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Cheating Scandals, 4 Babies & 23 Years Later- Exploring Beckham’s Marriage

David and Victoria Beckham’s love story is perhaps one of the most iconic ones. It feels like it is straight out of a book where a handsome athlete fell in love with a fashion designer and singer.

They are one of Hollywood’s longest-standing couples who keep a lowkey profile. They went through the highs and lows of life together, brought up four children, and continue to be deeply in love and awe of one another.

Let us try to decode the different stages of their relationship.

Love At First Sight (1997)

Victoria revealed that it was love at first sight for the two of them. The pair met at the Manchester United player’s lounge. In an interview with British Vogue, she said “While the other football players stand at the bar drinking with their mates, you will see David standing aside with his family.”

David was not even part of a team at that time, so Victoria was the more famous one out of the two. She recalled thinking that she was there with her family too and how similar they both were.

David ended up asking Victoria for her number that same day. And the sweetest part is that he still has that ticket tucked away safely.

Engagement Announcement (1998)

Just a year after they met, the pop star and athlete came out to announce their engagement. They two were in love and nothing could keep them apart.

While many believed that it was just a fling that would end up in heartbreak, the couple proved them wrong. David proposed to Victoria with an $85,000 marquise-cut engagement ring.

First Son Brooklyn Is Born (1999)

The couple was over the moon when they welcomed their first child together in 1999. Their first son, Brooklyn was born on March 4, 1999.

However, it was not an easy pregnancy for Victoria, especially as she was on tour with Spice Girls. Mel B, Victoria’s bandmate recalled that Victoria “had a really tough time”. She also mentioned that Victoria “was running off the stage to go vomit.”

Dream Wedding (1999)

Just a few months after the happy couple were blessed with their first baby, the two of them walked down the aisle on the 4th of July. The pop star walked down in a strapless Vera Wang. The dress had a 20-foot-long trail and she also got an 18-carat gold tiara like a fairytale princess. David looked stunning in a white suit.

The wedding was a ‘family only’ affair with only 29 people in presence at the Luttrellstown Castle outside of Dublin. After the exchange of vows, the couple changed into daring purple outfits that are talked about even to this day! But if there is any couple out there who could pull off that look, it’s the Beckhams.

Second Son Romeo (2002)

The couple decided to expand their family. They released a joint statement that read “This year has been such an exciting year for us — England are in the World Cup finals, Victoria’s had a second top 10 hit and now we are expecting a new baby.”

About six months after that, they welcomed their second son Romeo on September 1, 2002. Daddy Beckham said that “He looked like Brooklyn. He’s got Brooklyn’s nose and Victoria’s chin.”

Real Madrid & Infidelity Rumors (2003)

After a year, the couple embarked on a new journey as David transferred from Manchester United to Real Madrid. The group moved to central Spain to be in the midst of it all.

This was the same year that the couple had to deal with infidelity rumors as David was seen walking out of a nightclub with an unknown woman. It was later revealed that she was David’s assistant Rebecca Loos. However, her brother later confirmed that she did accept having an affair with David.

However, David kept denying the allegations. He said in a statement that “During the past few months I have become accustomed to reading more and more ludicrous stories about my private life.”

He also added that “The simple truth is that I am very happily married. I have a wonderful wife and two very special kids. There is nothing any third party can do to change these facts.”

Third Son Cruz (2004-2005)

The couple continued to battle the allegations and stuck it out together. In late 2004, Victoria announced that the couple was expecting their third child.

On February 21. 2005, David made a statement to reporters outside the Madrid Hospital. He said “We’ve got a baby boy. His name is Cruz.” He went on to say that He is beautiful. He is in there with his brothers now and he is very happy.”

Sunny California (2007)

Just a short 2 years after the parents welcomed their third child together, David joined the LA Galaxy Team. This resulted in the family moving to sunny California.

It felt like a new chapter for the couple who had been the center of attention and rumors back in Spain. To welcome the family to California, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise held a star-studded welcome party.

Emporio Armani Shoot Tenth Anniversary (2009)

The couple did a sensual photoshoot for Emporio Armani that grabbed everyone’s attention. It showed them lying together with minimal dressing on.

Both of them looked spectacular. This helped them quench rumors of them not being happy together.

The couple also celebrated ten years of togetherness that year. David, who loves tattoos, got a special something inked on him to commemorate the ten years.

He was on Ellen when he revealed that he got ten roses tattooed on him, one for each year of marriage with Victoria.

Baby & Royal Wedding (2011)

In 2011, Victoria got pregnant with the couple’s fourth baby. Their spokesperson released a statement, which read “David and Victoria Beckham are delighted to confirm they are expecting their fourth child in the summer.”

The same year, Prince William and Duchess Kate got married. The Beckhams were invited to the royal wedding and they did not disappoint.

They dressed impeccably for the occasion with David looking dapper in a dark Ralph Lauren suit while the missus wore a navy frock from her fashion line.

Later that year, they welcomed their first daughter Harper Seven Beckham. Their family representative said, “Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are excited to welcome their new baby sister to the family.” She came a little after the couple’s 12th anniversary together.

Retirement From Football (2011)

After 21 years of being a football player, the London native finally retired from the sport in 2011. Shortly after the announcement, they moved back to London, where Victoria’s business was based.

Inked For Love (2013)

David had gotten tattoos to show his commitment and love towards his wife and their marriage. But he was not done with it yet.

In 2013, the former football player went ahead and got his wife’s name tattooed across his left hand.

Date Night (2015)

When you have been married for over a decade, date nights and other romantic things tend to get fizzled away.

However, the iconic couple made sure that they took time out for themselves. The couple went on a date to Haig Club London for a dinner at David’s. David later posted a picture of them to Facebook and captioned it “Great to have my beautiful wife in attendance.”

“I Feel So Loved” (2016)

The Beckhams made sure to work on their relationship and it only helped grow their love, even after almost two decades of companionship.

Victoria posted a picture of their wedding and captioned it “I feel so loved and truly blessed.” She also added “My best friend, my love. The kindest man who inspires me every day. Happy Anniversary to the best husband and daddy in the world!! EVER! #HappilyEverAfter”.

She was not the only one feeling nostalgic and blessed and hubby David also shared a similar post. He captioned it “Wow 17 years ago to this day this happened… I was lucky to meet someone who has the same drive and wanted the same things in life…”.

He went on to say that “We have created 4 beautiful children and I couldn’t wish for a more loving and caring mummy for them… Happy anniversary, I love u.”

Secret Vow Renewal (2017)

Just three years before the couple would make it to 20 years of marriage, the lovebirds decided to renew their vows. The doting husband shared in a radio interview that they renewed their vows at their London home in January 2017.

He said, “We stay together because we love each other, and because we have four wonderful children.” He also mentioned that it was more of a family affair, adding that “It was a lot more private with only six people there in our house.”

Soulmates (2017)

Although the couple tried to keep a low affair when it came to their relationship or marriage, they did sometimes talk about it. During an appearance on the Today show, Victoria called David her “soulmate”.

She said that they complemented each other and added that “I’m very lucky that David is the most fantastic father and husband, and he’s great and we’re very equal at home and we’re a very, very good team.”

She kept on praising her man and had only good things to say about him like “He’s the most incredible husband, fantastic father. He inspires me every day, just seeing him with the children and how he treats me; it just works. We are lucky to have each other.”

Royal Wedding (2018)

The iconic couple made an appearance at the second royal wedding in May 2018 when Prince Harry married Duchess Meghan. Like last time, they stole the show as the best couple there. Victoria wore a dark blue dress from her brand like last time and her husband wore a stunning suit.

Commenting on the wedding, Vitoria said “They looked so happy and everybody was just so happy for them.” She also mentioned the ceremony and said “It was such a beautiful, incredible wedding. “It was just the best day.”

Divorce Rumors (2018)

Rumors of the couple splitting up and getting a divorce started doing rounds in 2018 but they were quick to shoot it down. Victoria’s representative said that “There is no impending statement, has been no statement and there is no divorce.”

The representative was also miffed by the seemingly baseless rumors and added “What nonsense. Fake news fueled by social media. Embarrassing for the sloppy outlets who have chosen to write such rubbish.”

Later that year, the former footballer did get real about the struggles of marriage and told the Daily Mirror that “To have been married for the amount of time that we have, it’s always hard work.” He also added that “It becomes a little more complicated.”

Driving Him Crazy (2019)

While people get used to their significant other’s antics with time, in some cases, it can bother one more with time. Victoria admitted that she often drove her husband crazy. She explained “My room is a dump. I realize I’m too close to Blue Jasmine, and I feel very uncomfortable about that.”

She also mentioned that “You can see why I drive my husband crazy, because he is super, super tidy.”

Forty-Fifth Birthday (2019)

Forty-five is a big number especially when that number signifies your age. Victoria celebrated her birthday with the people she loves dearly.

She shared a picture of the whole family having a meal together and captioned it “The most beautiful day with my favorite people in the world xxx. I Love u so so so much xxx kisses from a very loved mummy and wife x.”

20 Years Of Marriage (2019)

The couple happily completed 20 years of marriage and it seemed like they were more in love than before.

Victoria posted a video showing a collection of old pictures on Instagram “20 years today. I love you so much xxxxx Kisses x”. But she was not the only one as David also posted throwback pictures and wrote “WOW 20 years, look what we created. Love you so much.”

Birthday Love (2020)

David did not shy back from showering his love on his wife on her birthday. He shared several pictures of his lady and wrote “Happy birthday mama we love you so much and hope you have the most amazing day ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ @brooklynbeckham @romeobeckham @cruzbeckham #HarperSeven 🎂”

Victoria also shared her birthday cake and shared that she shared the most important day with her family.

The former Spice Girls singer also shared back the love on David’s birthday by posting a video of the family singing him happy birthday. She captioned it with “Happy Birthday @davidbeckham!! We love you so so much 🎂🍰🎉 We miss you @brooklynbeckham x kisses”

Quarantine Walk (2020)

In June 2020, David shared a picture of them walking down a street. They were taking a walk and spending time together.

While too much time together can drive people crazy, it felt like the couple thoroughly enjoyed that.

Valentine’s Day Love (2021)

Mr. Beckham shared an appreciation post for his wife on Valentine’s Day. He posted “Happy Valentines to the most amazing mummy and the most inspiring wife … I love you so much @victoriabeckham❤️”

23 Years of Marriage (2022)

The mother of four took a jibe at all the naysayers and wrote “They say he isn’t funny, they say I never smile, they said it wouldn’t last 😂 Today we celebrate 23 years being married. David you are my everything, I love you so much!!!! 💕”

David also paid a tribute to his wifey and shared “No but I was into Posh🖤.. 23 years ago today Posh became Mrs. Beckham , but she will always be Posh ❤️ Happy Anniversary WOW 23 years & 4 beautiful kiddies ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you, we all love you ❤️

Addressing Cheating Rumors

While the couple continues to shower their love on each other through social media and in real life, many still wonder how they dealt with allegations of cheating which can potentially break up a happy family.

In a rare interview, Victoria revealed that the cheating allegations are “quite frustrating. But I leave it to my PR team. I don’t get involved”. She went on to say that “You do have to be quite controlling because people do believe what they read, and when it’s completely fabricated, that’s really annoying.”

David had previously opened up about being married for a long time and said “To have been married for the amount of time that we have, it’s always hard work, everybody knows that, but you make it work, you make difficult situations like traveling away, being away from each other, you make it work.”

While the haters spare no chance to put cheating allegations on the couple, they are happy in their world with their kids. A lot of their fans look up to them for having such a strong family bond that has not withered with time.

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