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How Does MrBeast Make Money?

Jimmy Donaldson, or popularly known by his stage name, MrBeast, is currently sitting at 67.8 million in YouTube subscribers by uploading mostly charitable content. But the question is, how he is able to donate so much, that too, on a regular basis?

It’s almost impossible to come across a personality that is continuously giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars. Nor it is very common, for a 22 years teen to buy everything from 5 Walmart stores and later give them all away, just for his YouTube content. MrBeast is leading the way by doing charitable acts through such stunts.

Whether it’s giving away $1,000,000 food to people in need, helping new streamers by giving away $1,00,000, or gifting $8,000,000 island to his friend, he has been a matter of talk lately by performing such huge charitable acts. However, for a person to perform all these acts of kindness requires him to have millions of dollars in his bank account.

With that said, have you ever thought, how does MrBeast make money, what is his net worth, and how does he save money for himself after giving away all the green papers in charity? In this post, we are going to answer everything around MrBeast net worth and his source of income. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

How Does MrBeast Make Money?

MrBeast has to earn a lot in order to continue organizing such huge giveaways. In a recent talk, he revealed that his main YouTube channel is consuming a ridiculous amount of money. To compensate for the loss, he has recently started his gaming channel, so that he can use the money generated there for his charitable acts.

Similar to any other YouTuber, the main source of income for MrBeast is AdSense. Most of his income is generated through displays, overlays, and video advertisements that are shown on his video. The amount of money he will receive is decided by the number of views his video gets, and the ongoing CPM rate. Finally, he earns a certain percentage of the income YouTube generates from the advertisements displayed on its videos.

1. Brand Collaboration

Another common method through which MrBeast earns through his YouTube channel is by collaborating with brands. In fact, instead of saying MrBeast collaborates with the brands, it will be better to say, brands collaborate with MrBeast. With his every video easily crossing the 30 million mark, his YouTube channel is the go-to place for both, big and small brands if they want to promote their products.

With his continuous growing popularity, now more and more brands are approaching him. And because of the huge fan following, MrBeast can charge as much amount as he wants for giving just a few seconds spot in his video.

Recently, MrBeast made a special advertisement for the browser extension, Honey. A such a big personality appearing and explaining the benefits of the extension would have definitely given a huge boost to Honey’s business model. However, there isn’t any information regarding how much money MrBeast made by promoting the Honey browser extension. But considering this popularity, the chances of anything less than a million are slim.

2. Secondary YouTube Channels

MrBeast has plenty of other YouTube channels that goes by the name – MrBeast Shorts, MrBeast Gaming, Beast Reacts, MrBeast 2, and Beast Philanthropy. All the channels already have millions of subscribers. The only reason MrBeast has created these secondary channels is to support him financially so that he continues to donate on his main YouTube channel.

MrBeast also has a huge fan following on Twitch, but he rarely goes live there. But whenever he does, he receives a huge viewership and donations from his subscribers.

3. MrBeast Other Business

Nowadays, having their own merchandise has become a trend for the content creators. And the same is with MrBeast. We have a huge option of clothing in his merchandise collection. Ranging from casual wear to gaming-specific designs his merchandise covers it all. Recently, he has even introduced a variety of clothing options for his MrBeast Burger project.

With that said, MrBeast has his own Burger chain across the USA. And to promote his brand, he gave away $100 to every customer that placed an order at the first location he opened his burger chain. Now his Burger chain has spread to more than 300 location, and only have limited options in the menu. His Burger chain is definitely a hit, however, we don’t know the exact revenue he generates from it.

4. Membership Clubs

The last source of income that we think MrBeast has is his exclusive membership club. Similar to many Esports organizations like Fnatic, G2 Esports, and Team Liquid, MrBeast also has its own exclusive membership club. These clubs give the fan access to exclusive content, behind-the-scenes bloopers, early update to any news, and much more exclusive stuff.

Talking about MrBeast, he charges around $10 per person to join his membership club where his fans can enjoy exclusive podcasts and various random videos. Most importantly, 100% of the revenue generated from his club goes to his pocket, unlike YouTube, where a certain part of his income is kept by the video streaming platform.

What Is MrBeast Net Worth?

The only person who can disclose the actual figure of MrBeast earning is MrBeast himself. However, that hasn’t happened yet, and we don’t think that is going to happen ever. But there are many websites on the internet that estimates the earnings of celebrities. Although, most of the time the numbers given by these websites are false, but still for fun, according to “Celebrity Net Worth“, MrBeast annual income is 25 million, whereas his monthly income is 3 million.

What’s The Ultimate Goal Of MrBeast?

Now that you know how does MrBeast generates his revenue, and what is his net worth. It’s important to find out what is his motive for donating everything that he is earning.

The YouTuber has the goal of taking his income to the next level so that he can donate it all. As per the tweet he did in 2020, he wants to create “hundreds of homeless shelters” and “food banks”.

For all those who are still doubting his dedication towards this kind of goodness, he has made a promise to himself that he will die with a “zero” balance left in his bank account.

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