out with him

  8. Why does it matter? Great senator. I don’t believe or care if he is. He lives a very normal life and you all need to keep out of his business. You need to be more concerned about his work in this corrupt world. He is very educated and wants what we want. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. We are a conservative and so is he. So move on folks.

    • Not a great senator and he really hasn’t done much of anything except kiss trump’s a**. Makes you wonder why and how did Lindsay Graham go from hating trump to being a boot licking trump sicophant? What kind of dirt does trump have on him? You really should think about these things. Personally I didn’t care if he’s gay or not but the things he says about the gay community are unexcusable and unacceptable, he is supposed to represent all the people of his district not just the ones who supported him.

  9. Why don’t you just let him live his life. Gay or straight. It’s none of our business. This is what is wrong with people. Mind your own business. I don’t think he has done anything to interfere in any of your lives. Grow up. Last I heard this is a free country.

    • “Like Larry Craig, Graham has voted antigay — including for the federal marriage amendment — while people in South Carolina and Washington have discussed what some say is an open secret for a long, long time.” You mean he hasn’t done anything to interfere with your life.

    • I don’t think anything is wrong with being gay but if you’re in the Closet has deep as Lindsey is then I’m worried about him being blackmailed. Pretty sure Donald has something on Lindsey.

    • Wrong he has done nothing but interfere in the lives of gay men and woman. I do agree that it shouldn’t matter whether he’s gay or straight I personally don’t care. But if he’s going to Spread hate and lies about the gay community then yeah he’s hurting people and that’s really clear to see,it may not be hurting or affecting you but there are people out there who it is affecting so it does matter. It makes him a Hypocrite.

      • lg is no longer hiding the fact that he hates women. He now is showing out loud & openly demonstrating that he hates women. Look at what laws he wants to pass against women. Not just local laws against women but also federal laws. And he does it under the mantal of christian hypocrisy. Hipocritical christians in this country will destroy U.S. Democracy in the name Jesus– forget about worrying about Russia & China. JF.

    • And Paul was probably gay, it’s not like you were there to ask him, or have proof that Paul wasn’t gay. I also remember in the Bible god/Jesus saying all man, woman and child would be loved and excepted by god. No where does it say except if…… It’s really not about him (LG) being gay it’s about him hiding his homosexuality because he’s to scared to admit it to his peers and himself. Then he uses homophobia to promote hate as a way to distract people from his own gayness. It’s also probably the reason why he decided to be a republican, because nobody would think a gay man would choose the Republican Party.

  10. Lindsay Graham is the resurrection of J. Edgar Hoover, the founder and 1st director of FBI, serving 8 presidents. Like Hoover, Graham, thinks by harassing gays, people might think of him as hetero. But folks are not stupid. Clyde Tolson, whom Hoover promoted to be his assistant, was also single, they took their meals together, vacationed together, went to the opera, movies, race horses, and even vacationed together. Hey, and even in death, they were buried just a few yards away from each other at Congressional Cemetery.

  11. My guess is he is in love with Trump, maybe even involved physically. He had a similar crush on McCain. Some day it will all come out.

  12. When his parents died, he became a parent at age 22 to his younger sister. He knows more about parenting than we realize, and he learned it on the fly. It had to be hard for such a young man. I’ve never given him much thought other than to feel annoyed by his politics, but I do admire this.

  13. Lindsey’s politics may change, if he just stopped hating who himself. Why should a 67 year old man, who never had a child, have so much say over childbearing aged woman?

  14. I definitely feel that Lindsey Graham is gay. He should just come out instead of being against them. People in show business have also asked him to come out and say that he is instead of hiding it.

  15. I read every comment and I’ll never get that time back. I’m embarrassed to have searched his sexuality and to have read everyone’s opinion regarding his sexuality.


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