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Corpse Husband: Face Reveal, Name, Age and Net Worth

Corpse Husband is a famous YouTuber from the United States known to be one of the biggest creators in today’s world. His YouTube channel has 7.58 million subscribers.

Even though he uploads videos infrequently compared to others, his channel’s content has hit 279 million views cumulatively since its inception in 2015.

He has more than 3.7 million followers on the microblogging social media platform Twitter. He has gained so much popularity on social media in spite of the fact that he never appeared on camera. Corpse has not yet disclosed his identity.

A few things about the mysterious content creator are briefed in our article today that might crop up in your mind. Read on!

Everything you need to know about Corpse Husband and his face revelation controversy

Corpse Husband started his career on social media video sharing platform YouTube by making horror game content and describing true crime stories that match his low voice.

He also makes music along with content creation. He has 1.8 million followers on Spotify and his track, “E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!”, has received a phenomenal response with over 180 million plays just on Spotify alone.

He was featured on the Machine Gun Kelly track DAYWALKER! because of his musical success.

Corpse Husband: Real Name and Age

Corpse Husband’s real name is not yet disclosed by him. He is still anonymous. He is 24 years old. Corpse Husband was born in the year 1997 in San Diego, California.

Corpse Husband: Controversy about Face Revelation

Corpse Husband’s identity is anonymous to his fans. He prefers not to reveal his real identity, however, he has disclosed his struggles with anxiety on various occasions.

He appeared on camera along with two other guests who were also faceless in an interview with Anthony Padilla where his face was covered with his logo.

Recently one image has surfaced on Twitter claiming that it is alleged to be the face of Corpse Husband. However, it is not certain about the identity of the person in the picture.

Corpse Husband and his Health Issues

Corpse Husband has disclosed that he is struggling with fibromyalgia, sleep apnoea, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Because of this illness, he cannot stream or upload gaming videos for long durations.

Corpse is seen wearing an eyepatch while streaming as he suffers from light sensitivity in one eye. He had said, “Every time I look at a screen for more than five minutes with my eye, it just gets completely inflamed and bloodshot, and hurts really bad for the rest of the day.”

Corpse Husband: Earnings and Net Worth

It is obvious that the majority of his income will be from video sharing platform, YouTube. He rose to prominence last year in September 2020. It is estimated that he is earning approximately $76,800 just from YouTube according to stat tracker Social Blade.

According to some analysts based on an average rate of $0.0032 per stream which Spotify pays its artist, it is estimated that he made $1.7 million from his music so far.

It is estimated that Corpse Husband’s net worth is around $2,000,000.

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