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Here are 7 Biggest Spiders in the World

What is the most threatening insect for a majority of humans?

(Hint – the fear of it is so intense that the dictionary has a term dedicated to it – arachnophobia)

We are sure by now you know the answer – SPIDER.

The planet has more than 46,000 species of spiders alive today. They stretch all their eight legs all over the world. You will find spiders on every continent of the world except Antarctica. This species is known for its venomous nature. Thus, their fear among human beings is natural. Some of these spiders are little in size, while others are gigantic.

Yes, you heard it right. Spiders are mighty, ranging up to 11-12 inches in size. A handful of them are also known as the most venomous creatures worldwide. If bitten, it may lead to death. Spiders have been around the world for more than 350 million years. Their existence is essential for the ecosystem. Without spiders, the human race would witness a famine. Another good thing about their existence is that they save human beings from other insects.

What are the Biggest Spiders in the World?

You may not have heard about their gigantic size before. The below-listed article will tell you about the biggest spiders in the world, their nature, diet, and other interesting facts about the creature.

  1. Giant Huntsman Spider

The body size of this spider ranges up to 8 centimeters, and its leg span is up to 11 inches. These spiders have the largest leg span of all. They are found in Laos and have their smaller relative huntsmen, living in the warm and temperature climates worldwide.

Their legs are twisted, thus giving them a crab-like walk. But it doesn’t mean that they are slow walkers. Giant huntsman spiders are fast and agile, and they use this quality to their benefit of catching their prey. Apart from their fast speed, they are also known as lethal creatures. Beware, if a giant huntsman spider attacks you, you may need to run to the hospital immediately.

  1. Goliath Bird-Eater

This spider is the largest spider species worldwide. It is 12 inches big and weighs up to 175 grams. This tarantula spider can bite and deliver a venom similar to a wasp sting. Their barbed hairs pose a big threat. It is because they can penetrate deep into your skin and eyes, causing itching and irritation for many days. As the name suggests, this spider preys on birds. Interestingly, many humans hunt down for them to eat. It is because goliath bird eaters taste just like shrimps.

For defense, they rub their hairs together and make a hissing noise which one can hear from meters away. When they are under threat, they rear up on their hind legs and expose their fangs. You will spot them in South America.

  1. Brazilian Salmon Pink Bird-Eater

Another bird eater spider on the list is the Brazilian Salmon Pink Bird-eater, having a size up to 11 inches. The males have longer legs than the females, but females weigh more. It is a tarantula breed that also happens to be a little docile. But when attacked or provoked, it may deliver a bite similar to a cat.

These spiders live in the wild, in the jungles of Brazil. Interestingly, some people also pet them. Thus, do not get surprised if you spot them in pet stores or your neighbor’s abode.

  1. Camel Spider

A camel spider is 6 inches long. They have a confirmed status as arachnids. Technically, they are not considered spiders, but officially they belong to the order Solifugae. They have an impressive set of legs and are often recognized by their striking jaws, comprising around one-third of their entire length.

The unique trait of these spiders is their extremely pronounced mandibles. The creature may appear menacing. Many myths revolve around the existence of this species. Some of them suggest that they enjoyed chewing through the stomachs of soldiers and sleeping camels. They are light, yellowish-brown, and black in appearance.

  1. Grammostola Anthracina

With a size of 10+ inches, Grammostola Anthracina happens to be one of the largest spider species on the planet. Interestingly, they are a popular pet and will barely bite you unless you forget to feed them. They enjoy feasting on rats and crickets and may live up to 20 years.

You will find them living in the desert areas, scrub, and grasslands of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Apart from rats and crickets, their diet includes grasshoppers, lizards, moths, mealworms, beetles, and cockroaches.

  1. Chaco Golden-Knee

It is yet another species of the New World tarantula present in the grasslands of Argentina and Paraguay. The body size of this species ranges up to 15 centimeters, and its leg span is 8 inches. You will find them preying on smaller insects. Chaco Golden-Knees are more burrowers than web makers.

Even if their size suggests otherwise, they are considered to be gentle. It is because their temperament is docile and laid-back. However, it doesn’t mean that you take these spiders for granted and go nearby to tease them. Their bite is as ferocious as a wasp sting.

  1. Columbian Giant Tarantula

This spider is also known as Columbian Giant Redleg or Eye-candy Tarantula. It is because they have colorful legs and super-big personalities. Their size ranges up to 8 inches, and they are black and red in appearance. While most tarantulas are known for their aggressive nature, this one begs to differ. When a Columbian giant tarantula feels fearful, it starts twirling in circles and confuses its hunters and enemies. This unique trait of this spider has been nicknamed ‘the cartwheel of death’.

In general, this spider is not dangerous, but very aggressive. Just like most spiders, they enjoy feeding on small lizards, mice, big or small insects, or anything they may find around. When bored, this creature loves moving items around its habitat.

No wonder these spiders are large, venomous, yet interesting creatures to learn about.

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