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DTB for Life Meaning: Another TikTok Slang is Here

TikTok is not just an app. It is a dictionary for youngsters.

Ever since it has become popular, TikTok has developed its own vocabulary. The app is full of words, slangs, acronyms, synonyms, and phrases that only GenZ understands. Every other day, it comes with one or the other new word that goes trending and spreads like wildfire. The latest addition to the vocabulary of TikTok is DTB.

Let us know what DTB is and how to use it.

What Does DTB Mean on TikTok?

DTB became famous as ‘Don’t trust b#$@%@s’. A video posted by a user showcased him venting to the camera about his cute romantic situation, followed by using this phrase, which has become immensely popular among TikTok fellows.

A Song Made It Viral

The phrase ‘DTB for life’ has gone viral all over this social media app, thanks to this specific song. This song is called DTB 4 Life by an artist called A Boogie Wit da Hoodie. Although the song was released in February 2020, its popularity increased when the slang DTB debuted on TikTok.

Artist Julius Dubose is an American singer and rapper, signed to Atlantic Records. He has a label called Highbridge, the Label. The stage name A Boogie Wit da Hoodie is inspired by the character, Ace Boogie, in the 2002 film, Paid the Label.

DTB has an alternate meaning too

If you think that DTB on Tiktok only has the above-listed meaning, think again. The females of this app have given a little twist to the meaning of DTB. While the men are found saying ‘Don’t Trust Bi##%es’, the females call it ‘Don’t Trust Boys’.

The story behind this meaning comes straight from a user who made things super simple for the curious minds by posting a video of herself dancing in front of the existing DTB acronym and giving a clear explanation – DON’T TRUST BOYS. 

This meaning caught a lot of attention from the fellow-female TikTok users, who then started posting their playful videos with the same phrase. Some of these videos hold a loud and clear meaning – we are not willing to trust the guys in our lives.

Does DTB Have a Third Meaning?

Right when you thought DTB has these two meanings, there comes the next. This DTB meaning, however, doesn’t come from the social media platform. It simply stands for ‘Don’t Text Back’.

Don’t Text Back is often used to discourage someone you are communicating with from replying. There are various reasons why people use this phrase. Maybe they do not want to continue the ongoing conversation! The moment you send someone a DTB, the whole conversation becomes one-sided.

This meaning of DTB is just like getting an email that does not require a reply. The information is there for you to see, and the person who sent it doesn’t want you to comment on it.

No wonder, the internet is full of slangs and other unique terms that this generation loves bringing in repeatedly on their social media captions and text messages. How many of these slangs do you know? Tell us in the comments below.

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