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Did Jeffrey Dahmer Go To School? The Milwaukee Monster’s Education Explored

Jeffrey Dahmer, America’s most notorious serial killer, sex offender and cannibal, managed to brutally murder and dismember 17 innocent men and boys, many of whom were gay and people of color. As Netflix’s new series “Monster” continues to shock an international audience, many fans are wondering about Jeffrey Dahmer’s educational qualification. So did he attend school? Here is all you need to know about his education.

Did Jeffrey Dahmer Go To School?

Yes, Jeffrey Dahmer attended Revere High School (RHS) in Bath Township near Richfield, Ohio. From the days of his freshman year at Revere High School, Dahmer was an outcast. He began consuming alcohol at the age of 14. He used to hide liquor in his school jacket. When confronted, Jeffrey even lied to one of his classmates, that the liquor he was consuming was actually his medicine.

Jeffrey was not social during his freshman year, but the teachers found him polite and intelligent as he managed to secure “average grades”. As for extracurricular activities, Jeffrey played tennis for a while and was also a part of the school band.

As a child, dead animals thrilled Jeffrey whenever he saw his father removing animal bones from beneath the family home. In an interview, Lionel recalled that his son was “oddly thrilled” by the sound of bones” and became preoccupied with them. He even started exploring the bodies of living animals to locate their bones.

During his puberty, Jeffrey discovered that he was gay, but concealed the fact from his family. First, he came from a completely disturbed family, and secondly his father, a fundamentalist Christian, never would have supported Jeffrey’s sexual orientation. Throughout his time in Revere, the “Milwaukee Cannibal” secured average grades until 1977 when his drinking habits went out of control.

At Revere, Jeffrey was known as a class clown who often staged pranks, known as “Doing a Dahmer”. These included “bleating and simulating epileptic seizures or cerebral palsy at school and local stores.” During his school, Dahmer was seen performing such antics so he could fetch money for alcohol.

Jeffrey graduated from RHS in 1978. Just weeks after, he committed his first murder. Jeffrey’s troubled childhood may not be an excuse, but it certainly played an integral role in shaping him into a viscous cannibal and necrophiliac. Moreover, his parents were least bothered about what their child was up to. His father, Lionel Dahmer, who is a man of science, remained away from his studies while his mother suffered from severe mental issues.

Did Jeffrey Dahmer Attend College?

Yes, after murdering and dismembering Steven Hicks, Jeffrey Dahmer enrolled at the Ohio State University for a brief period of time. He wanted to complete a major in business but completed only three months at the prestigious university before dropping out due to persistent alcohol abuse. His GPA before leaving was barely 0.45/4.0.

Even though Lionel paid in advance for his second term, Jeffrey dropped out. However, his father enlisted him in the United States Army, but again, he was occasionally reprimanded for intoxication while stationed at Fort Sam Houston. Despite this, he managed to serve as a combat medic in West Germany. In March 1981, he was deemed unsuitable for military service and was later discharged from the Army.

Jeffrey Dahmer may have left college early, but his knowledge of chemistry, most of which came from his father Lionel, helped him commit some of the most brutal and unimaginable acts. For instance, he used to drill holes in his victims’ skulls and pour hydrochloric acid while they were still alive. This was done make a perverted attempt to make them his
“zombie slave”.

Jeffrey Dahmer was killed by a fellow inmate, Christopher Scarver, after serving only two years in prison. He escaped the death penalty as the same was abolished by the State of Wisconsin way back in 1953. Christopher feels no guilt and killing this monster and believes that he was the “chosen one”.

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