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Devices Worth Upgrading to Play Competitive Games

Esports is an important element of the gaming industry, popularizing it and bringing in new players who used to watch the broadcasts and now want to try it out for themselves. As for technical equipment and components, the requirements for competitive games and single-player games are very different.

For e-sports and competitions, speed and responsiveness are important, and sometimes you can even sacrifice picture quality for the sake of pace, which is what professional players usually do.

For example, many play CS GO and CS 2 on the old and no longer relevant 1024×768 expansion and 4 by 3 aspect ratio, although such formats were relevant back in the days of the popularity of CS 1.6 and all because of the stretching of enemy models. Players are willing to sacrifice quality for the opportunity to shoot enemies more accurately.

Of course, if possible, you need to select components so that you can enjoy a beautiful picture, but at the same time maintain a stable FPS and have a level loading speed and the ability to perform a large flow of animation loads and consistently fight with other players to get a stable CS or r6 boosting rating.

SSD disk

To ensure a fast and stable launch of the operating system and most levels and locations in competitive games, you need an SSD drive.

This is not a new technology, but it provides almost tenfold acceleration in the process of booting the system and processing all types of data, unlike more outdated hard drives.

The whole idea lies in a technology similar to the operating principle of a flash drive when data is processed, read, and synchronized more than 5 times faster, and if SSD technology is used and installed in the motherboard, then 10 times faster.

SSD will allow you to speed up the loading process for most maps in competitive and eSports modes, allowing you to start the warm-up process and see your opponents earlier.

Video card

To ensure a beautiful picture without sacrificing performance, you need a good video card. Moreover, you do not have to buy the latest and top-end 4000 series video card if you do not have stable finances to overpay for AI technology and ultra graphics.

You can also buy a 3070 TI – this is a video card that has become the most optimal in terms of price and quality after the release of the new 4000 series. 3070 will be relevant for another couple of years. However, it does not have the advantage of drawing frames due to FPS, but for e-sports games such technology is not very necessary and is more relevant for strong single-player projects, in which it is important to have the maximum increase for ultra settings, and For Rainbow Six boosting 3070 TI is enough.

Processor and RAM

This is a bunch of components that provide your system and gaming session with speed and activity.

The processor must be not only of the current series and generation, but also designed for games, because there are series for office work, stripped-down formats for laptops, and there are full-fledged gaming processors that pass the appropriate tests and are relevant for all gaming sessions and all competitive shooters like CS 2, Rainbow Six Siege boosting, PUBG and other formats.

It is better to pay attention to the 13th or 14th generation processors, which are the most relevant, and consider a format of at least 5 series, preferably 7 or 9.

I7 from Intel and 7 series from Ryzen are by far the most successful solutions for the speed of processing all information and data for games and the system.

The 9 series is still irrelevant for everyone due to its greater processing power and higher price, which all gamers do not have to pay. For R6 boosting, i7 and even i5 of the latest generation in an overclocked format will be enough.

RAM works to a greater extent in conjunction with the processor, and the greater the reserve and the newer technology, the more actions you can do simultaneously.

If you like to open many tabs in the browser and at the same time engage in boosting in Rainbow Six, then you need at least 8, and preferably 16, or 32 GB of RAM.

It’s ideal if you place each stick in a smaller capacity in a slot, but add a lot of memory in total for a better result.

This means that 4 4 GB sticks will work better than 2 8 GB sticks, although the result is the same if we take only numbers.

It is best to install 16 GB of RAM to have a small reserve for the future and 32 GB to have a large reserve.


For active e-sports and competitive games, you need a good and modern monitor.

The diagonal does not play a special role; it is more important to select a format that is convenient for you and take into account to a greater extent the Hertz and matrix.

The matrix is a technology that ensures the quality and color rendition of the picture.

Two types of screens are relevant and suitable for full-fledged gaming – IPS and OLED.

They differ in pixel distribution technology and image saturation.

IPS is cheaper and more practical and is not much inferior to OLED in terms of eye strain and color rendering quality.

OLED is a more beautiful technology, but such monitors are much more expensive and if we consider a large diagonal, then you need to prepare a decent amount, while IPS does not have such a strong lag.

Much more important is the number of hertz. This parameter responds to the amount of rapid screen updating during gaming sessions works with the system and ensures full smoothness when moving the sight and cursor.

To notice the difference in gaming sessions, you need a minimum of 120 hertz, you can choose a monitor with 144 or 165 hertz, there is no point anymore because the human eye simply cannot see the real difference.

Keep in mind that if your main format is shooters, then you need to constantly look for targets with your eyes, and monitors with a very large diagonal will greatly complicate the search process for you, and every second while the enemy sees you, but you are not yet there, brings your loss in the round closer. or game.

The most optimal diagonal is 23-27.



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